Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"This is not a Californian issue"

I could not have said it better ...

My title is a quote from this blog post by Sara at Stinkerpants Designs. Sara created blog badges and bumper stickers to support marriage equality - you should check out her post so you can get the badge and add it to your blog. I found Sara's posting from a fellow blogger, Stefanie who also linked back to Stinkerpants blog.

In her posting, Stinkerpants states:
Whether or not you live in California, show your support for FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED GAY MARRIAGE. This is not a Californian issue. This is not a “gay” issue. This is a civil rights issue. This is an humanity issue. This is an issue that EVERYONE needs to care about!
And I could not agree more!

Three day weekends ... are the best!

We kicked off our Memorial Day Weekend with an impromptu game night with Jon's sister and her fiance! We had so much fun. We started by playing Trival Pursuit (90's edition) and after way too long of no one getting anywhere we called the game and decided to play Battle of the Sexes - and the women dominated!!!

Brian & Jon - pissed about losing to the girls

On Saturday we headed out to the local farmers market then we took a drive out into the country to hit up Davis Ranch to see if corn was available yet (it wasn't so we stopped off at our local grocery store instead). We spent the afternoon laying out in the sun before taking showers and heading out to see about buying a new bed. The queen bed we've been sleeping on is the same bed I've had since I was 15 years old ... so it was definitely time for a new one (not to mention that Jon's feet have always hung off the edge of the queen bed). We headed to the Sleep Train discount center and tested out some new beds. We ended up purchasing a brand new California King bed (we got an amazing price that we just could not pass up).

Introducing The London - our new California King bed!!!

The new bed was scheduled to be delivered on Sunday so we got up early on Sunday morning to move out our old queen bed from our master bedroom into our guest room. Our guest room use to have two twin beds --- not excatly ideal for guests --- but we took those down Saturday night after we got home from purchasing our new bed so we could make room for the queen bed. We had the delivery drivers take away the old twin mattresses and box springs when they delivered our new king bed and we stored the frames for the twin beds up in our rafters in our garage --- so we can use them if we ever have kids.

The old queen bed set up in the guest room

The new king bed all set up in our room
Lucky approves - even though he really has a hard time getting up into the new bed (good thing we have that foot stool for him) since its almost a foot taller than the old bed - hell, I have a hard time getting into the new bed and I have to use the foot stool too

Sunday afternoon we spent lounging around by the pool in the sun at Jon's mom's new house before heading home to BBQ up some tri tip. We finished up our Sunday evening by taking a drive to a nearby ice cream parlor for hot fudge sundaes before snuggling up to watch a movie (The X Files - the new one).

We spent Monday doing some chores around the house before heading out to take care of some errands which included purchasing some wedding gifts for an upcoming wedding we are attending in June and then returning and exchanging some items at Macy's from our own wedding registry (we are still working out completing our registry). And since we were downtown we took advantage of the three hour parking validation from Macy's and had lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe at the Downtown Plaza. After lunch we strolled into the AT&T Wireless store and I purchased a fancy smancy new phone!

My new LG-touch-screen-full-slide-keyboard phone!

I was desperately in need (okay, maybe not despeartatly needed - but definitley desperately wanted) a new phone as my old phone was breaking (note to self = stop dropping phones). I love my new phone. We finished up our wonderful three day weekend with a trip to the movies to see Star Trek and then leftover tri tip sandwiches for dinner!

We had a wonderful weekend and definitley enjoyed having a three day weekend! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (5/25)

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday - leftover tri tip sandwiches
Tuesday - Turkey Stroganoff
Wednesday - Chicken and wild rice with grilled squash
Thursday - leftover stroganoff

Notes about last week:
  • We substituted noodles in our stir fry instead of rice and picked up some organic teriyaki sauce from Bel-Air ... it definitely made all the difference!
  • The fajitas turned out great - we even made some guacamole AND farmer's market fresh salsa using only produce from our farmers market (red onion, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes - it was sooo good).
  • We ended up going out for sushi on Saturday - one of our favs!
  • Sunday we BBQ'd up the tri tip and had the leftovers tonight for dinner after going to see Star Trek
Notes about this week:
  • Not only is it a shorter work week (woo-hoo) its also a shorter meal plan week! I'm not going to give away any of the details for my upcoming weekend ... but I will not be doing any meal planning (or cooking either) next weekend

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Update!

We've got quite a few projects (yard sale, working on the yard, working around the house, etc) along with quite a few events (weddings, weddings, and more weddings) planned for this summer so we didn't have a lot of time to plan a very big garden this year ... we also didn't really have a lot of space because we are still working on part of our yard (the old garden area that we are tearing out). So, we started a small garden ... a few zucchini plants, a few cucumber plants, a couple of tomato plants, a bell pepper plant, some basil, and lots and lots of flowers! We started planting everything over Easter weekend, right after we got home from our honeymoon and the seeds sprouted quickly (zucchini, cucumber & flowers) and a few weeks later we added the two tomato plants and then a few weeks after that we added the basil and the bell pepper. I have two more tomato plants that I started from seeds in my kitchen window sill that are not ready to go in the ground yet.

A view of the garden area from our covered patio

Our garden

A close up of the zucchini plants ...
we planted them too close together (due to limited space)
but they seem to be doing really, really well.

The basil I almost killed because I forgot to
plant it or water it for almost two days ...
two very hot days.

We are looking forward to continuing to watch our little garden grow ... and we've already started planning on how to make next years garden even bigger!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Months!

Today is our two monthiversary!

Every day just keeps on getting better ...

Jon ~ I love you more each and every day and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing husband!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Project 365: 05.10.09 to 05.16.09

05.10.09, 365-51
Windmills through the Altamont Pass
Heading home from an overnight stay at a friend's for her birthday celebrations!

05.11.09, 365-52
Allergy meds
I finally went to the doctor for my suffering and got lots of free samples and coupons and a prescription to help me breathe better :)

05.12.09, 365-53
I eat a completely raw lunch every day
It's healthy.
It keeps me on track.
And it helps me get my fruit & veggie servings.

05.13.09, 365-54
Cracked glass
We discovered one of our brand new glasses has a crack.
Back to Macy's we must go.

05.14.09, 365-55
This is NOT where shoes belong!
This day I discovered that I've got quite a little collection of shoes piling up by our sliding glass door out to our back yard. Everyday when I get home from work, I drop my purse & lunch bag off on the counter, take off my shoes, and head out back to check on the garden and flowers. And then of course I'm just lazy enough to leave my shoes RIGHT THERE BY THE DOOR instead of taking them and putting them away. Lazy. Just plain lazy. Grrr.

05.15.09, 365-56
Desktop photo at work
This is quite possibly one of my favorite Maui photos from our honeymoon & I've got it on my desktop at work! On this particular Friday afternoon I was having a serious case of the Friday's and kept finding myself staring at my computer screen daydreaming instead of finishing up my work.

05.16.09, 365-57
MIL's moving truck
On this particular Saturday I spent hours working on digging through box after box of stuff that we have trying to get ready for our upcoming yard sale while Jon was at a basketball game with some co-workers (a school district yearly function). I totally forgot to get before & after photos of all the progress I made around the house - and I promise I made some major progress. Later in the evening we helped my MIL move. This is the truck they rented. For those of you who don't know ... I work for a trucking company. These are the kinds of trucks I see all day long ... the kinds of trucks that deliver our freight ... not the kinds of trucks I usually intend on seeing and loading during a household moving trip. This truck was HUGE and it even had a lift gate! Dang. That's what I call moving in one load *just so you know, they have sooo much stuff that we did not get it done in one load - even with this ginormous truck*!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (5/18)

Monday - chicken nuggets & mashed potatoes (not feeling too healthy today)
Tuesday - veggie stir fry with rice (sooo good last week, we're doing it again)
Wednesday - steak fajitas (inspired by Stefanie)
Thursday - spaghetti with semi-homemade marinara sauce & sauteed veggies & Trader Joe's frozen turkey meatballs
Friday - leftover pasta (I've decided that Friday should be leftover day that way you don't have to cook after a long dreaded work week)
Saturday - Chicken & rice bowls
Sunday - BBQ tri tip

Notes about last week
  • The stir fry turned out really good - so good that we are having it again this week! We are loving the rice cooker!
  • The homemade marinara sauce turned out okay. Do I want to make it again? Yes - and I'm hoping next time it turns out better. I got some insider tips ... so we'll see.
  • We ended up helping Jon's mom move on Saturday night so we had pizza & beer instead of Baked Potato Soup. I had thought about making it on Monday but after a long weekend of hard work around the house I was exhausted when I got home so we had a quick dinner of mashed potatoes & frozen chicken nuggets from Costco. I'm thinking I might finish off my veg-fest with some pudding and popcorn while I watch TV all night ...
  • The grilled mahi mahi was frozen from Trader Joe's (we love TJ's) and we made taco's out of it. It was pretty good. Not as good as the avocado cream I made to go with it (1 avocado, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, garlic powder - mix in food processor) but it was good.
Notes about this week
  • See above about Monday. Blah. Just one of those days ...
  • See above again about why we are having stir fry two weeks in a row ... plus, I love veggies especially the kind you get at the farmers market ... gotta love the farmers market! Go green!!!
  • A fellow blogger Stefanie blogged about her fajitas last week and it got me thinking. Jon loves red meat. I don't eat it very often --- and if I do, its got to be steak (not ground beef) and that we have not had it in quite some time SO I decide to make my husband happy and throw in this red meat dish mid-week. With the way the week is starting ... it might be just what we need to get us through.
  • We have some sort of spaghetti type dish every.single.week. We love pasta. End of story.
  • We are both looking forward to the BBQ'd tri tip this weekend ... and spending three days together ... gotta love three day weekends!!!
Other blog worthy notes
  • We are gearing up to have a yard sale in a few weeks. We spent most of the weekend knee deep in boxes in two of our three spare rooms & in the garage. We are about 60% ready for the yard sale at this point. We have one bedroom to go through still & our closets and then we will be ready to sale, sale, sale!
  • We've been discussing getting a puppy for a few months now. We started the search. Nothing to report quite yet as both our trip the SPCA & the pound we unsuccessful. We are still not sure if we will be getting a puppy or not ...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project 365: 05.03.09 to 05.09.09

05.03.09, 365-44
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Beer Sampler :)

05.04.09, 365-45
Tower Bridge
View from the top of the parking garage at the Macy's at the Downtown Plaza

05.05.09, 365-46
Cinco de Mayo
Dinner & drinks at On the Border

05.06.09, 365-47
Tomato seedlings

05.07.09, 365-48
New wine glasses
Just a random Thursday night, drinking some wine with my husband, out of our new glasses that were a gift at my bridal shower back in February. We finally finished purchasing all our stem ware & we are in the process of washing it all and finally getting it all put away!

05.08.09, 365-49
Layla & Lucky - waiting to catch a bug in the light
*Layla did eventually catch & eat the bug*

05.09.09, 365-50
Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
Our first 5k of 2009!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Meal Plan Monday (5/11)

Monday again?!? Ugh.

Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - veggie stir fry over wild rice
Wednesday - soccer banquet
Thursday - penne pasta with HOMEMADE marinara sauce
Friday - leftover pasta
Saturday - Baked Potato Soup (WW recipe)
Sunday - grilled mahi mahi

Notes about last week
  • We ended up going out to eat on Cinco de Mayo so things got moved around a little bit on the meal plan and we ended up having the Sloppy Joe's leftover tonight
Notes about this week
  • We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and got lots of fresh veggies that I plan to utilize in the veggie stir fry on Tuesday
  • We also got some fresh tomatoes at the Farmer's Market that I'm going to use to make homemade marinara sauce this week
Notes about this week
  • Is it really Monday?!? Let me know when Friday gets here again.

Race for the Cure Recap

The Race for the Cure was our first 5k of the year! We have not spent a lot of time training but this event is important to us and we did not want to miss it. On race day we got up early, had a small breakfast of ½ a banana and 1 cup of OJ and some cereal and then headed to Cal Expo. Traffic was backed up pretty badly on Business 80 but it didn’t hold us up for very long. We entered Cal Expo and parked around 7:30 and had to go pick up our packets, walk back to our car to drop off our shirts and then walk back up to get in line for the race. We forgot to bring a watch and we did not sign up for the timed chip race. The timed race was suppose to start at 7:45am and the un-timed at 8:05am. As we were weaving in and out of the crowds trying to get to the starting line the race started and we spent the first ¼ or so of a mile walking until the crowd thinned out and we could start running. The first mile was pretty good. It wasn’t too hot which was nice but my hip was hurting a little and my joints felt stiff and I’ve been suffering pretty badly from my allergies so my lungs wanted to stop a lot sooner than my legs did. We walked for about a ¼ of a mile after getting water at the 1 mile marker. I took one more walking break before the 2 mile marker and then a longer one after the last water station at about the 2 and ¼ mile. Most of the last mile is inside Cal Expo – either in the parking lot or inside the gates. We ran most of it and crossed the finish line at 58:32 – which was the gun time for the timed race SO we have no idea what time we actually finished. If the timed race started on time (7:45) and the un-timed race started on time (8:05) then we finished at 38:32 BUT that’s a lot of “ifs” so who knows. I’m going to say approximately 40 minutes was our finish time. After the race we ate some yogurt and a croissant and some applesauce along with some Powerade & water while we walked around the Race for the Cure expo before heading back to our car. Overall the race was good. It felt good to get back out there – especially for such a worthy cause. Next year we definitely plan to do the timed chip race & we want to collect pledges to donate!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Project 365: 04.26.09 to 05.02.09

04.26.09, 365-37
Jon mowing the lawn
Now that spring is upon us, I've realized just one more reason I love owning a home - having a yard that is all our own! We have a fairly decent size front yard with some hedges & rose bushes & irises and we also have a huge backyard where we are really loving spending some quality time together planting flowers & growing our first garden :)

04.27.09, 365-38
Silly kitty on the heating pad
Over the weekend I pulled a muscle in my back while working in the yard ... so I was in desperate need of my heating pad to releive my pain before bed on this night. I plugged it in and went about finishing up getting ready for bed and when I headed back into the bedroom I found this little kitty curled up on the heating pad sleeping. She loves to be warm and is missing her heating blanket that we kept on the bed for her all winter that has been retired to the closet for the spring/summer.

04.28.09, 365-39
Mr. Coach
This winter/spring Jon has been the assistant coach for the women's soccer team at the school he teaches at. Jon has played soccer his whole life and really enjoys coaching with his fellow co-worker. In the fall he will be the head coach of the mens team!

04.29.09, 365-40
Everyday on my break I walk 1/2 way around our block & back to the office with a co-worker. Some days we even go twice (once in the morning & once in the afternoon). On this day, during our afternoon break, we couldn't quite get all the way to our turn around point because the cops were out on the street doing some training at the sub station facility. Of course I snapped a photo to share!

04.30.09, 365-41
New Shoes
I kind of have a shoe obsession. It's not something that I indulge in as often as I use to ... ever since Mervyn's closed (I always found just the right pair of shoes there). I had to make a trip to Payless this day to get shoes for a wedding and they just happened to be having a BOGO sale ... so I couldn't pass up getting these new kicks for only $3.50! It's all about bargain shopping!!!

05.01.09, 365-42
This is my dog Lily. I got her as a birthday present for my 15th birthday. When I moved to Berkeley when I was 17 --- Lily could not join me so she became my parent's dog --- and when my parents got divorced, she became my mom's dog! She is so smart & loyal & loveable! I miss her and I enjoy getting to spend time with her whenever we go home to visit family (like we did this weekend - the wedding we attended just happened to be up by where I grew up). Lily's favorite trick? She can hold 3 tennis balls in her mouth at one time. She loves her tennis balls. If you throw them for her, she will be your very best friend for the rest of your life!

05.02.09, 365-43
Yeah, champagne! Yeah, wedding! Yeah, friends!
Nuff said.
*I, sadly, did not get a good photo of the happy couple (that I took myself --- I did get some with the bride --- so I decided to use this fun champagne photo instead*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's allergy season

It's definitely allergy season and I've been suffering all week. It's no fun. I don't remember my allergies ever being this bad before ... but I have a feeling I say the same thing every. single. year. I'm doing my best to "treat" my allergies with lots of allergy relief medications, nose sprays, nasal rinses ... and lots and lots and lots of tissues! Today I sneezed at least 10 times at work. Actually, every day I sneeze like 10 times at work. The worst is when I'm trying to sleep and I'm all stuffed up. I hate that. It's also pretty bad when you're all stuffed up and trying to eat ... you have to stop chewing to take a breath because you can't breathe through your nose. That is sad. That is my life right now. I guess it may be possible that my over the counter medications are not working anymore ... so maybe I should call the doctor ... but I don't like going to the doctor. I think I'm going to give my assortment of meds a few more days to see if they help. Then maybe I might consider giving some more thought to a doctor appointment.

Until then I'll just keep on keeping on. I'm looking forward to the weekend and I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday! Woo-hoo!!! We have no major plans for Friday night ... just a nice walk around our neighborhood followed by a carb up pasta dinner and a movie! Saturday we have a fun filled day starting with the Race for the Cure 5k at Cal Expo then we will be spending our evening with friends in Dublin celebrating a birthday! Sunday will be lots of regular household chores & yard work ... and hopefully some nice relaxing down time! I'm totally excited for our 5k on Saturday ... we ran 1.44 miles at the park yesterday & 2 miles at the gym today and then stopped off at our local running store to pick up some new running socks and some Body Glide (a product that I learned about from KK at Running Through Life). I have never tried it but I'm looking forward to finding out if it works or not at the race on Saturday.

Also - here are some cool links I think you should check out. I found these custom name plaques recently on Etsy that I am seriously lusting after ... along with these custom return address stamps! I must have both very soon ...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Projcet 365: 04.19.09 to 04.25.09

Disclaimer: I've been bad about keeping up with my Project 365 Posts --- so I decided that instead of overloading my blog with lots and lots of posts I'm going to post a week's worth of photos in one post! Enjoy!

04.19.09, 365-30
My zucchini seeds starting to sprout!

04.20.09, 365-31
Round-Up progress - the killing of the plants in the flood zone!

04.21.09, 365-32
Pea Pesto

I made Pea Pesto for dinner on this day using our new food processor that we got as a wedding gift from my dad & step-mom! It turned out really, really good. I've been saying that I will post the recipe ... and I will ... just check back soon!

04.22.09, 365-33
Cucumber seeds sprouting!

04.23.09, 365-34
Dead again
For the past few months I've had some serious car problems. It's been to numerous mechanics & to the VW dealer several times. Each time they "think" they have discovered the problem & "fixed" it --- but each time it has ended up dead again just a few days later. On this morning we were convinced that it was finally fixed ... only to end it having it be dead when I went to start it to leave for work :(

04.24.09, 365-35
Layla the Kitty
My cats often entertain me for hours. Chasing jingle bell balls, following lasers all over the house, snuggling with me ... or moving the water to hear it gurgle. Layla is obsessed with the gurgling noise and does this many, many times a day. She's a strangle ... but adorable ... little kitty cat.

04.25.09, 365-36
Lady bugs
We have 5 beautiful rose buses in our front yard ... that are infested with aphids (along with our irises) ... so we took a trip to the local OSH and picked up some lady bugs! Let's hope the do their job :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (5/4)

OMG ... is it Monday again?!? Where did last week go? I had such high hopes for lots of posts ... pea pesto ... Project 365 ... garden progress. I am seriously lazy lately!

Monday - leftovers from Sunday (we ended up having the rice & beans in the rice cooker recipe because last week didn't quite go as planned)
Tuesday - Turkey Sloppy Joes
Wednesday - Rotini with semi-homemade marinara sauce and Trader Joe's turkey meatballs
Thursday - leftover Turkey Sloppy Joes
Friday - leftover pasta for our CARB-UP meal before our 1st 5k of 2009!!!
Saturday - BBQ chicken
Sunday - ???

Notes about last week
  • Laziness - that pretty much sums up my lack of blog posting
  • Actually, I really wasn't that "lazy" ... I just didn't find the time to post (I was too busy shopping at Macy's and cleaning the house and getting ready to be out of town for the weekend)
  • We went out of town on Friday and had pizza with my mom, step-dad, brother & nephew and watched Semi Pro & The Happening
  • Saturday we attended a friends wedding & stayed over in a hotel
  • Sunday we ate lunch at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company with my dad before heading back home ... brew pub's are probably one of our favorite things
  • Sunday when we got home we finally started washing & putting away our new China & stemware that we either (1) got as wedding/shower gifts or (2) purchased last week on one of several trips to Macy's to complete our registry
  • For dinner on Sunday I made the rice & beans recipe for the rice cooker - it was SOOO easy and turned out really, really good :)
Notes about this week
  • Our meal plan is kind of lacking this week - we kept it simple and easy and left Sunday open since it will be Mother's Day and we have no idea what we will be doing yet
  • I just registered us for our 1st 5k of the year! The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure is this Saturday and even though we have not been training (or running very much) we are very excited to get back out there
Other notes
  • I've been blabbing on and on about how far behind I am on my Project 365 posts and I'm just getting farther behind every day ... check back this week for some much needed updates!