Saturday, July 9, 2011

Snakes on the trail

Today we met up with our running group as it was the first day of Urban Cow Half training for the group.  As mentors we wanted to be there for their first run even though we were going a littler farther than the rest of the group.  {Our coaches asked us to be mentors for the group, along with three other veteran group members, and even though we’ve got  different goals for our training cycle than the group does, and we plan to run in a different location most of the time to better prepare for the CIM, we will be joining the group to run at least 1-2 times per month.  Our coaches felt it would be good to have some veteran group members become mentors since we know the majority of the courses the group will run on Saturday’s and since we run different paces there will be more people available out on the trails/roads during the training runs to pace other members or offer assistance/guidance as needed.  The coaches felt this would benefit the group since they can’t be everywhere at once.  The five of us graciously accepted and I think we are all very humbled that they asked us.}

Our goal was 7 miles at my HMP {11:38} and the husband decided to run with me today to take it easy/slower due to some IT and knee irritation he has been having.  We arrived a little early and did a quick warm-up and some plyos before the pre-run meeting.  When we decided to run my goal HMP this morning I was a little worried about if I would be able to maintain that for 7 miles, but it wasn’t as bad, or as hard, as I thought it would be.

We started out a little faster than goal pace and the husband kept asking me if we needed to slow down but I decided that since I was feeling good and the pace was not feeling “hard” that we should just keep going at that pace and see how we felt/were doing later in the run.  The rest of the group was doing between 3-5 miles so around mile 2.5 we started seeing some of our running buddies on their way back.  I kept checking in with husband to see how his leg/IT/knee was feeling and told him that if he started to have any tightness or pain or irritation that we should switch to a run/walk interval and that’s what we did right around mile 3.5 with a 4:1 run/walk. 

After that the husband started to quickly go down hill.  Around mile 4 his knee seized up and we stopped for a few minutes so he could stretch and we could fuel {he ate some Clif Shot Bloks and I had a Powerbar Gel} and then we walked until our next run interval started.  We didn’t get very far before the husband sent me on my way to do a little loop around a park {we added in this loop x2 to the pre-determined course by our coaches to get in extra mileage} and meet back up with him while he walked.  Once I made it back around to him at almost mile 5 we decided to switch to a 2:1 interval to finish up the run. 

At around mile 5.5 we saw a snake on the trail which prompted me to jump like a hurdler, scream like a little girl, then sprint like an Olympian.  I am terrified of snakes and I had the heebie-jeebies the rest of the run!  I kept watching the side of the trail/road for more snakes and was certain I was going to see a ton more.  Thankfully, we only had the one encounter.  Whew. 

Once we were less than a mile from finishing the husband tried to just run, with no walk breaks, but that didn’t last long.  He decided he was going to walk the rest of the way and sent me ahead to finish up the last mile.  I was able to finish strong, even dropping my pace in the 8’s for the last 0.2 of the mile! 

The husband is super frustrated and upset about his setback/injury and I can totally relate.  I’ve been there; I’ve felt like he does; I’ve had the same injury.  He decided he is going to take a little bit of time off and see if some rest will help him.  He is so active between playing indoor soccer one night a week and being a soccer coach and coaching a summer camp four nights a week PLUS running 3-5 days a week.  Its going to be tough for him to rest; but he knows its the best thing for him right now.  I hope he gets past this little bump in the road quickly and can’t get back on track.  Its tough to watch him be in pain because he is such a strong runner. 

Overall I finished the run under my goal time :)

7.0 / 1:18:53 / 11:16 avg

  • Mile 1 ~ 11:12
  • Mile 2 ~ 11:10
  • Mile 3 ~ 10:53
  • Mile 4 ~ 10:56
  • Mile 5 ~ 12:10
  • Mile 6 ~ 11:48
  • Mile 7 ~ 10:42

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