Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

My running rituals :)

1.  I always have to get up between 1hr45min to 2hrs before I’m scheduled to start a run.  Race mornings, its even earlier depending on the time the race starts, how far away it is, and what parking will be like.  My body needs at least 1hr to 1hr30mins to digest my pre-run meal --- actually closer to 2hrs is best for me.  My go-to pre-run meal is a toasted bagel thin with real butter, 16oz of water, and 8oz of half-caff coffee {watered down with more water --- I always water down my coffee, just like my dad}.  If its been more than 2hrs since I’ve eaten my pre-run meal {like on a race day} then I might also have a gel or a few chews before running {depending on how many miles I’m going to run}.  
{I have completely different rituals for afternoon/evening runs.}

2.  I have to stop drinking any fluids at least 1 hour before I run otherwise I’ll have to pee, a lot.  And I usually have to visit the restroom to relive my bladder on average 3-4 times in the last 10mins before I leave my house.  If I’m going to a race then I will also need to pee again before I start running.  I like to tell people I have an “anxious” bladder.  Seriously though --- I have to pee all the time!  I guess that is the norm when you drink half your body weight {or more if its a running day} in water every day! 
{This is only important for morning runs --- for some reason I have a much better behaved bladder in the afternoons!}

3.  After a run I always need to do the following:  cool down with a walk, stretch immediately after finishing my cool down walk, get home and do more stretching on the floor, wash my face, change out of my sweaty clothes, drink and/or eat something {usually vanilla soy milk with chocolate syrup and a banana} then take an ice bath.  My ice bath is either in the tub full of cold water and ice to above my hips {if my hips are hurting or my sciatica is bothering me} or in a 5 gallon bucket for my shins only.  After 10-15mins in the ice bath its usually back to the kitchen for more eats or drinks {depending on how I’m feeling and how far I ran} then to the computer to download my Garmin while I wait for my legs to warm back up before taking  a nice long shower.  Running days are the only days I enjoy long showers otherwise I’m just in and out. 
{This is my post run ritual for regardless if its in the morning or the afternoon or evening.}

What are your “running” rituals?!?

I ran 10 miles this morning so check back later for my first double digit run of the year recap!

Happy {three things} Thursday!

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giraffy said...

Interesting... you ice bath post run, every time?