Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lap Pace

I’ve decided that the “Lap Pace” function/screen on my Garmin Forerunner 205 is my favorite.  I love my Garmin and always run with it because I’m obsessed with knowing my pace, time and mileage all the time. 

I set out for a 4-5 mile run today and once I passed the first mile I decided I would aim to run each mile at the same pace --- and thanks to the “Lap Pace” screen I was successful!  Thankfully my first mile was easy {even at an 11:11 pace} and the rest of the run felt the same :)

I have my “Lap Pace” screen set up to show three functions:  Lap Pace, Lap Time, and Lap Distance.  I also have my Garmin set up to “auto lap” after each mile.  This screen also comes in very handy for me when I’m doing interval/speed training too.  And now that I’m getting used to using it more often I think I will also come in handy when I start running tempo runs when my fall race training starts in a couple of weeks.  Heck, I think I might just start using this screen all the time.  And hopefully it will help me become more consistent with my miles times! 


Like I said, even at an 11:11 pace overall my run felt easy today.  Of course I had a few extra days off since we took a break from running over the weekend, in anticipation of our upcoming training and building our mileage.  It was nice to have a little break but I was eager to get out there today to run.  The forecast is calling for 100+ degrees today so we {me, the husband & the SIL} planned to meet up at 7am, and it was already getting warm.  Good thing I brought my handheld water bottle today, I definitely needed it.  {And drank it all before the run was over!}

4.5 / 50:19 / 11:11 avg

11:11 for every mile; last 0.50 = 5:35 {11:10 avg}

Warm-up walk/jog = 0.50 / 8:01

Cool down walk = 0.53 / 10:00


How many other runners out there are as obsessed with their Garmin as I am?!?

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