Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  This cold I’ve been fighting since late Monday night is the pits!  I’m feeling 80% normal today but I’m still congested and now that afternoon is heading into evening I’m started to feel a little exhausted again.  Yesterday was the worse.  I was so congested and lethargic.  I skipped the gym to get some rest because I didn’t want to skip running today.  Thankfully the husband finished up the painting of the kitchen yesterday while I laid on the couch watching.  That was all the energy I could muster up.  But we still have to clean up the mess and put everything back.  It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. 

2.  Yesterday afternoon we took both cats to the vet.  Our oldest kitty Lucky {he’ll be 13 in September} has been loosing weight and has had a lot of behavioral changes the past few months.  At first I just figured it was because he was getting older.  His weight loss has been worrying me the past few weeks because I can feel his little back bone so I started giving him some wet food in the evenings along with his regular food hoping to help him put some weight back on.  He also stopped using his cat box recently and has been going to the bathroom in the kitchen/dining room.  Over the weekend our younger kitty Layla {who turned 4 in April} started showing signs of not feeling well --- most alarming was that her third eye lids were not closing.  This happened to Lucky back in 2002 and he ended being very sick so I got worried once Layla was not doing better in a day or two and made the vet appt yesterday morning and they were able to fit us in during the afternoon.  We decided to take both cats and get them both checked out.  The vet decided to run some blood tests on both cats and a urine test on Lucky {in which they found blood!!!} and we should have the results today or tomorrow.  The vet thinks Lucky might have a UI infection and an overactive thyroid which is making him loose weight even though he is still eating and could be responsible for his behavioral changes.  But the vet was clueless about Layla.  For $678 I sure hope the tests can figure out whats going on with the kitties!!!

3.  Today, since I was feeling better and didn’t have to skip my planned run, I ran the same 5 mile double loop that I’ve been running once a week for the past couple of weeks.  I was feeling sluggish at the start and since I was still a little congested I stopped to walk 4 times, for 1 minute each.  Somehow I still managed to finish in 55:45 with an 11:09 average.  That’s speedy for me!!!

Have a great Thursday evening.  I’m gonna cook some dinner and settle in to relax/rest and watch SYTYCD :)

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