Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange


“P” at  The Adventures of an Average Athlete is hosting The Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange this week.  Last week she listed all the participants {here} and this week you can hop from blog to blog to read all the guest posts! 

Say hello to AJH, from Age Groups Rock, a fellow runner and marathoner is here today to share the reason why she loves to workout :)


HI, I am AJH from Age Groups Rock.  I am doing a guest post on Jesse's blog as part of P's bloggy post exchange.  I have gone back and forth on what to blog about but decided to settle on:

10 Reasons  I  Love To Workout

Do I ALWAYS love to workout?  Not at all.......but there are certainly many things I like about it. 

  1. I love how I feel after I work out.  I love the good tiredness that I feel. 
  2. I love the feeling of accomplishing the goal I had set for that day.  I am a very goal oriented person. Once I have worked out my fitness plan for the week, it happens.  Then I can record it and cross it off my list. I am embarrassed to admit how much satisfaction I get from crossing things off a list.
  3. I love that I am making my life better by fitting that workout in. I am less stressed and a happier person once I exercise.
  4. I love how I redefined myself from a slug to what all my colleagues consider a fitness nut.  I think they all think I am a little over the top but for the most part I think they really admire my workout ethic. When they have fitness questions they often come to me which I still find hard to believe.
  5. I love the friends I have made through exercise. There are people I know from the gym that I would never have met.  I have connected with some colleagues in a whole new way.  I have met so  many like minded people through the blog world and even though I have met few of them in real life I do consider so many of them friends. When  I have had troubles or questions many have emailed me with help or suggestions. Bloggy friends are always there with encouragement, praise or a kind word.  The way bloggy peeps support each other could be a whole separate post.
  6. I love the connection I have with my children through exercise.  We have had wonderful times together running, racing and supporting each other in our athletic endeavors.  It is as much fun to support them in a race as it is to do one on my own.
  7. I love that workouts lead me to races which are the best thing about running. I am not sure why I love racing so much as I certainly never win or come even close.  When I am in the middle of a race I do not love it.  But I love the after race feeling and I love competing against myself. I love setting race goals and trying to meet them. I love racing in new places and seeing the sights through a runner's eyes.
  8. I love that even running injuries can enrich your life.  When I couldn't run I biked to stay fit and it has given a whole new dimension to my fitness life and I have a tremendous love of the sport.
  9. I love that my students see me as a person who is fit.  One parent told me that no matter where they are in our state, if her daughters see someone on a bike they always assume it is me. I love the example I am setting.
  10. I love that I can eat more than I could if I didn't exercise. I still eat too much but at least I am helping my eating problem somewhat!


AJH thank you so much for sharing!  I can definitely agree with most of the reasons you listed especially about racing! 
I love participating in races, I’ve done 37 to date with 6, hopefully 7, more scheduled for the remainder of this year :)
And as a fellow list maker I can attest to how much satisfaction is gained by crossing a workout off your to-do list!!!

Go check out AJH’s blog, Age Groups Rock, and find out who is guest posting on her blog this week for The Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange!


P said...

What a great post! I found myself nodding and saying, "yes, me too" on every single one of them!! Jesse, thanks for hosting AJH today!

ajh said...

It's fun to see my post on someone else's blog!

Kate said...

I love this! I could've written the same things, though probably not as well or concisely.