Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Fun Blog Activity

When I saw Michelle post this Blog Activity on her blog the other day I was intrigued and decided it would be a fun way to get me back in the habit of posting more regularly {since I seem to have an issue with that the past few … months}.  You should play along too!!!

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession

Thanks for sharing this fun Blog Activity Michelle!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Meal Plan Monday {Aug 30}

A few things first . . .

  • Only 9.28 miles left to go to make it to 80 miles for the month of August AND in the last 16 days of running I’ve ran 52.50 miles!  Wowzer … that’s A LOT.  I busted out a 1 miler this AM with the husband {at dark thirty … aka 4:30am … we had planned on 3 miles but we (1) got up late and (2) I’m fighting a cold and was coughing and having a hard time breathing in the cold morning air} and I plan to bust out 3 or 4 more after work.  Which means I’ll have Tuesday to get in around 6 miles {at the park with our running group}.  Easy peasy.  You hear that shins?  I said EASY PEASY.

  • I DEFINITELY over indulged this weekend.  Not so much on Saturday {except for that cheese dip we had in the late afternoon before dinner ~ but I did burn over 1000 calories on my 10 miler that morning so that is my defense} but definitely on Sunday.  Let’s examine the downfall of my healthy eating habits:  scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese {not so bad}, red potatoes with onions and garlic fried in vegetable oil {oh vey ~ but sooo good}, a Venti Iced Coffee with non-fat milk and sugar from Starbucks {Venti?  Really?  Was that necessary?!?}, Gilroy Garlic Fries and a $9 Sierra Nevada immediately upon entering AT&T Park for the Giants vs. Diamondbacks game {at least we shared the fries … and seriously why are beers at sporting events so damn expensive???}, Chicken Strips & more fries with ranch dressing {once again, at least we shared}, about 1/2 a cup of reduced sodium sunflower seeds {protein? haha}, 10 tootsie rolls {so VERY worth it}, only about 24 oz of water TOTAL for the whole day, dinner at Pyramid in Berkeley:  one beer, three potato skins with no bacon and no sour cream with a side of BBQ sauce, 1 spicy chicken wing, a generous serving of giant onion rings with a house ketchup, and a small cup of {not so good} tortilla soup.  There you have it.  Now that its in writing I can see excatly where the 2 lbs I had lost were added back, and then some. 

  • In addition to yesterday’s gluttony I am also fighting a cold.  I woke up yesterday with a dry, scratchy, sore throat and some nasty congestion and green snot {TMI?!?}.  I immediately started taking some Airborne and popped a Sudafed along with my regular dosages of allergy meds  and then proceeded to eat all the above mention healthy food and drinks lots of fluid and get lots of rest {not}.  So . . . I’m started the week out back on track with a Green Monster {1 cup cooked previously-frozen-but-once-fresh spinach, 1 cup nonfat vanilla flavored yogurt, 1/4 cup frozen store bought blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen farmers market strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen banana, 1/2 cup low fat chocolate soy milk}.  It was GOOD and definitely hit the spot :)

This weeks menu . . .

Monday ~ Mixed Green Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing & Baked Zucchini Sticks {using garden fresh zucchini}

Tuesday ~ leftover Turkey Stroganoff from last week

Wednesday ~ Wonton Chips & Mini Spring Rolls {both from the Aug/Sept/Oct 2010 Something Extra magazine from Raley’s & Bel-Air}

Thursday ~ Ratatouille Riggies {this will be my first time cooking with eggplant!}

Friday ~ Black Bean & Corn Skillet {yikes, I just realized that I never shared this recipe yet ~ I’ll get a photo this week and share it next week}


  • Breakfast
    • Pre-long run:  Bagel
    • Post run: Green Monster & toast with soy nut butter
  • Brunch ~ Homemade waffles or pancakes
  • Dinner ~ Italian Baked Chicken Pastina


  • Breakfast
    • Pre-race:  Bagel or Toast {EG Fun Run 2010 Series, #3}
    • Post race:  Green Monster & toast with soy nut butter
  • Brunch ~  Eggs & Potatoes
  • Dinner ~ BBQ Tri Tip with Baked Beans


*Check out the links … you never know what you might discover!  There are some GREAT food blogs out there :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 12

  • Day 6 (Aug 19) – 2.31
  • Day 7 (Aug 20) – 3.20
  • Day 8 (Aug 21) – 1.5
  • Day 9 (Aug 22) – 5.18 {Vinecrusher 5 miler Race}
  • Day 10 (Aug 23) – 2.00
  • Day 11 (Aug 24) – 3.02
  • Day 12 (Aug 25) – 1.00

In 12 consecutive days of running I have completed 35.76 miles including one long run {for half marathon training} one race and two speed workouts. So far for the month of August I’ve ran 53.98 miles. I’m *hoping* to end the month right around 80 miles and I’ve got 6 runs left to do it in including a 10 miler this weekend. We’ll see how close I can get to my mileage goal. My highest mileage month to date was January of this year at 78.94 ~ and the second highest was June at 41.28 miles.


Last night we did a hill/speed/ladder workout at the Elk Grove Park with our running group. There are some tiny little dirt hills out on Strauss Island so we did a little less than 300 meter loop from the grass to the island and around a little trail and back. I was able to complete a 4-3-2 of the ladder with a 2 minute rest between sets before my shins were screaming at me to stop. Not only were my shins hurting but I just had an off night ~ it was HOT, I experienced some wardrobe malfunctions, I was tired & having a hard time breathing, it was HOT. Ugh. And I just wasn’t very fast, as you can see from my pace times below.

Hill/Speed/Ladder Workout

  • 4 (0.64) ~ 7:57 / 12:27 pace
  • 3 (0.53) ~ 7:41 / 14:23 pace
  • 2 (0.35) ~ 5:33 / 15:47 pace

This weekend we are doing our long group run with hills. Elk Grove is pretty flat so in order to get a hill workout you either need to do overpass repeats or run this dirt mound out by the abandoned new mall construction. That’s where we will be. On the dirt. Again.


There are 62 days left till my 30th birthday and its been 12 days since I started my In a Rut goals. So far, its going well. As I stated above today was my 12th consecutive day in a row of running. When I wrote that post my weight was 150.6 and when I did my weekly weight in yesterday I was at 148.6 so I’m down 2 lbs so far! Not eating out and restricting my alcohol consumption along with no sweets/junk food really does make a difference.


Updated to add: I added a page to my blog for my Running Streak that includes the Day of the Streak, the Date, and the mileage along with additional notes! Check it out. I have a feeling that now that I have finally added a page element to the BLOG that I'm going to want to add MORE.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meal Plan Monday {August 23}

What a GREAT weekend!  There was lots of cleaning, laundry & folding & ironing, cooking, running, relaxing, movie & TV watching, cuddling with the puppy & kitties … and an age group medal winning race!  That’s right … I won a medal at a 5 mile race yesterday for placing 2nd in my age group.  I was sooo excited, especially since I did not have a very good running week {due to the shin splints} and a not so good race either.  Full recap this week :)

This weeks menu :)

Monday ~ Baked Giant Stuffed Zucchini and Spinach Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing

Tuesday ~ leftover Enchilada’s {from last week}

Wednesday ~ Pepperoni Pizza Puffs with Spinach Salad

Thursday ~ Pineapple Jerk TOFU with Black Beans {based on THIS recipe}

Friday ~ Quesadillas and/or leftovers



  •  Breakfast ~ Eggs & Potatoes
  • Lunch ~ Sandwiches & Green Monster
  • Dinner ~ Out to Eat @ the SF Giants Game {#30 in the 30 in 30 for Jon’s 30th ~ tickets to a Giants game on this date}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 5, sprints, a morning run & ice baths

Today was the 5th day of my {hopefully} 21+ day running streak {one of my “In A Rut” goals}.

  • Day 1 – 8.25
  • Day 2 – 1.70
  • Day 3 – 3.06
  • Day 4 – 3.47
  • Day 5 – 1.07

So far, other that some shin splints last night/this morning, I am feeling pretty good and have logged 17.55 miles in 5 days! Wow.

Last night for our speed work session with our running group we did “sprints” after our warm-up. Our running group coach is also a high school math teacher {same as the hubs} and a high school track & cross country coach. Last night he had our running group do some sprint work that he has his cross country kids do. We did 8 40 second sprints in the grass followed by 2:20 recovery jog/walk. It was brutal but a nice change from a standard run or a track workout.

  • Warm-up: 1.37 / 15:42 / 11:26 avg
  • Sprints: 1.57 / 24:00 / best pace 6:12
  • Cool down: 0.53 / 8:04

This morning we got up at butt-crack thirty to do a “streak” run. It was rough. Not only was it cold (55 degrees) and dark, but my shins were screaming at me to STOP. After a minute or two my legs started to warm-up but I never did get into a good groove. I am starting slow with these “streak” run days {days that I would not normally run} and aiming to run about a mile and hopefully will work up to 2+ miles. Now, that the run is over and my legs have thawed from my ice bath, I feel pretty good so this mornings “streak” run was a nice recovery after last nights sprints.

Last fall, and earlier this year, when I was suffering through day after day after day of shin splint pain I resorted to taking ice baths after every single run. Luckily I have not had severe shin splints this training cycle, until now. I’m pretty convinced that its a combination of the length of my long runs {8 last Saturday}, the number of days I’ve run in a row {currently 5} and the insane 40 second sprints we did last night! Whatever the causes may be … I’m in pain. So, I’ve returned to the ICE BATH for relief and recovery. It worked in the past; so I’m hoping it will work again. After my long run on Saturday I felt great. No stiffness, no soreness, no pain. I did a ton of stretching and lots & lots of relaxing the rest of the day but no ice bath and no ice packs were needed. On Monday we did a 3+ mile run and afterwards my legs were feeling tired so I opted for an ice bath in the tub. Normally I take my ice baths in a 5 gallon bucket since I just want my shins to get iced really well but lately I’ve been taking them in the bathtub so my hamstrings and hips can get some icing too. I find its easiest to get in the tub, then turn on the cold water so your body gets use to it as it rises, then add the ice. My right shin was starting to hurt on Monday night so after the ice bath, dinner, and a hot shower I iced my shins one more time with an ice pack. On Tuesday I didn’t have any shin pain until after the first 40 second sprint and I knew by the time we finished the 8th 40 second sprint that I was going to need a lot of ice so we stopped off at the grocery store for a BIG bag of ice. I was feeling pretty good when I went to bed but this morning my shins were screaming in pain again so I did a bucket ice bath to centralize the icing to the shin area. And once my legs have thawed back out I will give my shins a nice rub down too. And, I guess I better were flats to work today.

I sure hope these shin splints are just visiting and don’t have any plans of sticking around for the rest of this half marathon training cycle . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meal Plan Monday {Aug 16}

As part of my new “In a Rut” goals I am attempting to eliminate junk food/processed snacks/sweets from my diet in an effort to help me lose the 10lbs I want to lose before my 3oth birthday.  So . . . over the weekend I made some quick & easy no-bake granola bars for snacks.  I found the recipe posted on this Friday Favorites post over at Finding Joy in my Kitchen.  SnoWhite, the blog author, always has such great links on Friday’s AND she’s got some pretty awesome recipes on her site too.  Trust me, I’ve tried several of them and I am always going back looking for more :).

This weeks menu …

Monday ~ Spinach Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing and red onions, kidney beans, mushrooms, artichoke hearts & croutons

Tuesday ~ Black Bean Tacos

Wednesday ~ Stir-fried Tofu & Garden Zucchini over rice

Thursday ~ Mexican Pizza

Friday ~ Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce {not to be confused with my semi-homemade marinara sauce as I do plan to make my own this week with tomatoes from my garden}


  • Breakfast ~ Eggs & Potatoes
  • Lunch ~ Sandwiches
  • Dinner ~ leftover spaghetti {carb-up for a 5 mile race on Sunday morning}


  • Breakfast ~ Pre-race:  bagel; post-race:  Green Monster 
  • Lunch ~ Sandwiches
  • Dinner ~ Ground Turkey Enchilada's

Friday, August 13, 2010

In a rut

This post is pretty much all over the place.  Bare with me with I attempt to empty my mind.

I’m pretty good with sticking with goals.

It’s kind of my thing.

And, I’m working towards a pretty big goal right now ~ my 2nd half marathon.  But, I still feel in a rut.  I have yet to even complete a full week of training runs.  I’m consistent with my Saturday morning long runs and my Tuesday night track workouts … but its the training runs in between that are often getting replaced with eating too much food and watching too much TV and not exercising, or running, enough. 

I think part of this is because I know what to expect.  I know how 8 miles feels {the planned mileage for tomorrow morning} … and I know how 13.1 miles feels.  I already know I can do this.  See here for proof. 

Maybe its because its summer time and I’m such a creature of habit and routine and my normal day-to-day routine is so different in the summer {when Jon’s out of school, working for his dad, getting home before me, running nightly soccer camp, etc.}  Luckily, school starts back up on Monday which means that we’ll be getting back to a “normal” routine.  Thank goodness. 

And, Jon just turned 30 yesterday.  30.  And I’ve only got a few short weeks {10} before I turn 30 too.  That’s only 74 days away.  74 days till I’m 30.  It seems like just yesterday I was turning 25.  Or even 28.  And now 30 is just right around the corner. 

But, wait.  I’m getting off track with my rantings & ramblings.  Goals.  That’s what I wanted to talk about.  That’s what I’ve been mulling over in my mind for the past few … days?  Weeks?  Has it been a couple of months?  Yep, it has.


I like lists.  I think I’ve established that before.  And, similar to lists, I like goals.  Some type of defined purpose with an end result.  And that’s exactly what I need right now to get me back on track and out of my rut.  So.  Here it goes.

I’ve got 74 days till my 30th birthday.  It’s roughly 10 weeks.  I already know that time is going to fly by.  And I already know that I’m in a rut.  Mentally.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Too much laziness.  Too much eating.  Too much overindulging in alcohol, sweets, and bad for me foods.  Therefore its time to make some changes.  I’ve been watching the number on the scale creep back up over the past few weeks and its time to get back on track and take control again.  I already know I can do this just like I already know I can run a half marathon.  I just need to get my head back in the game and get my goals lined back up. 

So, 74 days.  That will take me past the next half marathon the first week of October and right up to my BIG 30th birthday.  Let’s see what kind of changes I can make between now and then.

  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Cut out all sweets & processed junk food
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Stop eating out
  • Complete all training runs each week
  • Start a running streak with a goal of 21 days
  • Cross train at least one day a week


There you have it.  Goals established.  Time line determined.  Look out 30, I’m coming out of my rut!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meal Plan Monday {Aug 9}

Monday ~ Turkey Hotdogs {leftover from camping}

Tuesday ~Shredded Chicken Tacos

Wednesday ~Red Potatoes with Turkey Kielbasa and Corn on the Cob

Thursday ~ The Husband’s 30th Birthday Dinner

Friday ~ Leftovers

Saturday ~ Spaghetti

Sunday ~ Family BBQ

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meal Plan Monday {Aug 2}

Wow, it’s August already!?!  The summer … heck, the year … is flying by.  The hubs will be 30 in a few short days and I’m only a couple months behind him.  We’ll be camping this weekend for his birthday!  This non-camper girl is actually pretty excited. 


Monday ~ Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing and Bread

Tuesday ~ Shredded Chicken Tacos

Wednesday ~ Spaghetti with semi-homemade marinara sauce

Thursday ~ Black Bean & Corn Skillet over Rice {recipe still to come!}

Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ CAMPING


I’m only working three days this week {thank goodness} but I have a feeling its going to be a long week!  Work is CRAZY right now as I’m filling in for someone who is out for the next couple of weeks and I’m doing a job that I don’t feel very comfortable with PLUS all my own work.  At least its only for three days this week … next week is going to be WORSE.  But after that it will be back to “normal” so I just keep reminding myself that.  And, at least I have a fun filled camping weekend to look forward to this week :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Miles

Previous Monthly Miles:

July’s Totals:
Total miles ran/walked:  32.70

Total miles biked:  7.61

Total days of running:  11

Total races:  1 – Alzheimer’s Aid Society 5k