Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tempo Run: Wk2 {Fall Race Training}

I meant to publish this on Thursday evening {07.28.11} but forgot to set it up. 

This morning {Thursday the 28th} I met up with my SIL at the local park to do our weekly tempo run.  We discovered a loop that is partly in the park on the aggregate trail and partly on the sidewalks around the neighborhood/high school that is a perfect 5 mile loop if you run it twice.  This is our go-to loop for most of our tempo runs. 

“The primary purpose of including tempo runs in your regimen is to increase your anaerobic threshold to maintain a faster pace over longer periods of time.”

As always we started with a warm-up walk/jog and plyos.  Actually I’m the only one that does the plyos --- try as I might I just can’t seem to convince the SIL that she should do them too … everybody’s different and she says she is “warmed up enough after a walk” and doesn’t need to continue to warm-up.  Whatever works for her … personally, for me, the more I warm up the less my shins ache :)

Warm-up:  0.70 / 10:47 / 15:22 {walk-jog combo}

Today’s tempo run was 5 miles --- 1 @ easy pace {12:10}, 3 @ mid tempo pace {10:50}, 1 @ easy pace.  I was a little worried about if I was going to be able to maintain a 10:50 pace for three miles and I started off feeling sluggish.  Once I started to pick up the pace in the 2nd mile I was feeling a little better and was able to maintain the tempo pace. 

  • 1 ~ 11:57
  • 2 ~ 10:46
  • 3 ~ 10:48
  • 4 ~ 10:46
  • 5 ~ 12:13

After finishing up mile 4 I took a minute to walk at the start of mile 5 and then when I started running again I got a stomach ache and ended up walking a couple more times during that mile. 

Overall:  5.0 / 56:32 / 11:18

Before the run started I let my speedy SIL know that I was planning to do a longer cool down again and that she didn’t need to wait for me since I knew she would be done much sooner than I was.  Once I finished up the 5 miles I set out for a cool down run/walk.

Cool down:  1.39 / 20:53 / 15:04

Overall I felt okay during this run.  The stomach cramping during the last mile was a little rough but I was able to get past it after taking a few walking breaks.  I am definitely not against walking when needed :)

There are only a couple more weeks before the SIL {and husband} go back to school {they are both teachers}.  I’m not sure if I’ll be switching my Thursday tempo runs to the evenings with the SIL or sticking with a morning run for now since we both run different paces anyways.  Once school is back in session I may not want to do this particular loop because I’d be running right the front of the high school and along the student parking lot.  It might be nice to find a new loop that I don’t have to drive to or switch to running in the evenings with the SIL.  The husband will be running on different week days than me due to soccer season --- he is the men’s coach!  I might stick with the morning run on Thursday, since we’ll be switching our Tuesday track workouts to the evenings, at least until the weather starts to cool off again.

You may have noticed I didn’t blog about my tempo run from Wk1 --- I skipped it and took an extra rest day after my nephew’s wedding.

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