Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let’s Talk About: Participating in Races

I love participating in races.  It doesn’t matter the distance, as long as I’m properly trained, and its not because I win, although I have gotten 2nd place in my age division twice.  Its about the energy and the excitement.  Its about being apart of something bigger --- the running community.  Here in Northern California there is a very large running community that I’m proud to be a part of.  And now that fall is quickly approaching so is fall race season! 

I’ve already talked about my two big races I’m training for this fall --- the Urban Cow Half and the California International MarathonCIM is my “A” race for fall but I am “racing” the half marathon, as opposed to using it as just another training run, since I do hope to set a new PR.  However, those are not the only races I’ve got planned for the remainder of this year.
This weekend we’ll be racing in a fun run 5k that is put on by my local running store, The Running Zone.  They host 4 fun run 5k’s a year and this weekend’s is the third race for 2011.  I have also participated in the first two races this year {see HERE and HERE} and all 4 fun run 5k’s last year {see HERE for my 2010 completed races}.  If you participate in all 4 races then you receive an All-Series Participant Award and last year at the final fun run me and the husband both received the awards --- and that’s our goal again this year too!  {You can see the awards HERE}.  The fun run 5k in May {see recap HERE} holds my current 5k PR.  But I’ve been diligently working hard on speed work all summer long and I’m hoping for a new PR this weekend {and if last weeks tempo run is any indication of how race day might go then a new PR is definitely possible}!

The following weekend we’ll be running a new race distance at the Buffalo Stampede 10 Miler.  Both the husband and I decided we wanted to participate in this race this year {for the first time} so I built my training plan around it {and a few other races we knew we wanted to do}.  I’m excited to race a new distance at this event!   

The next race will be the Urban Cow Half marathon in early October.  This year is my 2nd year participating in the half marathon {2010 race recap HERE} at this event and in 2009 I participated in the 5k --- it was my first 5k where I didn’t stop to walk {race recap HERE}.  I’m really excited for this race this year because a lot of my fellow running buddies from the training group at The Running Zone are running it and this will be my SIL’s first half marathon.  And a lot of other fellow runners that I’ve met recently are running it also.  I think its going to be a great day!


The next race will be the Clarksburg Country Run 20 Miler {another new race distance}.  Last year we got burned out pretty quickly with running in the same place every weekend for our long runs so this year we are changing it up and running in new places and running at events we’ve never participated in.  When I heard about the 20 mile race distance at the Clarksburg Country Run event I knew it was a race I wanted to do so I built my training plan around it too. 


The following weekend will be the final fun run in the 2011 series for the 5k’s held by The Running Zone where we’ll receive our All-Series Participant Awards.  The final fun run 5k is on a Sunday this year and we will have run a long training run for the marathon the day before so I’ll be mostly likely walking this final 5k but I still wouldn’t miss it!


Then on Thanksgiving morning we’ll be running the 10k distance at the Run to Feed the Hungry.  We first participated in this race back in 2007 and its become a Thanksgiving tradition that we cherish.  Last year {race recap HERE} was the first time we ran the 10k distance and we fell in love with the course {mainly because when the 10k runners cut away from the 5k runners/walkers it becomes much less crowded} so we’ll be doing the 10k again this year.

And, of course, in December we’ll be running the California International Marathon.  This is my “A” race for the fall and everything is leading up to it.  I can’t wait :)

*        *        *

What races do you have planned for the fall?  What race are you most looking forward to?  Obviously CIM is super important to me and the race I’m most looking forward to but I’m really excited about all the races!  There is one more race we are contemplating doing but it would mean some rearranging of our training schedule for CIM so we are not sure if we are going to do it or not {Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon}.


ajh said...

I truly love races too. I have a half marathon later this month. I don't feel terribly prepared.

Christy said...

I'm running 2 half marathons in NYC, 1 in Philly, a 4-miler and the Marine Corps Marathon in October! I'm super excited for my fall race season! I just have to be careful not to get hurt!