Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Base Building: Week 5

This week I decided it would be a good idea to to a 1 mile time trail.  So on Tuesday morning we headed to a local junior high track and after a warm-up, strides & plyo’s we each did a 1 mile time trail {me, the husband & the SIL} and then proceeded to also do a 4x400 interval session with a 400 rest in-between each set.  I was surprised by my mile time {9:15} and my goal is to do it again before our half marathon in early October to see if I can improve it during the summer with formal speed sessions at the track each week. 

I also ran a 10k race on Saturday and finished with a new PR :)

Week 5:  06.20.11 – 06.26.11

Monday 06.20 ~ Cross train + strength

Cross train ~ 40min strength workout + 35min elliptical

Tuesday 06.21 ~ Run 3-5 miles {including 1 mile time trial}

Run ~ WU 12min 0.75 {walk 0.50, jog 0.25 with strides} + run 3.0 {1 mile time trial = 9:15, 4x400 with 400 walking rest in between = 2:24, 2:19, 2:18, 2:03} + CD 14:37 1.0 {jog 0.50, walk 0.50}

Wednesday 06.22 ~ Muscle Blast Class + cross train

Cross train ~ 65min elliptical + misc core work + 50min Muscle Blast Class

Thursday 06.23 ~ Run 5 miles + yoga

Run ~ WU 10min 0.50 walk + run 5.0 {55:54, 11:11 avg} + CD 10min 0.51 walk

Friday 06.24 ~ Zumba + cross train + strength

Cross train ~ 25min strength workout + 65min elliptical

Saturday 06.25 ~ Run 10k race

Run 4 Independence 10k race + NEW 10k PR {Garmin Results:  6.26 / 1:09:40 / 11:08 avg}

Warm-up walk {and some jogging} to race:  1.83 {32:54}

Walk home from race:  1.69 {32:39}

Sunday 06.26 ~ Cross train or rest

Rest ~ I stayed home to clean the house while the husband helped his the FIL scrap off the SIL’s popcorn ceiling and re-texture it

Total Mileage = 20.54

I’ve got a couple more weeks of base training before my 20-week marathon training {and half marathon} training starts :)

Date Night: May 2011

For our May Date Night we attended the ZinFest Wine Festival in Lodi on Saturday May 14th. 


I attended this event a few years ago with a group of friends and we had so much fun.  The husband & I love going wine tasting so I thought it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon.  We’ve attended our fair share of beer tasting events over the years {I use to work a lot of beer festivals when I worked in the restaurant industry during college} but the husband had never been to a wine tasting festival.  There were a lot of vendors, mostly local from the Lodi area, but also from other areas of California that either use Lodi grapes or had a zin available for tasting.  Unfortunately the weather was cloudy, windy and cold the day of this event but we still had a great time.  There are also cooking demonstrations, live music, craft vendors, and food vendors on site for the event.  And a lot of the wine is available for purchase. 

photo(5) Some of the live music that was playing all over the event

We arrived just after the event started and we were able to do a lot of tasting before the crowds got very large.  The event is located at Lodi Lake Park and even though the area is fairly large and spread out the crowds do get rather large later in the afternoon.  We enjoyed some vendor food and listened to some live music while tasting lots of different wine.  After a couple of hours we decided to call it a day and get out of the wind and cold.  The only downside to this event this year was the weather since by mid-May the temps are usually much warmer in our area.  But we still had a great time and we would definitely attend this event again.  It is pricey for the tickets but luckily I got a discount from “liking” Lodi Wine on Facebook!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running Skirt Attempt FAIL

This morning I ran a 5 mile progression run.  And since the weather was mild today {now its currently raining again in JUNE} I decided to wear my new running skirt I got at Costco a couple of months ago to test it out.  I normally wear capris or long shorts {think:  knee length} to avoid chub rub / chaffing.  This particular running skirt has long-ish shorts underneath and I was hoping they were not going to rid up.  Wrong.  Running skirt FAIL.  Thankfully I also applied some Body Glide so I did avoid chaffing but the shorts-under-the-skirt kept riding up!  It’s possible that they are too large {the skirt is a size medium --- which is the same size as all my running bottoms} since my recent weight loss which is too bad because the waist line was actually very comfortable {not too tight; just right} and I didn’t have to tug it up at all which means it wasn’t sliding down my hips.  I’m gonna wash the skirt {it hasn’t been washed yet; the only clothes I wash before wearing are undergarments - whatev} and then I’ll give it another try.  This is my second attempt at a running skirt.  I have another one that I bought a couple of years ago that is way too big {its a size large, I believe} and it also has shorts underneath and I also had the same riding-up experience with it when I did wear it a few times.  I don’t wear it; and I don’t know why I hoard clothes that don’t fit but I just can’t seem to get rid of them! 

Back to my run … 5 miles.  Progression.  My goal was 12:00 for the first mile then 10seconds faster each mile after that and a strong finish with a sprint to the end. 

Mile 1 ~ 11:40

Even though I started conservatively my first mile was faster than I planned so I just went with it and continued to get a little faster each mile. 

Mile 2 ~ 11:30

Mile 3 ~ 11:19

Mile 4 ~ 11:08

I picked up the pace a bit in the last mile and did some fartlek’s then finished strong!

Mile 5 ~ 10:48

5 miles / 56:28 / 11:17 avg

Overall I was feeling good and felt like I could have done another loop.  The shins have not been giving me any issues lately and I’m EXTREMELY grateful for this.  BUT I’m having some hip flexor soreness this afternoon and I’m going to go spend some quality time with my foam roller and do some extra stretching. 

Have a great {rainy} Tuesday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Recommitted, Week 6

Its time like this morning, after an indulgent Sunday evening, that sometimes I wish my weigh-in day was not Monday morning.  If my big meal out on Sunday would have been earlier in the week maybe my scale would have moved more in the loss direction instead of in the gain direction.  Its not a significant gain so I'm definitely not dwelling on it and I’m going to acknowledge my choices during the past week and then move on. 

Week 6 {06.20.11-06.26.11}

Beginning Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2
Wk1 = 147.4
Wk2 = 147.2
Wk3 = 145.8
Wk4 = 143.8
Wk5 = 141.4
Ending Weight {06.27.11} = 141.8
Wk3 Weight Gain = +0.4
Total Weight Lost = –8.4
*This was my first week with a “gain” --- its not significant and after the weekend I had, I’m not going to dwell on it!

My daily allowance = 29 points
Weekly additional point allowance = 49 points

Monday ~ 32
Tuesday ~ 33
Wednesday ~ 30 
Thursday ~ 29
Friday ~ 25
Saturday ~ 32
Sunday ~ 63 <--- yikes!!!

I earned 49 activity points and used 45 of them {34 on Sunday alone}
I exercised 6 out of 7 days {for a total of 9 hrs, 38mins}
I didn’t use any of my 49 weekly allowance points
{My program is set up to use activity points before using my weekly allowance points}

  • I had a pretty good week overall but Sunday did me in.  We went out to eat my my in-law’s for my SIL’s birthday celebration.  I enjoyed a turkey burger on a sesame seed bun with tomato, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, red onion and avocado with some fries on the side and a refreshing hefeweizen style beer PLUS chocolate frozen yogurt after dinner with candy topping AND an additional beer back at my MIL’s house.  That was in addition to the huge chocolate chip cookie I devoured mid-day after grocery shopping and the cheetos and pretzel M&M’s I had on Saturday after my 10k race.  It was definitely an indulgent weekend but I’m not going to let it get me down.  I was reading an article on WW over the weekend that stated “remember it was not one single event that led to your weight gain” so I just have to put Sunday’s big dinner out behind me and move on --- besides, it was worth it for all my hard work and determination lately and to celebrate my SIL’s birthday :) 
  • This week might not be much better with another birthday to celebrate ---my stepdad’s --- and the upcoming holiday and visiting family.  I’m just reminding myself to make the healthiest choices possible, to avoid mindless snacking and alcohol and to stop eating when I fell full.  And to remember how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time as well as how much better a lot of my clothes are fitting and how much better I am feeling about my body and how much my running has already improved.  This week will also be a step-back week with running and I’ll be skipping a “long” run this upcoming weekend before ramping up my mileage for the upcoming fall races. 


All opinions are entirely my own and are from my personal experiences on the WW plan. 

Meal Plan Monday {June 27}

Happy Birthday to my SIL Erica --- today she celebrates her 28th b-day :)

I got up early today to go to the gym for some strength workouts and then some cross training on the elliptical.  Right now I’m reading Kara Groucher’s Running for Women:  From First Steps to Marathons and so far its an easy read while on the elliptical.  After the gym the husband and I headed to Lodi to get The Pilot serviced {oil change and tires rotated} and we decided to take advantage of being in Lodi to do some wine tasting.  We went to Woodbridge, our favorite place to stop when in Lodi, and then we went to Macchia {someplace new-to-us} and enjoyed some amazing wines at both locations before heading back home to relax before Lucy’s training class tonight.  Lodi is a great place to go wine tasting and I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.

Part of our meal plan is undetermined at this time due to the upcoming holiday weekend :)


Monday ~ Chicken Sausages on the BBQ with grilled fresh zucchini from our garden and baked potatoes

We recently purchased a new gas grill and we are really enjoying cooking on it instead of using the oven/stove as much during the hotter summer months --- and we’ve got a ton of fresh zucchini from the garden to eat :)

Tuesday ~ BBQ Turkey Burgers with grilled fresh zucchini from our garden and homemade oven fries

Another great BBQ dinner :)

Wednesday ~ leftover sausages

Leftovers are always easy and quick especially on nights when I get home later from the gym :)

Thursday – Sunday:  TBD

What’s on your menu this week?

I’m linking up at Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday

*Don’t forget to check out the links … you never know what you might discover!  There are some GREAT food blogs & recipe websites out there :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Race Recap: Run 4 Independence 10k {06.25.11} + a NEW 10k PR

On Saturday June 25th I participated in the Run 4 Independence 10k at Elk Grove Park to benefit the Elk Grove Food Bank along with my husband, my SIL, and several fellow running buddies from The Running Zone’s training groups.  Luckily we live close enough to the race location that we were able to walk to the race which is always a nice way to get warmed up and reduce our carbon foot print at the same time!  The race was scheduled to start at 8:30am so we walked over to the park and met up with several fellow runners at 7:45am to chit chat and catch up since its been a while since we’ve all been together to run. 

I had a goal of setting a new 10k PR and one of my fellow running buddies, Kat, decided she wanted to run with me {a much slower pace for her but she wanted to take it easy because she hasn’t been running much lately}.  I was excited to have a running partner for the race that is speedier than I am because I was hoping to PR.  The weather was perfect and there was a good turn out to support our local food bank.  This was my first time participating in this race as it is usually held on the weekend of July 4th and hasn’t ever fit into my holiday plans. 

After catching up with several running buddies and watching the two kids races it was time to get lined up for the race at the starting line.  Even though the race start was crowded it didn’t take long to get into a comfortable pace and groove.  I’ve ran this course before, at a different race, and I run the area often on weekly runs too so I knew the course well.  The miles started ticking by and before we knew it we were back at the finish line to start the second loop {the 10k was a double loop}. 

Mile 1 ~ 11:12

Mile 2 ~ 11:08

Mile 3 ~ 11:14

My 5k time would have been right around 35mins and with half the race over I was still feeling good and hoping to pick up the pace towards the end to finish strong.  The second loop was much less crowded and we caught up with another fellow running buddy and slowed down a bit to run with her for a little while before picking the pace back up during mile 5 & 6 and finished strong with a new PR

Mile 4 ~ 11:28

Mile 5 ~ 11:16

Mile 6 ~ 10:58

Last 0.20 {0.26 per Garmin} ~ 2:21 / 9:09 avg

Official Results = 1:09:35 / 11:12 avg / NEW 10k PR

Overall {10k} = 161/204

Female = 64/104

Age group {30-39} = 21/43

I had quite a kick the last streak into the finish line and shaved over 4 minutes off my previous 10k PR.  Kat, my running buddy, whooped & hollered for me after we finished and said she thought I did a great job pacing throughout the entire race --- and I told her that every time I wanted to PR going forward I was going to run with her :)

We hung around for a while after the race to check out some vendors, grab some grub, chat with the running coaches from The Running Zone and other fellow runners and watch the awards ceremony and then walked back home.  I preceded to spend the rest of the day basking in my new 10k PR!!!

Me & the husband after the race

Me & my running buddy and friend Kat --- the back of our shirts say “If you can read this … I’m not last”!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Race Recap: Doggy Dash 5k {06.04.11}

On Saturday June 4th we {me, the husband & Lucy, our puppy} participated in the 2011 Doggy Dash 5k benefiting the Sacramento SPCA.  This was Miss Lucy’s second race and her first 5k.  We also participated in this event last year but only did the 2k. 

Unfortunately this race took place before the weather changed to summer and it rained the day of the event!  Luckily there was still a very large turn out for the event and even though we got soaking wet we still managed to have a good time.  We skipped the events and didn’t check out any vendors before or after the event because of the rain but Lucy had a blast running in puddles and checking out all the other dogs :)

Hopefully next year the weather will be better because we want to enter Miss Lucy into some of the events {like “best wag”}.  She pulled a lot and tried to chase some other dogs and really wanted to walk/run in the puddles the whole time so I know she must have had a great time.  It was fun; would have been more fun without the rain. 

Here are some photos from the race:

Getting ready for the race to start 

Lucy doing her best pulling impression despite all her loose leash & heel training from training classes

A much better example of loose leash walking


Lucy really enjoyed playing in the puddles in the gutters!

Almost finished!!!

Lucy & Jon running to the finish :)

Lucy posing with Jon after completing her first 5k!!!


A nice warm bath after a morning in the rain. 
Don’t let that face fool you; she LOVES taking a bath! 
If you turn on the bathtub and say “wanna take a bath” she runs into the bathroom and jumps in the tub. 
After this she headed over to my MIL’s house to spend the night and play with Odie {my MIL’s dog}
and they ended up tearing up a big bag of soil in the rain. 
So, needless to say, she got another bath the next day :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  This morning I decided to run 1 tempo mile in the middle of my 5 mile run and I was able to run it in 10:17!  The two miles before & the two miles after were slower but I finished the 5 miles with an overall average of 11:11 --- a bit slower than last Thursday but still very consistent which I’m loving :)

2.  I’m running a 10k on Saturday morning and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s local {less than 1 mile away --- which means I can walk to it} and its for our local food bank.  We’ve never ran this race before {the husband is running it too} but we’ve ran the course before {its a double loop for the 10k; last time we ran this “course” we did a 5k race} and I run part of it every Thursday morning so I know it well.  I’m hoping to PR --- my current 10k PR is from the only other 10k race I’ve done, the Run to Feed the Hungry last November, where I finished in 1:13:50 {11:47 avg}.  I ran 6.2 miles last Saturday in 1:09:25 {11:12 avg} but I know that anything can happen on race day so I’m also just hoping for a good time with my husband and some other fellow runners from our running group :)

3.  Speaking of the husband --- he is suffering from some ITBS right now and is seriously bummed out!  I totally know how he feels as I’ve been there, experienced that {along with many other injuries}.  He’s been doing all the right things but its not really feeling any better for him.  He cut his 5 mile run down to 2 miles and he was sitting in the car when I got finished, totally sulking.  I know that feeling too.  Hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon --- he might drop down to the 5k on Saturday, or skip the race all together depending on how he is feeling, and then he’ll be taking some time off and hopefully he’ll be back to his chipper, and super speedy, self soon!


Happy {three things} Thursday :)
*Thursday has always been one of my most favorite days of the week, especially in college when I’d spend Thursday nights at the local “dive” bar with all my friends/co-workers :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Painting the Kitchen

We’ve been right on track to painting one room a year so far since we bought our house in 2008.  Hopefully we’ll paint more than one this year!

  • September 2008 ~ master bedroom, before moving in
  • August 2009 ~ office
  • November 2010 ~ living room/entry way {yet to be blogged about}
  • June 2011 ~ kitchen

We decided to tackle painting the kitchen/dining room last week.  One wall of the dining room was already painted {white} back in November.  That particular wall runs along the backside of our house from the corner of our living room all the way to the corner of our dining room with the fireplace and two windows in the living room and the sliding glass door to the backyard in the dining room.  Therefore we kept it a neutral color {white} even though the rest of the dining room/kitchen is {now} blue-ish and the living room is {now} brown.  All the wall in the entire house {except three --- two with wall paper and one with paneling} were white when we bought our home.

Painting the kitchen/dining room was relatively easy since there really wasn’t much wall surface area to paint at all.  We do have a rather large collection of pint glasses & shot glasses that had to be taken down before we could get to work but other than that it was just moving the a little bit of furniture {the kitchen table, wine rack, and a couple of other shelves} and taping/covering everything.  We worked in stages from one side of the kitchen to the other so that the sink/stove/fridge were still operational all week.  The walls did need two coats {seriously, when don’t they?  even if you use the paint with the primer built in --- which we do} but since summer finally arrived in Norcal and the temps are finally warmer, we only had to wait 1-2 hours in between coats {except on the biggest section of wall because I was sick that day and only wanted to do one coat --- the husband did the second coat the next morning}. 

We are both very happy with the results and we both think the blue color goes well with the current flooring {which we don’t like, but don’t want to spend the money to replace any time soon and its in a good condition so it doesn’t need to be replaced} and the Corian counter tops. 

Here are the “after” photos:


CIMG6419 CIMG6421 CIMG6424 CIMG6425  CIMG6426

Our kitchen is not really that big but it has a lot of storage and the huge section of countertop/bar is a big plus when prepping meals or hosting parties {its a great place to put out a spread of food}.  Overall it suits our needs and I still enjoy cooking & baking it it so that’s all that matter to me :)

Other changes we’ve made to the kitchen since we bought the house:

  • Replaced ceiling fan in dining room
  • Replaced sliding glass door in dining room
  • Had a custom valance build & installed above the vertical blinds for the sliding glass door, painted the valance white
  • Replaced our hand-me-down dining room table {last summer}

Other changes we’d like to make in the future:

  • Replace the dishwasher
  • Replace the flooring
  • Paint or re-stain the cabinets {either paint white or re-stain darker to match dining room table}
  • Replace roman shade on window above sink
  • Replace the sink
  • Replace the hardware on the cabinets
  • Replace the carpets {in front of sink, door to garage, sliding glass door & fridge --- none of them match the color scheme of the kitchen}
  • Replace overhead light in kitchen with recessed lighting & paint the ceiling


I think our next project will be removing the final wall of wallpaper in our hallway and then painting the hallway.  We’d also like to re-paint our master bedroom sooner rather than later.  The paint we used in our master was free and although its a nice color, I’ve never been very fond of it in our master bedroom.  Its rather dark and we’d like to go with a lighter tan color. 

Painting our kitchen/dining room was one of my 2011 Goals!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Base Building: Week 4

I woke up on Tuesday not feeling well with lots of congestion that progressed into a sluggish feeling most of the week.  I skipped a few gym sessions but since it was in my head, I got out of bed and completed all scheduled runs.  By the end of the week I was feeling better and I’m looking forward to racing my 2nd 10k this Saturday at the Run 4 Independence {and hoping to set a new PR; my current 10k PR is from the Run to Feed the Hungry in 2010 at 1:13:50}. 

Week 4:  06.13.11 – 06.19.11

Monday 06.13 ~ Cross train + strength

Cross train ~ 26min stationary bike + 65min elliptical + 25min strength workout {squats with high knees, side lunges, calf raises, mountain climbers, resistance band side steps, monster walk, walking lunges, pushups, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and misc core work}

Tuesday 06.14 ~ Run 3-5 miles

Woke up feeling sick this morning and decided to only do a 3 mile run.  I was congested and so I took it easy and opted to do run/walk intervals of 4:1 and ended up with negative splits!

Run ~ WU 10min walk {0.51} + run 5k in 36:04 {11:38 avg} + CD 10min walk {0.51}

Wednesday 06.15 ~ Cross train + Muscle Blast class Rest {sick}

After waking up feeling sick on Tuesday I felt progressively more congested on Wednesday so I skipped cross training to rest up for Thursday’s run.

Thursday 06.16 ~ Run 5 miles + Yoga

I skipped yoga because I was still feeling sick and congested.

Run ~ WU 10min walk {0.53} + run 5.0 in 55:46 {11:09 avg} + CD 12min walk {0.60}

Friday 06.17 ~ Zumba + Cross Train + Strength Rest

Decided another day of rest was best after feeling only 80% better on Thursday afternoon and 90% on Friday morning ~ I’d rather be well rested for Saturday’s 6 mile run on rolling hills :)

Saturday 06.18 ~ Run 6 miles

Thankfully by the end of the week I was feeling better.  We got up super early and met up with a few other people at 6am to run around Lake Natoma where there are some rolling hills.  It was a nice change of scenery and a great run :)

Run ~ WU 10min walk {0.59} + run 10k in 1:09:25 {11:12 avg} + CD 20min walk {1.0}

Sunday 06.19 ~ Rest or Walk Golf

Walked 9 holes of golf with the husband, my FIL, my dad & my step-mom

Total Mileage = 18.04

Back to the Track {+ 1 mile time trial}

This morning we {me, the husband & the SIL} headed over to a local junior high school track to do a 1 mile time trial and a track workout.  With today being the first day of summer and the temperature predicted to reach 100 degrees, we decided to meet early at 7am --- and it was already in the 70’s.  There was one other runner on the track, doing mile repeats, with his coach. 

We started with a walking warm up of 2 laps then jogged one lap with strides.  After the warm up we did some plyometrics and then got ready to do a 1 mile time trial.  

Warm-up:  0.75 / 12:00 {walk 0.50, jog 0.25}

I thought it would be a good idea for us each to do a mile time trial now, and then again closer to our race {the Urban Cow Half Marathon} since we’ll be doing speed workouts weekly through the summer and leading up to the race in October. 

1 mile time trail:  9:15

I was surprised and happy with my mile time!  The husband and the SIL both had amazing times also {the husband at 6:30; the SIL at 8:15}.  Right after our mile time trial we started a 4x400 workout with a 400 recovery intervals. 

4x400:  2:24, 2:19, 2:18, 2:03

I felt good during the whole workout and really pushed myself.  The husband ran my last 400 with me and set a good pace for me to keep up with, ending that last repeat with a 8:15 average!  Once the workout was over we did a nice and easy cool down --- jogged two laps; walked two laps.

Cool down:  1.0 / 14:37 {jog 0.50, walk 0.50}

Overall it was a successful trip to the track and a hard, but rewarding, workout.  I’m actually looking forward to weekly speed workouts this summer.

Total mileage for the day = 4.75


Update on the shins:  for the most part they don’t hurt very much anymore.  Occasionally I’ll have some tenderness or soreness but overall they are not bothering me during my runs, except usually during the first mile then once I’m warmed up I don’t have any issues.  I’m still cross training a lot and avoiding any activities that including jumping {jump jacks, jump squats, box jumps, things like that} and I’m still taking an ice bath after each and every run.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Recommitted, Week 5

I didn’t work out as much this week so when I saw such a significant weight loss I was surprised!  I was feeling a little sick for a few days so I skipped my gym workouts on Wed, Fri & Sun so I could rest because I knew I didn’t want to miss any run workouts on Tues, Thurs or Sat.  By the weekend I was feeling better and only a little congested in the mornings and at night.  I really missed my gym sessions though so I’m happy to be feeling better.  

Week 5 {06.13.11-06.19.11}

Beginning Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2
Wk1 = 147.4
Wk2 = 147.2
Wk3 = 145.8
Wk4 = 143.8
Ending Weight {06.20.11} = 141.4
Wk3 Weight Loss = –2.4
Total Weight Lost = –8.8
*I’ve reached my first WW goal --- I’ve lost over 5% of my starting weight!  My next WW goal is to lose 10% of my starting weight {135.2 or less} --- and of course, like I said last week, I have a mini goal of getting to 140 or less by the end of June {12 days and 1.4lbs to go}. 

My daily allowance = 29 points
Weekly additional point allowance = 49 points

Monday ~ 25
Tuesday ~ 29
Wednesday ~ 26
Thursday ~ 29
Friday ~ 30
Saturday ~ 40
Sunday ~ 41

I earned 41 activity points and used 24 of them
I exercised 5 out of 7 days {for a total of 6 hrs, 46mins}
I didn’t use any of my weekly allowance points
{My program is set up to use activity points before using my weekly allowance points}

  • We went out on Friday night and I was able to enjoy a couple of beers while seeing a live band at a local sports bar.  And on Saturday my dad & step-mom came to town for Father’s Day weekend and we BBQ’d and I enjoyed a small glass of wine {4oz with some sparkling water added} and went out for FroYo for dessert.  All the local FroYo places around us always have at least one non-dairy sorbet and that’s what I always get which is lower in pts+ and I usually skip the toppings {although occasionally I do have some mini yogurt chips and some fresh fruit}.  On Sunday, after a morning round of Father’s Day golf, we went to Jamba Juice {I love that the Jamba Juice drinks are in the WW online database} and we BBQ’d again. 
  • I haven’t eaten out in 34 days!  Its so much easier to track the pts+ for food when you are preparing them at home.  I know this has contributed to my weight loss thus far because it works for me.  An added bonus is that I love to cook so prepping food & cooking at home is something I enjoy.  Especially when I know I can make yummy dinners like feta cheese stuffed turkey burgers on sandwich thins with ketchup, mustard, & spinach for only 11pts+ with a side of zucchini “fries” for 0pts+ {this was one of the BBQ’d meals we had this weekend}.  However, I really miss going out for sushi.  So I told the husband that I would like to reward myself if I reach my mini goal of 140lbs or less by July 1st with a dinner out for sushi --- I really hope I reach my goal because I’m very excited and already looking forward to it :)
  • Also, I’ve been enjoying a lot more seasonal fresh fruit lately {watermelon, cherries, nectarines, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries} and having these options in the house make it easy to grab a snack of 0pts+ fruit instead a processed snack higher in pts {plus, we don’t keep a lot of processed snack type food in the house so reaching for fruit instead is that much easier}. 


All opinions are entirely my own and are from my personal experiences on the WW plan. 

Meal Plan Monday {June 20}

Happy {belated} Father’s Day to my dad, and all the other fathers out there!  My dad came down for the weekend {along with my step-mom and their little dog, Max} and we enjoyed the warm weather, BBQ’ing and some golf on Father’s Day {along with the husband’s dad too}.  It was a nice weekend and I’m happy that I was feeling better after fighting a cold most of last week.

We were able to get all the painting done in the kitchen/dining room by the end of last week and spent Friday cleaning and putting everything back.  We are both very happy with the results and I’ll post the final photos this week.


Monday ~ Taco Salad

We’ve got some romaine lettuce in the garden that needs to get eaten --- we’ll add some black beans, corn, avocado, and homemade ranch dressing with salsa. 

Tuesday ~ Tofu Fried Rice

I made chicken fried rice a couple of weeks ago and I plan to use the same Weight Watchers recipe but I’ll be using tofu instead of chicken this time because I love tofu and I wanted to changed things up :)

 Wednesday ~ leftovers

Not only do I remember how much leftovers we had a few weeks ago when I made fried rice but I know we’ll have even more this time because tofu will go a lot further than a diced up chicken breast did last time I made it!

Thursday ~ Spaghetti

We’re going to carb-up with spaghetti for two days this week before a 10k race on Saturday!

Friday ~ leftovers

Saturday ~ Run 4 Independence 10k

  • Pre-race ~ bagels
  • Post-race ~ Green Monster’s
  • Lunch ~ Veggies, Fruit & Sandwiches
  • Dinner ~ Pizza {Trader Joe’s refrigerated crust}


  • Breakfast ~ French Toast or Pancakes
  • Lunch ~ Veggies, Fruit & Sandwiches
  • Dinner ~ BBQ Chicken or Chicken Sausages

What’s on your menu this week?

I’m linking up at Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday


*Don’t forget to check out the links … you never know what you might discover!  There are some GREAT food blogs & recipe websites out there :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Base Building: Week 3

I missed a couple of cross training workouts this week but had three very strong runs.  I’m looking forward to another 6 mile run this Saturday and then a 10k on the last Saturday of the month!  Fall half & full marathon training starts in July --- just a couple of weeks away :)

Week 3:  06.06.11 – 06.12.11

Monday 06.06 ~ cross train + strength

Cross train ~ WU on treadmill {0.53 / 10:00} + 65min elliptical + 25min strength workout {squats, side lunges, calf raises, standing hamstring curls, resistance band side steps, monster walk, walking lunges, lying side leg lifts, back extensions, pushups, planks, and misc core work}

Tuesday 06.07 ~ run 3+ miles

Run ~ WU 10min walk {0.55} + 4.2 run in 46:00 {10:57 avg} + CD 10min walk {0.51}

Walk ~ 1.02 with Lucy 

Wednesday 06.08 ~ cross train + Muscle Blast class

Cross train ~ 65min elliptical + 50min Muscle Blast class

Thursday 06.09 ~ run 5+ miles + yoga

Run ~ WU 10min walk {0.55} + 5.0 run in 56:18 {11:15 avg} + CD 10min walk {0.47}

Yoga ~ 55 min class @ gym

Friday 06.10 ~ cross train + Zumba class Rest

Walk ~ 1.43 in 32:02 with Lucy

Saturday 06.11 ~ run 6 miles

Run ~ WU 10min walk {0.60} + 6.0 run in 1:09:48 {11:38 avg} + CD 10min walk {0.57}

Sunday 06.12  ~ cross train Rest


Total Mileage = 20.41

Anniversary Trip to Yosemite ~ Day Two {April 20}

Anniversary Trip to Yosemite ~ Day One {April 19}

The second day of our trip started with the alarm going off at 5am!  I hopped out of bed, excited for our day of hiking, and got busy getting ready and preparing our breakfast and snacks for the day.  Since this was our only full day at Yosemite we decided to hike to the top of Yosemite Falls.  This is a 7.2 mile round trip hike that can take quite a long time so we decided to get an early start. 

Once we got back into Yosemite Valley we parked and started on the trail.  The weather was cold and cloudy and the rain was misty off and on.  We dressed in layers and carried water backpacks and snacks/lunches.  Armed with our camera{s} we got started. 


This map shows the trail{s} to the base of the lower Yosemite Falls


This view of the Yosemite Falls was from the road near where we parked to start the hike



This map shows the trails to the lower Yosemite Falls and the upper Yosemite Falls



The trail starts flat for a while then starts to climb on a switch back trail with lots and lots and lots of steps built into the trail with rocks. 


We stopped often and took lots of photos!


A deer we encountered on the trail


View of Half Dome from the Upper Yosemite Falls trail



We crossed little creeks many times on the trails, often times having to get our feet wet.  The rain continued to mist/drizzle off and on as we continued to climb.



IMG_3741 CIMG5960 IMG_3751

Not far past Columbia Rock {a viewpoint along the trail} the switchbacks stopped and we enjoyed some straightway on the trial as we continued to climb.  The temperature also started to drop.  We eventually stopped for a snack and to put on our rain jackets when we had climbed high enough to see the upper falls and entered into the mist from the spray off of the falls. 

View of the falls from the trail

Not far after entering the mist we started to discover some snow on the trail.  It was misting & raining on us and the temps continued to drop.  Eventually we had to stop and turn around because (1) the snow/ice covered the trail and we couldn’t continue AND (2) it started to snow on us! 

The trail covered in snow. 
This is when it started to snow on us!  This spot was not too bad, and this photo was taken on our way back down.  Back up the trail was were the snow covered the trail and where the ice made it too difficult for us to continue. 

We were disappointed that we didn’t make it to the top of the upper falls but we were soaking wet and freezing cold.  Turning around was our only option because we were not dressed for cold temps/falling snow and didn’t have the right equipment {snow shoes} to continue on the trail that was covered in snow and ice.

Once we made it back down to the valley floor we walked up the short trail to the base of the lower falls and took a few photos.  But since we were both freezing we were in a hurry to get to our car to change out of our wet clothes and shoes and eat some lunch. 

The lower Yosemite Falls

The rain was starting to come down heavier at this point so once we got to the car we drove over to a parking lot, found a parking spot, ate some lunch, and took a nap in the car while we waited to see if the rain was going to let up.

Eventually there was a break in the weather so we drove back over to the parking area for the trails to the upper & lower Yosemite falls and walked back up the short trail to the lower falls for some photos.

A welcomed break in the weather!








The umbrella is pointing to the spot on the trail we were estimated we turned around due to ice covering the trail and snow falling on us!



After taking lots of photos, we drove back over to the parking lot area, found a parking spot and then walked to catch the bus.  We rode the bus to the Ahwahnee Hotel to have drinks/snacks for dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

The Ahwahnee Hotel

IMG_3819 IMG_3827 
Appetizers and drinks in the bar of the Ahwahnee Hotel – we were undressed for the dining room. 
Besides, I don’t think we could have afforded it anyways!

Back on the bus, headed to our car.  Ready to call it a day!

After we left the hotel, we got back on the bus and headed back to our car then drove back to our hotel.  We were both exhausted and went to bed pretty early.  The next day was going to be a half day in the park before we headed home. 

Stopped for a photo op on our way back to the hotel at “Valley View” – of course the weather was not beautiful since it was the end of the day!