Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Track Workout: Wk1 {Fall Race Training}

The first week of Fall Race Training has begun!  This morning I met up with my SIL at the local junior high school track for our first speedwork session of Fall Race Training.


On the plan was mile repeats!

“Mile repeats are an effective workout because they improve a runner’s max VO2, running speed, leg turnover rate, and running economy all at the same time.  They improve enduring by increasing or raising a runner’s lactate threshold.” 

We started with an easy warm-up walk/jog followed by the regular plyo drills.

Warm-up:  1.50 / 22:35

Its been a long time since I’ve done any mile repeats and I was anxious because I’m still not feeling well after a very indulgent weekend.  I felt slow and sluggish during the first repeat but was happily surprised with my time. 

3x1600 {goal = 10:02}
with 400 RI between repeats

  • 1 ~ 9:45 {400 RI @ 4:24}
  • 2 ~ 9:33 {400 RI @ 4:46}
  • 3 ~ 9:25 {400 RI @ 5:09}

Woohoo for negative splits! 

Overall:  3.83 / 43:04 / 11:15 avg


Like I said, the first mile felt slow and sluggish.  Instead of thinking about the mile as a whole, I approached each lap telling myself what my time should be and pushing on the straightaway's and slowing during the corners.  After the first repeat I started to feel better and focused on picking up the pace.  I really pushed to the finish on the last lap of the last mile and afterwards I still felt like I had a little left in the tank. 

We finished up with a cool down walk and some stretching.

Cool down:  0.51 / 9:30

Once I got home I mixed up my new favorite go-to recovery drink of vanilla soy milk with chocolate syrup along with a banana and then a glass of OJ.  I know I’ll be hitting up the fridge looking for more food shortly.  I also did some more stretching before taking an ice bath for my shins {which were a little sore today but nothing too bothersome}.  I know I’ll be doing some more stretching and Foam Rolling later today too.

Last week after my Ladder Workout I mentioned that my times were a bit faster than my goals and that was the same for today too.  I’ve decided for now that I’m just going to keep beating my goals {instead of readjusting them} and continue forward.  We’ll see how the next few weeks pan out. 

 "I would rather kick my goal's butt than adjust my goal and just squeak it in”
{I really am LOVING this saying --- thanks to P @ Adventures of an Average Athlete --- I’m sure you’ll be seeing me reference it ALL THE TIME.}

Also, I don’t know who this girl is that is running sub-10 minute miles, but I am really liking her :)

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giraffy said...

Holy crap, that's AWESOME!! Nice speed!