Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I’ve got some pretty specific training goals for my upcoming fall races and so I decided to forgo joining our regular training group this training session so that I can enjoy running in some new places and reach the goals I’ve set for myself.  I’ve been working diligently {I need a job doing this full time!} to put together the best training plan for not only myself but also for my SIL {who is training to run her first half marathon in October and I’m “coaching” her} and my husband {his plan is still not finished because of his work/coaching responsibilities once the school year starts in August --- I’ve got to get some soccer game dates from him before I can go forward with his training plan.  I’ve really enjoyed all the reading and research I’ve been doing to put together the best training plan for me to keep me injury free and to get marathon redemption.  Even though my goal for CIM last year was to finish I know that I did not have the best training leading up to the race, or the best race I could have had, so I’ve got my goals set to train smarter and reach race day ready to tackle 26.2 again, hopefully finishing in a faster time than last year.

2.  Of course, though, as soon as I decided not to join the training group the universe through me for a loop.  The coaches contacted us yesterday and invited both me and the husband {as well as a few other veteran members of our training group} to be mentors for the new members!  We are so honored and excited.  Tonight is the training group orientation meeting and even though I will not be running with the group very often, I am humbled to be mentor and share everything I’ve learned the past few years with beginning runners {just like I’ve been doing with my SIL for the past couple of months --- seriously, I need to find a job doing this!

3.  Today I tackled a 6 mile tempo run!  Yesterday I finally got all my paces figured out for my fall training plan {training starts in less than two weeks} so I decided to do a tempo run today at my projected HMP {half marathon pace} for the Urban Cow Half in October {one of my big fall races I’m training for}.  I was dragging a little {probably due to my HIIT Elliptical session followed by 50min weights class yesterday} but I hit every goal and I’m still floating on a runner’s high from that :)

2 miles @ easy pace {12:10} , 3 miles @ HMP {11:38}, 1 mile @ easy pace {12:10}

  • 1 – 12:10
  • 2 – 12:10
  • 3 – 11:38
  • 4 – 11:39
  • 5 – 11:38
  • 6 – 12:10

6.0 / 1:11:30 / 11:54 avg {+ WU 0.75/12:01 & CD 0.46 10:00 = 7.21 miles total}


Happy {three things} Thursday!


Here’s a fun photo:  my mom, pregnant with me, in my childhood home’s backyard, July 1980 :)


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