Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I am a firm believer that you never know what information might help someone else so for Three Things Thursday I’d like to share some information about What I learned at an Injury Prevention Clinic held by Dr. Edward Chu from Elite Spinal & Sports Care.

1.  Nutrition ~  Dr. Chu suggested that you train your body to know that it is going to get fuel every “X” number of minutes.  {He suggests approximately 90 calories every 40 minutes or so.}  He said to always to fuel at that time no matter if you are running 10 miles or 5 miles --- if you go over that time frame, then fuel.  This way your body learns to know that at “X” time it will receive fuel.  So, anytime I’m going to be running for over 40 minutes I should get in the practice of fueling at the 40 minute mark {even if I will be done at 50 minutes} and then every 40 minutes after {if going longer distances}.  Of course, everyone is different so its best to use your training runs to determine when is the best time for you and your body to refuel and what type of “fuel” works best for you.  

2.  Foam Roller ~ He suggested that it becomes your best friend at least three days a week, if not more.  His advice was to roll the entire leg spending about 10-12 minutes total, stopping on “hot” spots for 30 seconds.  He advised that if the pain on a hot spot does not decrease while you are stopped on it then to roll off it after 30 seconds, roll around the area again to find the hot spot and try again for another 30 seconds.  I know I need to get better about using my Foam Roller more often. 

Foam Roller

3.  Strength ~ His best advice was to focus on building core strength and glute strength.  He suggested three core exercises:  plank, side plank, and pelvic bridge.  He said to hold each for 30-60 seconds three times.  He also advised that if 60 seconds feels “easy” then you need to make it more difficult {lifting a leg while in the position} to continue to challenge yourself.  He did also say that if the plank or side plank is too difficult then it is fine to do it on your knees and work up to a full extension --- elbows & toes for plank and elbows & stacked feed for side plank.  He suggested two glute exercises:  clam shells and chair squats.  For the clam shells he suggests that your back/butt and feet are on a wall and you lift your top leg for three seconds then return to start position.  Repeat for 10 reps, three times.  For the chair squats --- he suggests using a chair to maintain proper form and to do 10 reps, three times.  He recommends then exercises to be done three times a week.  The last thing he suggested is to improve your balance.  He made the simple suggestion of standing on one foot, while brushing your teeth, just to increase your balance.  If that is easy, close your eyes. 


Side Plank

Pelvic Bridge

Chair Squat

Clam Shell


*At the end of the session I was able to speak with Dr. Chu for a few minutes about my ongoing piriformis issues.  He advised some “hot” spot areas for me to focus my foam rolling on {the piriformis muscle in the butt, mid hamstring, mid calf and inner groin areas} in addition to the above exercises AND to do deep squats with the assistance from a door knob.

image A Pain in the Butt

Door Knob Assisted Deep Squat

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Good info, that never occured to me regarding fueling....

I hate plank. Hate. lol.