Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ladder Workout

This morning I met up with my SIL at the local junior high school track to do a “ladder” workout.  The SIL has three recent 5k’s PRs {April, May, & June} so I gave her three different sets of paces to use for our upcoming training {starting next week}.  She wasn’t sure which set of paces she wanted to use so we decided to head to the track today so she could see what paces felt best.  She is training for her first half marathon this October, which I am coaching/mentoring her for, and has run several 5k’s the past couple of years.  Her original goal for the half marathon was a 2:30 finish --- but she has recently been getting speedier in her running and I think she can finish much faster than that. 

We started with an easy warm-up {walk 1 lap, jog 2 laps + to/from restroom, walk 1 lap}.  After the warm-up we did some plyo drills and then got ready to start the workout.

Warm-up:  1.13 / 16:09

I’ve only ever done 1 or 2 ladder workouts and I’m not sure while I picked this particular workout for today but I’m glad I did.  It was hard, but rewarding.  And it gave my SIL a chance to figure out her best paces and how to utilize her Garmin {that I gifted her for her birthday last month} during track workouts. 

with 400 RI between intervals

  • 400 = 2:14 {goal 2:24}
  • 800 = 4:38 {goal 4:43}
  • 1200 = 7:09 {goal 7:25}
  • 1600 = 9:39 {goal 10:02}
  • 1200 = 7:09 {goal 7:25}
  • 800 = 4:41 {goal 4:43}
  • 400 = 2:05 {goal 2:24}
My goal times are based upon my paces for my upcoming fall race training

The first 400 felt good.  I was warmed-up and the pace felt easy.  Same with the first 800.  The first 1200 was a little rough and the 1600 felt effortless after pushing hard for the three previous repeats.  The second 1200 felt harder even though I had the exact time as the first one.  The second 800 was a mental struggle and I kicked some major booty on the last 400! 

We finished up with a cool down and then some stretching. 

Cool down:  0.53 / 18:49

My times were a bit faster than my goals which will be good to know/remember during training.  I guess I can either readjust my goals, continue to beat my goals, or slow it down.  We’ll wait and see how the next few weeks go.  I don’t want to make any changes based upon one workout.

I am still amazed every time I go out for a run and surpass my goals.  And I’m still surprised each time I download my Garmin data and see fast paces that I never thought I would be capable of. 

I think I might need a nap now :)


giraffy said...


It looks like we're training for the same pace!

P said...

My husband and I have this conversation all the time about meeting and exceeding time goals - I would rather kick my goal's butt by a lot than adjust my goal and just squeak it in. :)