Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lovey Dovey Day recap

This year for Valentine's Day I decided that we needed to do something fun and something that we've never done before --- so we went wine tasting. But, before I get to that --- let's start at the beginning shall we.

The morning started off with roses :)

Then we made homemade belgian waffles with our new waffle iron that I received as a bridal shower gift from my step-mom

Yum, waffles :)

Then we headed out to Lodi's Wine & Chocolate Weekend wine tasting event. After checking in and purchasing tickets at the visitors center we started our journey of traveling from the different participating wineries.

Here we are at one of the wineries
I'm not too good at taking the pictures of the two of us
He's too tall and my arm's are too short!

We had a really great time wine tasting and hanging out together, we even had a great lunch at Woodbridge Crossing, a neat little restaurant in Woodbridge and we ended the day at Chocoholics where we indulged in some wonderful chocolate and wine pairings before heading home.

I have no idea why Jon wasn't smiling - I swear we we're having a good time :)

Once we got back into town we did some shopping, had dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant and then headed home to watch some very neglected TV and have homemade FONDUE! Jon's aunt gifted me with a fondue pot at my bridal shower ... so I made chocolate fondue out of Hugs Hershey kisses (that I had bought Jon for Valentine's Day - we L.O.V.E. Hershey kisses) and we dipped strawberries, rice crispy treats & angel food cake :) YUM-O!!!

And - this is how the kitties spent the day
Introducing Layla (on the left) and Lucky (on the right)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Checking in ...

Not much has been going on lately that is really "blog" worthy.

Am I busy with wedding projects and plans? Yes.

Have I been running? Yes --- as much as I can.

Have I been eating healthy? For the most part ...

Am I stressed? Daily.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I don't want to toot my own horn

... but I'm going to anyways - just a little bit - because this is exciting (at least for me)!

Earlier this week I was surprised to discover that I was chosen by my supervisor's and manager's to be our service center's first Employee of the Month.

I knew that we were starting an Employee of the Month program - being the service center manager's assistant I am privy to such knowledge ... but I had no idea that it was going to be me!

On Tuesday morning we had a meeting with our service center manager, our district manager and our regional human resource manager to discuss the results of a company wide survey that was recently done regarding working conditions. At this meeting, our service center manager announced that we would be beginning an Employee of the Month program - and then he said "and our first winner is in this room ... its Jesse!" Everyone clapped and I was presented with an award. There is also a special parking spot reserved in our parking lot for the Employee of the Month and a plaque was created to hang on the wall to list each months winner.

During these troubled economic times its reassuring to know how valued you are as an employee and by receiving Employee of the Month I was honored to know that my supervisor's and manager's appreciate the work I do.

The plaque that is now hanging on the wall in our break room

My award - sitting on my desk!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January's Miles

January Goal = 50 miles

1/5 - 4.0 @ 56:10
10 mins bike
1/6 - 2.0 @ 36:34
10 mins bike
1/8 - 4.00 @ 58:13
10 mins bike
1/9 - 3.0 @ 42:37
20 mins bike
1/11 - 2.0 @ 27:15
20 mins bike (hills)
1/12 - 4.0 @ 55:40
10 mins bike
1/13 - 3.0 @ 40:37
10 mins bike
1/15 - 30 min walk (hills - 1.67 miles)
30 mins bike (hills)
1/18 - 4.0 @ 51:48
10 mins bike
1/19 - 2.0 @ 26:11
10 mins bike (hills)
1st day strength training
1/21 - 2.00 @ 26:52
10 mins bike (hills)
strength training
1/25 - 3.1 @ 40:13
20 mins bike
1/26 - 3.1 @ 39:30
20 mins bike
strength training

I didn't make my "goal" of 50 miles in January - but I sure tried and it was nice to have a "goal" to works towards. I'll keep the same goal for February ... and for every month until I can reach it.

Total for January 36.2 miles