Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Run: Wk3 {Fall Race Training}

Last Thursday the husband and I took off for a few days of camping at the beach with Lucy.  We had a great time relaxing!  We made the plans to come home on Saturday evening so we could get in our long run on Sunday morning.  We spent the three days we were away eating and drinking way too much so I was a bit worried about our looming 11 mile run.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but I just didn’t feel “good”. 

We ended up sleeping in a little bit later than we planned to and got a late start {8am-ish} so it was warm for the last couple of miles, especially when we were in the sun.  We ran along the American River Bike Trail that does offer a lot of shade but not always.  We started at the Guy West Bridge just across the river from CSUS.  I had never run this portion of the trail before so it was a nice change of scenery and lots of rolling hills also {which is my goal for most of my long runs}. 


Overall I’m ecstatic that I was able to keep my pace in the low 11’s overall and despite the heat it was a beautiful morning and I had great company {the husband}. 

Warm-up:  0.53 / 10:01

We walked to warm-up and then started our run.  Immediately I had to go potty so I found a secluded side trail with lots of plant cover and popped a squat to relieve my bladder.  After that pit stop I felt much better.  The first couple of miles I felt stiff and achy but started to loosen up quickly.  As a runner I always stay super alert when I’m on the bike trail due to the large number of bicyclists --- I was constantly switching from running on edge of the paved trail to into the dirt on the shoulder when a bike would approach.  There was also a lot of runners out on the trail and we even passed some 5k racers {we didn’t know that there was a race going on}! I remember thinking the first few miles were flying by.  At mile 3 I ate a package of Welch’s Fruit Snacks {something new I’m trying} and at mile 5.5 I ate a Powerbar Gel {raspberry flavor}.  I also had water with 1 Nuun tablet in my Camelpak for this run {instead of half water/Powerade like my last few long runs --- just something else new that I’m trying}.

Mile 1 ~ 11:11
Mile 2 ~ 11:09
Mile 3 ~ 11:11
Mile 4 ~ 11:22 
Mile 5 ~ 11:05
Mile 6 ~ 10:55

We turned around at mile 5.5, just past William Pond Park and the start/finish of the Parkway Half Marathon.  The husband has participated in the Parkway Half the past two years.  The way back felt a lot harder, and hotter, than the way out.  The husband’s IT band started to bother him pretty badly around mile 7-8 and we ended up stopping a lot and taking a few walk breaks in during mile 9.  Eventually the husband sent me on ahead while he took walk breaks and then he would catch up to me.  He was really struggling and I was feeling really bad for him.  I ate another package of Welch’s Fruit Snacks at mile 9.

Mile 7 ~ 11:07
Mile 8 ~ 11:17
Mile 9 ~ 11:42
Mile 10 ~ 11:32
Mile 11 ~ 10:42

Overall:  11.0 / 2:03:19 / 11:12
{Goal was HMP+20 @ 11:58}


We were both able to finish strong and happy to be done.  It was late in the morning and the sun was HOT.  We walked our cool down back to our car then stretched in the shade. 

Cool down:  0.49 / 11:00

I ate some raisins while we were stretching and then we decided to stop off at a local brewpub for lunch before heading home. 


Even though this run was not as great as lasts weeks long run I still am very happy with my overage time and average.  The husband is getting back into a more normal routine this week and hopefully he’ll be able to start running more consistently and overcome his setback that his injuries caused him.  I skipped my ice bath since by the time we got home after lunch I just didn’t want to do it.  My shins were a little achy but not too bad.  I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and finishing the book I started while we were camping and then we did some grocery shopping.  In the evening I spent some time doing some more stretching and foam rolling.  By the time I went to bed my piriformis was bothering me pretty bad and I had a “dead” leg feeling.  This morning my groin muscle is tight.  I totally slacked off on my exercises last week and I need to make those a priority this week, and going forward.  I’d really like to get past this pain in the butt!


ajh said...

Good job! The lunch at the brew pub sounds very rewarding.

Have you tried rolling on a tennis ball for the pain in your butt?

The Jesse said...

@ajh - the lunch/beers were good, its also the brewpub i worked at during college :)

my and my tennis ball have a love/hate relationship. i rely on it for relief DAILY :)

runningonwords said...

Oh no, you have piriformis syndrome too!? That's the worst! Honestly, what's helped me the most is the hip abductor/adductor machine at the gym, ice, and KT Tape. I also use The Grid on my piriformis and IT Band after every run. I'm pain free most of the time these days, although the piriformis is a sneaky little bugger and I fully expect it will pop up unexpectedly one day. I hope it feels better soon!