Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anniversary Trip to Yosemite ~ Day Three {April 21}

Anniversary Trip to Yosemite ~ Day One {April 19} AND Day Two {April 20}

This post is way over due and even though we went on this trip several months ago I am going to go ahead and finish up the recap and post about the third day of our trip.

The third and final day of our trip started bright and early again, but not as early as day two.  First things first --- get up, get ready, eat and pack.  We checked out of our hotel before heading back into the park for a few hours.  The weather was very overcast and cloudy so once we got back into Yosemite we headed up to Tunnel View to get photos of the fog in the trees and the sun coming through the clouds.

IMG_3897 IMG_3907

Then we drove into Yosemite Valley and parked and then walk over to the Visitor Center where we spent some time looking around.


Inside the Visitor Center they had this really cool 3D map of Yosemite Valley.  Of course, I had to get photos.

IMG_3944 IMG_3950

Once we were done at the Visitor Center we decided to hop onto the shuttle bus and get a ride out to Mirror Lake.  Just as we started the walk from the shuttle bus stop up to Mirror Lake the weather started to clear.  We got some warm sunshine and a break in the clouds --- which was perfect for photos. 

IMG_3966 IMG_3968

It was a very easy walk up a paved road.  I stopped several times to take photos of Half Dome as the clouds were passing over it.  

IMG_3974 IMG_3986 IMG_4002 IMG_4006 
The views once we arrived at Mirror Lake were beautiful.  We spent a while just walking around and enjoying how beautiful Yosemite is. 

IMG_4012 IMG_4019 IMG_4031

Taking photos at Mirror Lake was a lot of fun.  The water was so clear and still and the reflections were amazing. 

After awhile we headed back down the road and caught the shuttle bus back to our car.  On our way out of Yosemite we stopped off at one last vantage point to take photos of Half Dome.  The weather had really cleared up and the skies were beautiful.

IMG_4034 IMG_4038


And one last photo of Yosemite Falls.  The husband wanted a photo with the flood level sign.  In 1997 his family home also flooded during this flood. 


We had an amazing trip and we’ve got hundreds of photos to relive it anytime.  We can’t wait to go back to Yosemite again.

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ajh said...

My husband hiked Half Dome years ago. Then my son hiked it. There was a picture of each of them on the same rock in the same goofy pose. And my son had never seen the original picture. We put both on our Christmas card that year. It was pretty cool. I have never been there but they both exclaimed over it. You had a lot of great pictures.