Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Track Workout: Wk2 {Fall Race Training}


Yesterday was my second speedwork session of Fall Race Training!  On again I met up with my SIL at the local junior high school track and this week we had 400 repeats on the schedule --- 8 of them --- with a 90 second RI {rest interval} between repeats.

400 Repeats --- “really hard runs” … where “you’ll develop the fast-twitch muscles you need to finish strong.  Fast twitch fibers also give you the strength and power to run faster with less effort.”

We started with an easy warm-up followed by plyos --- as always :)

Warm-up:  1.04 / 15:06 / 14:33 {walk-jog combo}

My projected 400 time is 2:24.  When we did a Ladder Workout a couple of weeks ago I blew my 400 times out of the water.  However, I knew that in order to get through 8 repeats I was going to have to run conservatively and aim for my goal time. 

My stomach was still upset from when I was hungover on Sunday {yep, two days later and this 30-year-old was still feeling the effects of drinking too much} so I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to run fast enough to meet my goal time.  Heck, I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to complete all 8 repeats!  But, of course, once I got going I started to feel better. 

8x400 {goal = 2:24}
with 90 second RI between repeats

  • 2:26   {pace = 9:27}
  • 2:26   {pace = 9:38}
  • 2:20   {pace = 9:15}
  • 2:19   {pace = 9:01}
  • 2:17   {pace = 9:06}
  • 2:21   {pace = 9:26}
  • 2:13   {pace = 8:45}
  • 2:07   {pace = 8:12}

Overall:  2.45 / 30:44 / 12:34
I did some pacing back and forth during my RI, approximately 300 feet each time, which brought my overall pace down

The first two repeats were just seconds slower than my goal time.  I was feeling good, my stomach wasn’t bothering me, so I decided to pick it up and the next three repeats were faster.  The sixth repeat was a little slower as I had to go around a lady walking in the first lane of the track with her two little dogs.  Grrr.  And then as I started my seventh repeat she was right in front of me and not paying attention to her dogs and I almost tripped over their leashes!  Ahhh.  I really dug deep during my last repeat and made it my fastest --- check out my pace, I’ve never ran this fast before and I’m LOVING it :) even if I can’t maintain that pace for long.

My speedy SIL was done before me so she started a couple of cool down laps and I decided to do a couple of extra easy miles for a cool down.

Cool down:  2.21 / 27:08 / 12:15

I really like 400’s because they are quick then you get to recover.  But, they are so hard.  And after running that fast I felt like my 11-minute pace during my cool down was so slow even though that is my normal average pace!  Next week we’ll be doing 800’s --- eek! 

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