Monday, July 18, 2011

Recommitted, Week 9

I need to remind myself of this after a very indulgent weekend:  “remember it was not one single event that led to your weight gain.” 

Week 9 {07.11.11 – 07.17.11}

Beginning Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2
Wk1 = 147.4
Wk2 = 147.2
Wk3 = 145.8
Wk4 = 143.8
Wk5 = 141.4
Wk6 = 141.8
Wk7 = 140.4
Wk8 = 140.4
Ending Weight {07.18.11} = 140.8
Wk7 Weight Gain = 0.4 
Total Weight Lost = –9.4

My daily allowance = 29 points
Weekly additional point allowance = 49 points

Monday ~ 32
Tuesday ~ 28
Wednesday ~ 31
Thursday ~ 34
Friday ~ 52
Saturday ~ 52
Sunday ~ ???

I earned 52 activity points and used all of them
I exercised 5 out of 7 days {for a total of 7hrs, 47mins}
I used all of my weekly allowance points
{My program is set up to use activity points before using my weekly allowance points}

  • I had a very indulgent weekend.
    • Friday ~ Sushi Dinner {out to eat} + ice cream from Baskin Robbins
    • Saturday ~ Really good all day then I enjoyed a microbrew before going to see the new Harry Potter movie and at the movie the husband & I shared a small popcorn {no butter} and some candy + more ice cream when we got home
    • Sunday ~ Deep Fried FOOD at the California State Fair + beer + a margarita + chips & salsa and a big veggie quesadilla dinner with refried beans and rice {out to eat}
  • Needless to say I did not count my points on Sunday.  I’m sure I used all my weekly allowance points + a lot extra.  I have been tracking all my food for 9 weeks and I think I just needed a day to take a break.  Of course that meant that I had curly fries, a corn dog, a beer, a waffle cone with vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate, a margarita, and a big Mexican meal with chips and salsa.  Talk about going over the deep end!  And trust me when I say I paid for it with a really bad stomach ache Sunday night when I went to bed that lingered into Monday :(
  • Also, I had another mindless snacking week.  Instead of prepping healthy snacks in the mornings {like I was doing regularly the first few weeks} I find myself heading to the pantry in the early afternoons looking for a salty crunchy snack {which ended up being Wheat Thins lately since we had a HUGE box leftover from the husbands camping trip}.  Thankfully we are all out of crackers and I stocked up on more fruit at the grocery store to get me pas the afternoon snack search. 
  • I’m ready to move past my indulgent weekend and start the new week fresh.  Although I’ll face more obstacles next weekend at a family wedding …


All opinions are entirely my own and are from my personal experiences only!

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