Monday, May 2, 2011

Love / Don’t Love {May 2}

I recently discovered this fun little Love / Don’t Love format {from Christy at 25 Before 25 via Morgan at Caution:  Redhead Running} and thought it would a fun way to recap the weekend.

LOVE ~ We had beautiful weather here in Northern California this weekend and although we did have some pretty crazy wind on Friday that lasted into Saturday, overall the weather is getting nicer and warmer each day. 

DON’T LOVE ~ Friday night after the gym {I was exhausted} and dinner {spaghetti} we sat down to continue watch Gone With the Wind {we started it on Wednesday, but its a looong movie} BUT we didn’t finish it on Friday either :(

DON’T LOVE ~ On Saturday morning I was really on the fence about staying in bed where it was warm and there was no wind or getting up at 4am and going to spectate the husbands 5th half marathon.  In the end I decided to stay home.  I felt awful all day for not being there to support my husband :(

LOVE ~ Even though he hurt his ankle a few weeks ago, and took some time off from running, the half marathon race on Saturday was the husbands first run in over 2 weeks.  He had no expectations but to go out there and give it his best and hope to be able to finish.  He ended up taking it easy, walking when needed, and finished in 1:55:59.9! 

LOVE ~ We finally finished Gone With the Wind Saturday night!  It was a GREAT movie {although I was kind of pissed about the way it ended} and probably my favorite so far on the AFI Top 100 Movies

DON’T LOVE ~ Sunday morning I was up way to early due to some silly bird in a neighbor’s tree chirping away at 6am!  I love sleeping with the windows open this time of year but it never fails … birds are always waking me up way too early!

LOVE ~ Lucy’s training classes are going well!  She is one smart puppy and learning very quickly. 

DON’T LOVE ~ Lucy is also very stubborn and sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are waving a treat in her face, if she doesn’t want to do something --- she is not going to do it! 

LOVE ~ Sunday afternoon my mom came into to town and some friends & family came over to my house because I hosted a Gold Canyon Candle Party.  The party was a success, the snack foods and treats were a big hit, and it was a fun afternoon!

DON’T LOVE ~ Once Lent ended on Easter and I resumed eating sweets/treats its been a daily occurrence.  And I’m not happy about that.  I have a major sweet tooth and once I start, I have a hard time stopping.  At least I haven’t been eating bags & bags of candy every day … but it has been something sweet daily.  Sooo I’m making it my goal to only indulge once a week and I’m hoping to stick to it.  It’s easy when we don’t have lots of sweets in the house so as long as I don’t buy any then I think I will be okay!

What do you love / don’t love today?!?

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