Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If its in your head, get out of bed!

At least that’s the rule I go by. 

If it’s in your head {congestion}, get out of bed --- if its in your chest {congestion}, get some rest!

This morning I woke up feeling a little under the weather and while I would have preferred to stay in bed I got up, got dressed/ready and the husband & I met up with the sis-in-law for our regular Tuesday morning run.  I could feel that I was dragging, as were both the husband and his sister due to their late night soccer game last night.  We all decided to take it easy today and do only 3 miles instead of 4 or 5 like I originally thought we would.  Thankfully I’ve only got some mild head congestion and I’m just feeling tired/worn out/exhausted --- it could always be worse when you’re sick!  I’ve spent the day drinking lots of fluids and I plan to take some Thera Flu before bed later. 

I felt sluggish during my entire run but ended up finishing a 5k in 36:04 {avg 11:38} and since I was feeling tired I opted to do a run/walk of 4:1 and even managed negative splits.  It was very warm this morning so I felt like maybe it would help me sweat out the ickiness that I was feeling.  After the run, I took an ice bath {for the shins} and refueled with a yummy yogurt and fruit bowl before tackling more painting. 

CIMG6412This is the dining room wall in our kitchen/dining room area.  We originally planned to tackle this wall tomorrow but ended up getting a head start today and doing the first coat.  We’ll do the second coat in the morning.  We hung those white shelves right after we moved into our house in late 2008 --- they hold the husband’s pint glass collection --- and they are perfectly centered on the wall and level so we decided to paint around them instead of taking them down and having to deal with re-hanging them.  I’m sooo happy we did this because I know re-hanging them would have been a pain in the you-know-what!

CIMG6415This wall behind the fridge was the only wall we planned to do today and we successfully finished both coats.  The blue-ish color really makes our white appliances stand out and I’m loving it.  I’m not loving the cabinets, not that I ever was, and originally thought maybe someday we would get up the nerve to sand them and paint them white --- but the more I look at the new wall color against our darker kitchen table, I think we should re-stain the cabinets a darker color.  This will be a project for another day, very far in the future :)

We are both really loving the way this blue-ish color is looking in our kitchen.  I was always afraid that it would make the room feel smaller and/or darker because its a darker color BUT thankfully it actually makes the rooms brighter!  I love seeing the transformation from plain white walls to colored spaces and I can’t wait for the kitchen/dining room to be done!

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