Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I confess … I may currently be unemployed but I sure feel super busy all the time!  I guess I do a lot … running 3 days a week, gym 3-4 days a week, walk the dog {preferably daily}, maintain the house {cleaning and bill paying}, etc.  It will be interesting to see how I fit it all in when, or if, I find a new job!

I confess … job hunting sucks!  Its really, really tough out there right now and I just feel like its really competitive in the customer service/administrative assistant field.  There are so many unemployed people apply for all the same crappy jobs.  I may have had a strong dislike for my previous job but at least I was always thankful that I had a job.  Its been six months since I lost my job and we are quickly approaching a doomsday if I don’t find a new job.  And, since I’ll be running out of unemployment soon --- lets all pray I get an extension until a new job is found.

I also confess … that I am not always spending every single day job hunting.  It can be too much and so frustrating.  I go through big spurts where I apply for numerous jobs and then nothing for a few days. 

I confess … I have thousand of unread items in my Google Reader and sometimes I get so behind I just have to mark them as all read and start fresh. 

I confess … that I still haven’t finished the Day 3 recap from our trip to Yosemite in April.  I should probably do that soon.

I confess … that I need a break from counting points {WW} so I’m taking one.  I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m proud of myself for sticking with it for 12 weeks.  I will return to counting points … but this break is needed! 

I confess … I’m still going to track my activity points though so I know how much I’m earning purely for statistical info.  I’m strange.

I also confess … I did not get the husband a birthday gift.  Last year I got him 30 gifts for his 30th birthday and when I asked him what he wanted he said “I don’t know” so he is getting a card.  Lame.

I confess … that this confession post is boring.  I won’t mind if you skip over it.  I just needed to do some confessing …


Happy Wednesday!


giraffy said...


Do the Yosemite post! I love Yosemite, and reading about other people enjoying it.

Job hunting in CS is TOUGH. I'm in CS Management, and I totally know what you mean. Good luck!

P said...

It took me six months to find my current job, for which I am remarkably over-qualified and underpaid. *sigh* It's a tough market. Sometimes I look through the ads on craigslist just to remind myself to be grateful for what I've got. *fingers crossed* you find something fabulous very soon!

JenWa098 said...

I am fortunate to have a job. I find there is a real mentality of employees being "expendable" now. VERY frustrating. You'll find something. I worked for a Job Service years ago...finding a job is hard work!