Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recommitted, Week 3

Week 3 was difficult for me.  I was craving snacks and ice creams all week {I think I had ice cream every single day ~ thank you Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches from Costco --- I’ll never buy those again}!  And add to that a trip out to eat lunch on Thursday along with a migraine on Thursday & Friday PLUS a concert out of town on Saturday … I had a lot of challenges to face.  I did very good when I went out to eat on Thursday for lunch ~ I didn’t eat any chips & salsa and got my burrito with black beans, avocado, cheese and salsa.  It was good, and worth it.  For the concert on Saturday we packed up sandwiches to take with us to eat on the road along with an assortment of fruit/veggies.  Once we were inside the amphitheatre I did enjoy a 20 oz beer, for 8 pts+, but it made me tired and in the end it wasn’t really worth it.  Along with some easy dinners and a few repeat recipes we did enjoy Chicken Fried Rice {using a WW recipe} and it turned out really good and only 8 pts+ for 1 cup --- plus lots of leftovers for lunch for a couple of days too.  And since I’ve been recommitted to WW we haven’t gone out to eat in 22 days & counting {Thursday’s lunch out for me doesn’t count as my good friend bought me lunch!!!}

Week 3 {05.30.11 – 06.05.11}

Beginning Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2
Wk1 = 147.4
Wk2 = 147.2
Ending Weight {06.06.11} = 145.8 
Wk3 Weight Loss = –1.4
Total Weight Lost = –4.4

My daily allowance = 29 points
Weekly additional point allowance = 49 points

Monday ~ 42
Tuesday ~ 32
Wednesday ~ 30
Thursday ~ 43
Friday ~ 41
Saturday ~ 37
Sunday ~ 36

    I earned 58 activity points and used ALL of them
    I exercised everyday {for a total of 8 hrs, 52 mins}
    I didn’t use any of my weekly allowance points
    {My program is set up to use activity points before using my weekly allowance points}

    • I went over my daily point allowance every single day this week which meant I used up all the activity points I earned during the week.
    • I was craving snacks and ice cream a lot this week {thank you Aunt Flo} and some nights I even had two ice cream sandwiches!  Thankfully we do not have any ice cream in the house for next week.
    • I was also feeling bloated all week {once again, thanks to Aunt Flo} and was surprised to see a loss this morning when I weighted in because I’m still feeling some lingering bloated-ness. 
    • I just noticed a suggestion on the WW website this morning that said:  “If habitual snacking between dinnertime and bedtime is a problem, try brushing your  your teeth or gargling mouthwash after supper.  Your shrinking belly – and your dentist – will be happy.”  I think I might try this because after dinner snacking is a big temptation for me --- ice cream & popcorn are my two go-to after dinner treats. 


    *All opinions are entirely my own and are from my personal experiences only!

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    Laima said...

    Brushing teeth helps me - I'm too lazy to floss and brush again :)