Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the Track {+ 1 mile time trial}

This morning we {me, the husband & the SIL} headed over to a local junior high school track to do a 1 mile time trial and a track workout.  With today being the first day of summer and the temperature predicted to reach 100 degrees, we decided to meet early at 7am --- and it was already in the 70’s.  There was one other runner on the track, doing mile repeats, with his coach. 

We started with a walking warm up of 2 laps then jogged one lap with strides.  After the warm up we did some plyometrics and then got ready to do a 1 mile time trial.  

Warm-up:  0.75 / 12:00 {walk 0.50, jog 0.25}

I thought it would be a good idea for us each to do a mile time trial now, and then again closer to our race {the Urban Cow Half Marathon} since we’ll be doing speed workouts weekly through the summer and leading up to the race in October. 

1 mile time trail:  9:15

I was surprised and happy with my mile time!  The husband and the SIL both had amazing times also {the husband at 6:30; the SIL at 8:15}.  Right after our mile time trial we started a 4x400 workout with a 400 recovery intervals. 

4x400:  2:24, 2:19, 2:18, 2:03

I felt good during the whole workout and really pushed myself.  The husband ran my last 400 with me and set a good pace for me to keep up with, ending that last repeat with a 8:15 average!  Once the workout was over we did a nice and easy cool down --- jogged two laps; walked two laps.

Cool down:  1.0 / 14:37 {jog 0.50, walk 0.50}

Overall it was a successful trip to the track and a hard, but rewarding, workout.  I’m actually looking forward to weekly speed workouts this summer.

Total mileage for the day = 4.75


Update on the shins:  for the most part they don’t hurt very much anymore.  Occasionally I’ll have some tenderness or soreness but overall they are not bothering me during my runs, except usually during the first mile then once I’m warmed up I don’t have any issues.  I’m still cross training a lot and avoiding any activities that including jumping {jump jacks, jump squats, box jumps, things like that} and I’m still taking an ice bath after each and every run.

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