Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's almost my birthday :)

Tomorrow is my 28th birthday!!! I'm very excited to be celebrating tonight with my husband-to-be along with my BFF Farina and her boyfriend (my ex-roommate) Ryan and Andy and Linsey (and possibly Jonalin and Cameron - when they get off work). We're starting with a trip to the corn maze and then dinner and drinks in Old Sac / downtown. I love the corn maze! I went for the first time in 2005 with the 182'ers (Val, Zach, & Brian). We always go at night ... it just makes it that much more fun! I don't know where we will be heading for dinner yet - but I'm sure wherever we choose will be someplace good and fun! Every year I look forward to my birthday dinner with my friends - those people whom have become my "family" over the years. I'm not too concerned about the BIG 2-8 ... whatev ... it's just another year ... and I know this next year has a lot in store for me! I'm excited to get it going!!!

I recently saw on someone else's blog (I forgot to bookmark it, yikes) a list they created about the number of things they wanted to accomplish that year - and they published it on their birthday (and the number of things coincided with their age). I thought that was a really cool idea and when I started thinking about considering doing something similar I remembered a post that I have been working on (that I plan to publish sometime) that is very similar - except the completion date is unknown. So ... check back for that post ...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a small, little thing ...

you know ... the first time you have to purchase new jeans because all the current pairs you own are TOO BIG!!!

I purchased those jeans last weekend and wore them for the first time yesterday to work. I felt great! AND they fit great ... they didn't even threaten to fall down once! LOL

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting back on track

After three and 1/2 weeks we FINALLY went for a run on Monday night. It was great! Well, actually, it was a little hard and a little painful and I could only run 0.10 of a mile at a time - but it felt great getting back out there! I really, really, really missed it. Even though life just demanded that we focus on other things during that time period - I really hope we don't ever go that long with a run again. On Tuesday, instead of going for a run, we attempted to go for a bike ride. We hopped on our new (not NEW, but new to us) bikes and took a lap around our court before heading out on a nice ride. Good thing we did a lap in our court first. The chain on the bike Jon was riding fell off! So, we improvised. Jon jogged and I rode my bike. I didn't want to risk runs back to back after not running for such a long period of time. The bike ride was a nice change and I'm looking forward to many more bike rides in the future! It really gave Jon a chance to run at his own speed, instead of my speed, which is something he doesn't get to do now that we don't live at the apartment complex with the gym and treadmill. We hope to buy our own treadmill for our new house in the next couple of weeks ... months ... who knows.

Even though we were on a sabbatical from running ... we still made sure we were eating as good as possible, watching our portion sizes, drinking plenty of water (we even invested in 5 BPA free water bottles), and eating our fruits and veggies. We didn't gain too much weight - actually, I gained 1lb the first week, then lost 1.6lbs the second week, and the gained 1lb this week. I'm back above 150 but I'm down less than before we took our break from running.

This week life has started to return to regularly scheduled programming including exercising and meal plans. We also have been spending some time catching up on our TV shows (we had quite a little experience with trying to transfer over our previous cable account and keep our previous DVR and all the recorded shows that we hadn't yet watched and ended up switching from that cable provider to satellite so we've been trying to catch up on what we missed by watching the full episodes online - yes, I know - I obsess over my TV shows a little too much ... just deal with it). We have also been trying to unpack as much as possible between daily household chores, running, and life in general. We haven't gotten very far yet ... but that's okay. We'll be living here the next 30 years (as the joke goes) so ... we've got nothing but time. Besides ... I really don't enjoy unpacking very much. Sure it's fun to find some place new to put my purple Fenton vase and our engagement photo that my cousin Farina took of us ... but it's a hassle and time consuming and I'd much rather watch some TV and relax in our new house!

With all that being said ... here's this weeks food plan:
Monday - leftover past from last week
Tuesday - Turkey Meatloaf
Wednesday - leftover Meatloaf
Thursday - Mizithra pasta
Friday - leftover pasta
Saturday - out to dinner for my birthday after the corn maze!
Sunday - my 28th birthday ... probably dinner with the husband to be

The last few weeks in review:
Overall they were pretty good even though we did eat out a lot and we didn't run. It was getting depressing not running so I'm glad we are back at it.

Weekly weigh-in:
Gained 1lb. I'm lucky and thankful that it wasn't more because I totally thought it was going to be at least 5lbs!!!

This weeks goals:
It's going to be a slow start ... but we plan to run twice, bike ride twice, and we started a 30 day tone up challenge (abs, push ups, squats, and lunges). Next week will be better, after my birthday!!!

Not running. Gaining 1lb this week. Not running.

30 day tone up challenge:
Alternating days of abs/push ups and squats/lunges
Day one (10/20) - 5 different ab exercises and WK1 D1 of 100 push up challenge ( - my initial test was 5 and Jon's was 7
Day two (10/21) - 20 reps each of 4 different squat and lunge exercieses

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Warning: Political Rant Ahead

This morning, as I was getting ready for work (and enjoy our new Direct TV by watching Good Day Sacramento) a commercial came on the boob tube aimed at swaying voters (are you registered???) to vote yes for Prop 8. As you can see below, I’m going to vote NO on Prop 8 – and I urge my fellow Californian’s to do the same. This particular commercial was talking about how young children will be taught about same sex marriage in schools and how this would be harmful to our children and that is why they urge voters to vote yes on Prop 8. This got me thinking about a couple of conversations that I’ve had with close friends and family members … and even the husband to be … in the past few weeks about this particular issue.

I support same sex marriages 100%. Who am I, or any of us, to say that two people who love each, regardless of their sex, can or can not get married? Isn’t marriage about commitment and love? Who are we to tell anyone that they can’t make that commitment to each other just because they are gay or lesbian? Even though my parents are divorced I still (whole heartedly) believe in marriage (the love and commitment it takes to make those vows to each other) – and it’s a commitment I’m preparing to take in just over 5 short months.

I’m not a very political person and my views on this topic vary vastly from those of others (and I respect their different opinions, on this matter, and others) – but it’s something I support and I want my voice heard. I will Vote No on Prop 8. I will continue to support same sex marriages.

And even though I respect the opinion of my friends and family on this matter – sometimes I just don’t understand their reasoning, but I’m not going to write about that because I do respect their opinions and views.

Here’s my reasoning:

I believe that any adult who wishes to make the commitment to love and cherish another adult, regardless of their race, sex, or religion, should be allowed to enter into the union of marriage. I believe that marriage is about love and commitment. By voting to deny same sex couples this right, we would be voting to deny them the legal right to shout at the top of a mountain that they love one another and they want to make the commitment to each other, for better or for worse. Who are we to vote on their marriage? For those of you in a heterosexual marriage, did we vote on yours? I would be devastated if someone stood in the way of me marrying my college sweetheart in 5 months. Do you want to be apart of that kind of heart break for someone else? I don’t. I’ll be voting No on Prop 8. Will you?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogging from work

I am without internet, and TV, at our new house (that we moved into last Saturday) and we won't have internet until sometime Thursday evening. I can handle life without the net ... it's life without the DVR that is worrysome for me. I don't like missing my shows ... I was not happy about loosing everything on our DVR, but it was time to leave crappy Comcast behind and move into the satellite world ... and let me say, we got a sweet deal and I'm happy to report that after Wednesday we will be a two DVR houseshold - and I couldn't be more excited!!! Until then, we're stuck watching the basic few channels that we can get with the rabbit ears ... and movies!

I'm sure I have lots and lots to blog about - but I'm at work - and I really shouldn't be blogging at all. Here's a little tidbit to tide you over ... we moved! Woohoo! We love the new house! Yesterday, at weigh-in, I recorded a loss that put me under 150lbs!!! We still haven't been running - it's almost been three weeks (sad, sad, sad) and our 30 day challenge that we wanted to start yesterday has been put off until after I'm over this horrible flu-ish cold that I have.

That's all for now. I'll update more once we've got internet at home again!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't Vote ... unless ...

you have an opinion and you want your voice heard. You're voice can't be heard unless you vote.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just a few thoughts

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Visit this website for some info:
Or visit this website for more info:
Or this one:

Early detection is the best prevention!!!

Also, it's almost time to vote! Have you registered yet??? If not, click on the Rock the Vote icon at the top of my page! The registration deadline for California is October 20th if you want to vote in the presidential election on November 4th!!!

Speaking of voting - I don't usually express my political views because, lets face it, I'm not a very political person (even though, yes, I do have my own opinions) but I want to tell everyone to VOTE NO ON PROP 8!!! Here is a website for some info:

Need more convincing? Check out this video:

Weekly Menu: October 6th to October 12th

Monday - spiral pasta with homemade marinara sauce

Tuesday - leftover pasta

Wednesday - SUSHI :)

Thursday - Taco Soup

Friday - leftover Taco Soup

Saturday - ??? (moving day)

Sunday - ??? (who knows, my dad and step mom will be in town to see the new house)

Last week in review:
It was crappy - well, it was a pretty great week considering we got the keys to our new home on Monday but our eating was horrible and exercise was non-existent. We ate out, a lot. We ate out a lot and ate bad-for-us food. We over ate. We ate late. We ate on the run. It was just b-a-d.

Weekly weigh-in:
I'm not at all surprised that I gained 1lb - BUT I am surprised that it wasn't more than just one!

This weeks goals:
Seriously? I'm too busy getting ready to move this weekend to even think about exercising. Regular exercising and running will resume starting Monday October 13th - and the husband to be and I are starting a 30 day challenge (I've seen other bloggers who have done similar things ... the details are to come).

It's been almost two weeks since we've been for a run :(

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The (almost) complete master bedroom

Here's the before photos, again:

And, the (almost done) after photos:

We removed the wallpaper and painted ... and the only reason I say its almost finished is because there are other things we'd like to do to the room (to make it our little haven) but we just can't afford it right now (new ceiling fan, new baseboards, new doors, crown molding, new closet doors, new electrical outlet covers, new window treatments - and upgrade the master bath) - but we will get to all of that in time. I just can't wait to move in and enjoy our very large (check it out, we have a lot of closet space in our master) and very beautifully painted master bedroom (the color turned out great and we love it).

6 more days till we move in ...

More Progress

Yesterday we spent the day working at the new house, again. We painted the top coat in the master bedroom - it was suppose to be a Brushed Pearl effect that you paint on in "x" strokes and then use a plastic trowel to "spread" to create the "pearl" effect - however, we determined (after painting approximately a 4' by 8' section of wall) that the plastic trowel can not create this effect on a textured wall! So, we improvised - after painting on the top coat in small sections, we used a rag to swirl the paint and create the "pearl-y" look. It turned out really great ... but, I forgot to take a picture yesterday when we were done - so, I'll get one later and post it. The master bedroom is almost complete - we just need to paint the door jams with glossy white paint and then we can remove all the tape and plastic. We also made a trip to Home Depot with my mom and her husband to buy our fridge, washer and dryer - and a security door/screen that Jon and Floyd spent the better part of three hours installing (and they were only successfully after a 2nd trip to Home Depot to purchase a new piece of wood, a hand saw, and a crowbar)!

Today we are taking a break from working on the house and we are driving down to Sunnyvale to visit with some family (an aunt and uncle visiting from New York state, and my west-coast-best-coast cousin, who happens to be our ordained minister for our wedding next March, and her husband - along with my dad and his wife) but tomorrow night we have a big to-do list of items we need to get done ... painting the top coat in the master bedroom took longer than we anticipated (it took us the better part of 4 hours) so we didn't get much else done before my mom and Floyd arrived. It's gonna be a long week ...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

MIles for September

Total miles ran w/o stopping:
9/1 - 1.0 (10:51) @ the park
9/2 - 1.0 (13:10) @ 4.6
9/3 - 2.31 (30:00) @ 4.6
9/8 - 2.30 (30:00) @ 4.6
9/9 - 1.44 (17:52) @ the park
9/11 - 3.1 (39:55) @ 4.6 (4.7 for the last 0.4 to 0.2 then 4.8 for the last 0.2)
9/14 - 1.44 (17:00) @ the park
9/17 - 1.64 @ the park
9/20 - 3.18 (37:59) @ the park
Total: 17.41 total miles ran w/o stopping

Total Miles running/walking combined for September:
9/1 - 2.88 @ the park (38:17)
9/2 - 1.65 (30:00)
9/3 - 3.10 (43:31)
9/4 - 2.88 @ the park (45:00)
9/5 - rest (sore & shin splints)
9/6 - weights & abs at home
9/7 - rest (sore from painting w/ Kylie)
9/8 - 3.10 (44:26)
9/9 - 2.88 @ the park (40:24)
9/10 - rest
9/11 - 3.60 (49:55)
9/12 - rest
9/13 - rest & abs at home
9/14 - 3.64 @ the park (~47:00)
9/15 - 2.12 @ the park (~31:00)
9/16 - rest, feeling sick-y
9/17 - 3.26 @ the park (~45:00)
9/18 - rest, does walking around Home Depot count???
9/19 - rest, still feeling sick-y
9/20 - 3.98 @ the park (~50:00)
9/21 - rest, box hunting/packing
9/22 - 3.36 @ the park (~51:00)
9/23 - 2.04 @ the park (~35:00), all walking
9/24 - 1.81 around the neighborhood (~31:00), all walking
9/25 - rest, picking up paint for new house
9/26 - rest, homecoming football game at Jon's school
9/27 - rest, busy packing
9/28 - rest, all these non-running days is getting pretty depressing :(
9/29 - rest, becoming a homeowner and getting the keys :)
9/30 - rest, removing the wallpaper in the new master bedroom and prepping to paint

Total: 40.3 total miles walking/running combined

During the month of September I recorded the total miles I ran without stopping and the total miles I ran overall walking/running combined. Towards the end of the month I had a lot of rest days because life has gotten in the way with the purchase of our first home and we have not (unfortunately) had the time to run ... but that will be changing - as soon as we move in :)

I'm a little concerned about how the large number of rest days are going to affect my progress in running ... but I'm not giving up - as soon as we get all moved in I'm heading out for a run :) I can't wait!!!

The First Rain

Yesterday was the first rain of the season! I love the first rain ... the smell and the feel of fall :)

AND, I love fall time ... the cooler weather and the change of the season ... I l-o-v-e it!!! October is my FAVORITE fall month - mainly because its my birthday month (23 days till I'm 28), but also because the weather really starts to change in October and the mornings are colder and the evenings are cooler and it's just the perfect time of year!!! October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month - early detection is the best prevention!!! When was the last time you did a self breast exam???

Jon and I spent 12 hours over at the new house yesterday, painting and cleaning while we waited for PG&E to come out and light the pilot light on our hot water heater. Around 6pm Andy and Linsey came over to see the new place and we went and had some dinner and hung out. It was the perfect little break. Today we will be applying the top coat in the master bedroom and cleaning the kitchen. We got a lot of cleaning done yesterday which means there is a lot less we will have to do next week after work every night. My mom and her husband are coming from Oroville this afternoon to see the new house :)

It's going to be a long, but productive day - and we are starting it with a trip to the farmers market (in the rain) and then to the grocery store before we head over to the new house to start painting!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day Three

It's been four days since we got the keys to our new house (yay!) and every day since we have spent the evenings over there prepping to paint our NEW master bedroom. Day One of Renovations - laying plastic, taping, and removing wallpaper. Day Two of Renovations - texture wall that we took the wallpaper off of. Day Three of Renovations - primer master. Tomorrow we have a full day to work over at the house. We'll be painting the base coat for the master and starting to clean while we wait for PG&E to come and light the pilot light on the water heater. Saturday we will be painting the top coat in the master. I'm exhausted. And, I miss running. And, my DVR is getting full of all my shows that I haven't had time to watch. One more week until we move in and hopefully life will get back to regularly scheduled programming ...