Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Painting the Kitchen

We’ve been right on track to painting one room a year so far since we bought our house in 2008.  Hopefully we’ll paint more than one this year!

  • September 2008 ~ master bedroom, before moving in
  • August 2009 ~ office
  • November 2010 ~ living room/entry way {yet to be blogged about}
  • June 2011 ~ kitchen

We decided to tackle painting the kitchen/dining room last week.  One wall of the dining room was already painted {white} back in November.  That particular wall runs along the backside of our house from the corner of our living room all the way to the corner of our dining room with the fireplace and two windows in the living room and the sliding glass door to the backyard in the dining room.  Therefore we kept it a neutral color {white} even though the rest of the dining room/kitchen is {now} blue-ish and the living room is {now} brown.  All the wall in the entire house {except three --- two with wall paper and one with paneling} were white when we bought our home.

Painting the kitchen/dining room was relatively easy since there really wasn’t much wall surface area to paint at all.  We do have a rather large collection of pint glasses & shot glasses that had to be taken down before we could get to work but other than that it was just moving the a little bit of furniture {the kitchen table, wine rack, and a couple of other shelves} and taping/covering everything.  We worked in stages from one side of the kitchen to the other so that the sink/stove/fridge were still operational all week.  The walls did need two coats {seriously, when don’t they?  even if you use the paint with the primer built in --- which we do} but since summer finally arrived in Norcal and the temps are finally warmer, we only had to wait 1-2 hours in between coats {except on the biggest section of wall because I was sick that day and only wanted to do one coat --- the husband did the second coat the next morning}. 

We are both very happy with the results and we both think the blue color goes well with the current flooring {which we don’t like, but don’t want to spend the money to replace any time soon and its in a good condition so it doesn’t need to be replaced} and the Corian counter tops. 

Here are the “after” photos:


CIMG6419 CIMG6421 CIMG6424 CIMG6425  CIMG6426

Our kitchen is not really that big but it has a lot of storage and the huge section of countertop/bar is a big plus when prepping meals or hosting parties {its a great place to put out a spread of food}.  Overall it suits our needs and I still enjoy cooking & baking it it so that’s all that matter to me :)

Other changes we’ve made to the kitchen since we bought the house:

  • Replaced ceiling fan in dining room
  • Replaced sliding glass door in dining room
  • Had a custom valance build & installed above the vertical blinds for the sliding glass door, painted the valance white
  • Replaced our hand-me-down dining room table {last summer}

Other changes we’d like to make in the future:

  • Replace the dishwasher
  • Replace the flooring
  • Paint or re-stain the cabinets {either paint white or re-stain darker to match dining room table}
  • Replace roman shade on window above sink
  • Replace the sink
  • Replace the hardware on the cabinets
  • Replace the carpets {in front of sink, door to garage, sliding glass door & fridge --- none of them match the color scheme of the kitchen}
  • Replace overhead light in kitchen with recessed lighting & paint the ceiling


I think our next project will be removing the final wall of wallpaper in our hallway and then painting the hallway.  We’d also like to re-paint our master bedroom sooner rather than later.  The paint we used in our master was free and although its a nice color, I’ve never been very fond of it in our master bedroom.  Its rather dark and we’d like to go with a lighter tan color. 

Painting our kitchen/dining room was one of my 2011 Goals!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Your kitchen looks great! I would never think of painting a kitchen blue (I'm very boring!) but it looks FANTASTIC!

giraffy said...

I really love that color... beautiful, especially with all that natural light!

Chels said...

Wow, it looks as if you have done an amazing job on your house. We have considered buying a house and remodeling most of it, I am just scared of all the work.

Michelle said...

That color is awesome!