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Long Run: Wk2 {Fall Race Training}

Yesterday afternoon the husband and I decided we wanted to go run our long run around Lake Natoma {downstream from Lake Folsom} earlier rather than later.  That meant getting up at 4:45 this morning to leave our house around 5:30ish to arrive there around 6am.  So after our standard pasta dinner last night we got all our stuff laid out for this morning, let the SIL know what time we wanted to leave, and hit the sack early.  Unfortunately our power went out around 11:30pm and I was wide awake and sweating until it turned back on about an hour later.  That meant that once 4:45 rolled around I did not want to get out of bed.  After hitting snooze once we were up and getting ready.  Of course I had to rush to be ready by 5:30, the time we told the SIL to be at our place, and I was behind.  We finally got on the road around 5:45ish --- after several extra bathroom trips to relieve my bladder. 

We got to the parking area near the Sac State Aquatic Center just as the sun was coming up.  It was beautiful. Of course even though I went potty several times before leaving the house I had to go again.  So did the SIL and husband so we found a bathroom before starting our run. 


On the plan for today was 10 miles @ HMP+30 {12:08}.  Last week I finished up the 10 miler with an 11:12 average on a flat course.  Today we ran a much harder course with several long inclines and lots of rolling hills. 

During our warm-up I snapped a few more photos of the sun coming up.  It was a beautiful morning and this location is quickly becoming my new favorite place to run --- especially early as the sun is coming up!




During our warm-up we walked over the bridge from the parking area and entrance to the aquatic center to the other side of the river and then started our run on the bike trail.  I love running on the bike trail because you see so many fellow runners, and bicyclists, and I think its awesome!  It gives me a little boost to say hi and good morning to everyone :)

Warm-up:  0.76 / 13:15 / 17:24 avg {walk/jog combo}

The husband has been dealing with some nagging ITBS and knee/ankle pain for a while now.  He actually took a few weeks off and is now starting to feel a little better.  And today he ran with me!  I love running with my husband and today I really enjoyed it after not running with him in sooo long.  He is absolutely the best running partner I’ve ever had!  The SIL went ahead at her pace and me and husband settled in for nice run, taking photos along the way and enjoying the beautiful morning.


Of course almost right away I had to use the bathroom again.  Thankfully the urge was not very strong and I made it to the half way point.  The great part about this particular course is that its an 11 mile loop from the parking lot near the aquatic center {a park and ride parking lot just outside the gated park entrance} around Lake Natoma, over the river and then back along on the other side of the bike trail.  It has a lot of rolling hills and is perfect for CIM training.  We really enjoying running here and it easy to add on extra miles as needed by continuing up the bike trail in lots of different directions.   The first few miles ticked away rather quickly … probably because I had such good company :)

Mile 1 ~ 11:28
Mile 2 ~ 11:25
Mile 3 ~ 11:30


Around mile 3.25 I ate one Clif Shot Blok {orange flavor} and continued to two more, one each 10-15 minutes.  I know that we just heard at the Injury Prevention Clinic to train your body to fuel at the same time always but I’ve learned that fueling sooner rather than later and spreading it out works better for me.  I also was carrying my Camelpak filled with Powerade Zero and water {half of each}.  The electrolytes really help me but since Powerade Zero doesn’t have any calories I still carry gels and chews with me for fuel. 

At mile 3.5 we saw one of the husbands co-workers that regularly runs this area.  We knew he was out here, running 15 miles, but we were not sure when we would see him since he started at 5am and we started around 6:15ish.  He ran with us for a little bit then turned and continued on his way.  He was already past the 11 mile mark on his run and wasn’t up to running with us since we still had 6.5 to go. 


For the next mile or so we continue on right along the water with some amazing views!



Right before the half way point we stopped to use the restroom.  Then just after mile 5 we cross over the river on the Greenback bridge, right by where we got married {Lake Natoma Inn}, and then head back on the other side of Lake Natoma. 


CIMG6774The view of our wedding location from the bridge.


CIMG6780    The backside of our wedding location.

Mile 4 ~ 11:40
Mile 5 ~ 11:29
Mile 6 ~ 10:48 <--- surge of energy

Whenever I stop for a minute or two, like to use the restroom or to stretch or whatever, I always end up with a little surge of energy when I get started again.  That’s what happened during mile 6 along the flat bridge as we were crossing the river.  Towards the end of mile 6 we were back on the trail and there was Team in Training runners everywhere.  A few passed us and we decided to try to keep pace with them for a while until I needed to fuel again.  I was still feeling really good and I had the husband keep pace just a head of me.

Mile 7 ~ 9:50 <--- I had a great pacer :)
Mile 8 ~ 11:08 <--- slow it back down speedy

After mile 7 I ate a Powerbar Gel {tangerine flavor} and we slowed the pace back down.  And then after mile 8 I realized that if I kept the pace low, like I had been, I could probably finish around the same time as the 10 miler from last week.  Even though my planned goal for this run was much slower than I was running I was feeling great and really pushed to the finish!

CIMG6785 CIMG6792

Mile 9 ~ 11:05 <--- is an 11:00ish pace really feeling easy to me?!?
Mile 10 ~ 9:38 <--- WOWZERS!!!

I was so excited when I finished and saw that I beat last weeks time by almost two minutes.  And I was feeling GREAT.  I felt like I could have easily ran another couple of miles.  Maybe not at that 9:38 pace but I still had some “fuel left in the tank.”


Check out that overall pace = 11:00!  It seems early to say it but gosh I hope I can keep up this pace and finish the Urban Cow Half in 2:30! 

Overall:  10.0 / 1:50:04 / 11:00 avg
{Goal was HMP+30 @ 12:08}

We were still about a half a mile from the car so we walked for our cool down.  Once we made it back to the parking lot where the SIL was waiting for us we did some stretching and snacking {a banana and raisins for me --- the perfect combo I’ve found to keep me from crashing hard core after a long run} and then hit the road home. 

Cool down:  0.64 / 15:57

This was such a great runI was so happy to run with the husband again.  I gave him the biggest, happiest hug ever once we were done.  He hasn’t really ran with me as my speed had been improving the past few months and I could tell he was surprised about much I’ve improvedAnd I’m so happy he is finally feeling better and able to be out there running again.  I remember what it was like to be on the side lines.  The SIL did great today too --- she had expressed before the run that she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep her planned pace {10:06 average} and ended up finishing with a 10:02 pace overall! 

Thankfully my shins didn’t bother me too much on this run.  A few times they ached a little --- going up hill --- but overall they felt fine and are still feeling fine now, hours later.  I’ve been having a lot of piriformis/sciatica issues the past couple of weeks which have included some groin muscle soreness too.  Today it bothered me a little but not the whole time.  Thankfully before we left the house this morning I remembered to massage the piriformis muscle with my tennis ball and that seemed to help.  I did get some great info at the Injury Prevention Clinic the other night about how to help my piriformis issue and I really need to make sure that I make those exercises and stretches a priority because having this nagging pain and occasional numbness is a pain in the butt --- literally! 

CIMG6797The SIL, the husband, and me --- 10 miles DONE :)

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