Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Today’s run ~ 5 miles, 1 @ easy pace, 3 @ tempo pace of 10:50, 1 @ easy pace.  My “easy pace” is suppose to be 12:10 --- my first mile was 11:08!  When I was sitting in my car after arriving at the park to meet up with my SIL I was thinking to myself how hard it was going to be to maintain a 10:50 pace for three miles.  Except when it came time to start my tempo miles, it wasn’t.  It definitely wasn’t effortless --- but I wasn’t dying either.  In fact all three tempo miles were a little faster than planned {10:44, 10:46, 10:38}.  I tried to slow it back down during the last mile but it hurt.  Keeping the faster pace was easier and I finished up that last mile in 11:02 for a total of 5.0 / 54:22 / 10:52 avg.  Who is this girl with a 10:52 average?  Seriously, I am still surprising myself  I was reading was a post by Kerrie at Mom vs Marathon the other day where she said “Doubt is normal, but make sure you give yourself the opportunity to kick its ass.”  I LOVE IT.  That is totally me lately.  I’ve been surpassing my goals left & right and I’m loving it.  I mentioned on Tuesday when I was talking about my Ladder Workout that my times were a bit faster than my goals and that maybe I might need to adjust them, continue to beat them, or slow it down and P over at Adventures of an Average Athlete mentioned that she “would rather kick my goal's butt by a lot than adjust my goal and just squeak it in” and I’m feeling the exact same way

2.  Tricep dips ~ I mentioned in my Week 7 Base Building weekly recap that I’ve been inspired by Heather at 365 Days of Awesome with her Suck Less Program and decided to start regularly incorporating some tricep dips, pushups, crunches, squats, and planks into my weekly workouts.  I’ve got very little upper body strength and I’ve always either shied away from tricep dips or gave up after just a few.  I’ve been adding them into my strength workouts on Mon-Wed-Fri and I’m slowly getting stronger.  Yesterday I had some time to kill before my Muscle Blast class started at the gym so I decided to do some tricep dips and pushups because we usually don’t do those during that class.  I took a “ladder” type approach and started with 12 tricep dips off the step bench with two raisers.  Then I rested.  Then I did 11 … and so on and so on until I reached down to 5 --- for a total of 68.  Then I did pushups, also taking a “ladder” approach and did 45.  Then class started and to my surprise we did more tricep dips --- which brought my daily total up to 94!  By the end of the class, and the rest of the night, I had “spaghetti” arms {as Heather called them} and it was hard just to lift them up to wash my hair in the shower! 

3.  Donating blood, or not ~ Last Friday was the News 10 Blood Donor Day.  The husband donates blood as often as possible and my first time donating blood was at last years News 10 Blood Donor Day blood drive.  It’s on my 2011 Goals to donate again this year.  I tried in January at a blood drive hosted by the school district the husband teaches for but was rejected because my iron was too low by ONE POINT.  At the News 10 Blood Donor Day blood drive you get a coupon for a pint of ice cream, a t-shirt, and a FREE TICKET to the California State Fair so we made plans to attend and donate.  Unfortunately my iron was too low again {BY ONE POINT, AGAIN} so I was not able to donate but I still got to keep my freebies.  We’ll be heading to the State Fair this weekend.  Woohoo --- we love going to the State Fair and free tickets make it that much more fun.  This will be our 7th year in a row attending the fair together.  I decided to start taking an iron supplement since this was the second time my iron was low.  The nurse at the blood drive said that taking an iron supplement has increased her energy levels so hopefully not only will I be able to donate blood again soon I might also stop being so damn tired all the time!  Anyone else out there suffer from low iron levels?  Anyone else take an iron supplement?  Does it really help increase your energy?

Happy {three things} Thursday!

Here’s some sneak peek photos from a road trip we took to the ocean last weekend.  The weather was cold and foggy but thanks to Picnik editing I was able to make it look warm and inviting :)

IMG_4511 picnikAperture:  f/25, Shutter Speed:  1/250, ISO:  400, Focal Length:  42mm, Camera & Lens:  Canon EOS Rebel T1i with my kit lens {EFS 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS}

IMG_4664 picnikAperture:  f/14, Shutter Speed:  1/200, ISO:  400, Focal Length:  41mm, Camera & Lens:  Canon EOS Rebel T1i with my kit lens {EFS 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS}

*I’m taking my first photography class this Saturday through our local Parks & Recreation department … I’m very excited!!!

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L.B. said...

Nice run! It's always nice when you surprise yourself by going faster than you'd anticipated. Also, I like feeling strong at the end of my runs and I embrace those runs where I know I could have run another couple of miles or another 20-25 minutes or whatever. Those are the best runs.

Nice pictures too. I love seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. My first time on the bridge was when I ran across it at the San Francisco Marathon last year. Such a great feeling.