Monday, July 4, 2011

Recommitted, Week 7

These past 7 weeks have really gone by quickly!  I’m so close to reaching the 10lbs lost milestone and I hope to drop down into the 130’s next week.  I faced a lot of challenged this week since I was out of town for a few days visiting my family but I was able to overcome the obstacles and stay on goal, eating my way through my hard earned activity points.  I have a lot of clothes that didn’t fit too well just a few short weeks/months ago and now they are loose and comfortable again and that is an amazing feeling of accomplishment :)

Week 7 {06.27.11 – 07.03.11}

Beginning Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2
Wk1 = 147.4
Wk2 = 147.2
Wk3 = 145.8
Wk4 = 143.8
Wk5 = 141.4
Wk6 = 141.8
Ending Weight {07.04.11} = 140.4
Wk7 Weight Loss= –1.4
Total Weight Lost = –9.8

My daily allowance = 29 points
Weekly additional point allowance = 49 points

Monday ~ 31
Tuesday ~ 39
Wednesday ~ 38
Thursday ~ 37
Friday ~ 36
Saturday ~ 32
Sunday ~ 29

I earned 39 activity points and used all of them
I exercised 6 out of 7 days {for a total of 7 hrs, 20mins}
I didn’t use any of my weekly allowance points
{My program is set up to use activity points before using my weekly allowance points}

  • I spent a few days visiting with my family and I managed to eat really well overall {it helped that I brought a lot of food/snacks with me} and overall I think  I had a good week. {With a few high snack days and I even had ice cream a few times!}
  • The only challenge I foresee for this upcoming week is another family birthday celebration out-to-eat on Saturday night but I’m going to plan ahead for it continue to remind myself that its only one day, and only one meal.
  • I hope to drop down into the 130’s at next weeks weight-in!!!


All opinions are entirely my own and are from my personal experiences only!

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