Sunday, June 26, 2011

Race Recap: Run 4 Independence 10k {06.25.11} + a NEW 10k PR

On Saturday June 25th I participated in the Run 4 Independence 10k at Elk Grove Park to benefit the Elk Grove Food Bank along with my husband, my SIL, and several fellow running buddies from The Running Zone’s training groups.  Luckily we live close enough to the race location that we were able to walk to the race which is always a nice way to get warmed up and reduce our carbon foot print at the same time!  The race was scheduled to start at 8:30am so we walked over to the park and met up with several fellow runners at 7:45am to chit chat and catch up since its been a while since we’ve all been together to run. 

I had a goal of setting a new 10k PR and one of my fellow running buddies, Kat, decided she wanted to run with me {a much slower pace for her but she wanted to take it easy because she hasn’t been running much lately}.  I was excited to have a running partner for the race that is speedier than I am because I was hoping to PR.  The weather was perfect and there was a good turn out to support our local food bank.  This was my first time participating in this race as it is usually held on the weekend of July 4th and hasn’t ever fit into my holiday plans. 

After catching up with several running buddies and watching the two kids races it was time to get lined up for the race at the starting line.  Even though the race start was crowded it didn’t take long to get into a comfortable pace and groove.  I’ve ran this course before, at a different race, and I run the area often on weekly runs too so I knew the course well.  The miles started ticking by and before we knew it we were back at the finish line to start the second loop {the 10k was a double loop}. 

Mile 1 ~ 11:12

Mile 2 ~ 11:08

Mile 3 ~ 11:14

My 5k time would have been right around 35mins and with half the race over I was still feeling good and hoping to pick up the pace towards the end to finish strong.  The second loop was much less crowded and we caught up with another fellow running buddy and slowed down a bit to run with her for a little while before picking the pace back up during mile 5 & 6 and finished strong with a new PR

Mile 4 ~ 11:28

Mile 5 ~ 11:16

Mile 6 ~ 10:58

Last 0.20 {0.26 per Garmin} ~ 2:21 / 9:09 avg

Official Results = 1:09:35 / 11:12 avg / NEW 10k PR

Overall {10k} = 161/204

Female = 64/104

Age group {30-39} = 21/43

I had quite a kick the last streak into the finish line and shaved over 4 minutes off my previous 10k PR.  Kat, my running buddy, whooped & hollered for me after we finished and said she thought I did a great job pacing throughout the entire race --- and I told her that every time I wanted to PR going forward I was going to run with her :)

We hung around for a while after the race to check out some vendors, grab some grub, chat with the running coaches from The Running Zone and other fellow runners and watch the awards ceremony and then walked back home.  I preceded to spend the rest of the day basking in my new 10k PR!!!

Me & the husband after the race

Me & my running buddy and friend Kat --- the back of our shirts say “If you can read this … I’m not last”!


giraffy said...

That's GREAT, nice PR!!

P said...

Congrats on shaving four minutes off your time, what an incredible feeling!!!
I totally saw you at the starting line - I cracked up at the back of your shirt! :) Hope to see you at more races in the future!