Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Run: Wk1 {Fall Race Training}

Today was suppose to be my weekly tempo run but I switched it with my long run due to a family wedding this weekend!  My SIL also switched her days too because she’ll be playing in a soccer tournament this weekend.  We live about 2 miles apart so we both left our houses around the same time and met up to run part of our long run together.  This was my first double digit run of the year and my SIL first double digit run EVER. 

As I ran to meet up with the SIL I used that as my walk/jog warm-up and meet up with her right around her first mile.  Her “easy pace” is definitely faster than mine but she agreed to slow it down so we could run together!  We were running faster than my “easy pace” but I was feeling great so I didn’t worry about it.  Heck, we were going faster than my “half marathon pace” too but that is the norm for me lately so I just stuck with it since I was feeling good.

Warm-up:  0.67 / 10:00 {walk/jog combo}

The first few miles felt good.  I got a little stomach cramp around mile 1.5 but it went away rather quickly.  Since our mileage was not the same on our Garmin’s we planned to head out until the SIL hit 5 miles then turn around and I would make up some mileage at the end of the run around my neighborhood.  I had followed all my pre-run rituals {which I talked about in my Three Things Thursday post earlier} and I’ve learned, from past mistakes, that I need to make sure I fuel sooner rather than later when I’m doing a long run over 1 hour so I ate two Clif Shot Bloks at mile 3.

Mile 1 ~ 11:25
Mile 2 ~ 11:37
Mile 3 ~ 11:39

It was right after my mile 4 that we hit the half way point for the SIL and turned around.  Right after we started heading back one of the pins to my Garmin strap popped off and I had to stop and look for it on the pavement trail.  Luckily I found it and way able to get it back on!  For some reason I got a little kick of speed during mile 5 & 6 and maintained it as long as I could.

Mile 4 ~ 11:24
Mile 5 ~ 11:04
Mile 6 ~ 10:47

After my burst of speed in mile 6 I needed to slow back down if I was going to make it all 10 miles.  At mile 7 I ate a Powerbar Energy Gel and then picked the pace back up during mile 8.  I was still feeling good, I knew I had fueled properly and I was enjoying having Powerade mixed into my water in my Camelpak.  Fueling always slows me down a little bit as I try to get it out of my Camelpak or Spibelt and then have to deal with finding a place for the trash afterwards.

Mile 7 ~ 11:18
Mile 8 ~ 11:07

During my mile 7 the SIL pulled ahead a bit to finish up her last couple of miles a bit faster.  After picking up the pace during mile 8 I slowed it back down a bit during mile 9 in anticipation of finishing strong in mile 10. 

Mile 9 ~ 11:16
Mile 10 ~ 10:18

Overall:  10.0 / 1:51:59 / 11:12 avg
{Goal was easy pace @ 12:10}


After snapping this quick photo with my iPhone I started my cool down while eating a box of raisins and finishing up my water and Powerade combo in my Camelpak while walking home.

Cool down:  0.77 / 15:11

This was a great run!  I felt good the whole time --- my shins never bothered me neither did my hips or my sciatica.  I’ve taken a few days off the gym this week because I’ve been having some groin muscle soreness and the elliptical was aggravating it.  I’d rather miss a gym workout than a run workout and that muscle is not bothering me anymore!  My hips were tight when I finished running but that's normal for me and nothing a little extra stretching won’t solve.  Once I got home I did my post run rituals {which I also talked about in my Three Things Thursday post earlier too}.  And, I think I’ll treat myself to a pedicure to celebrate my first double digit run of the year! 

A sweaty mess after 10 miles!

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P said...

Awesome job!!! And I love the idea of getting a pedicure as a post-run treat, totally stealing that. :)