Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long Run: Wk5 {Fall Race Training}

My new shoes arrived on Thursday so I was ready to break them in today, thankfully, and even though I’ve had a lot of discomfort in the left shin recently I was hopeful that today’s run was going to be better than last weeks.  And now that I’m looking back at that post from last week I realized I forgot to try to tape my leg again with the KT Tape.  Fail. 


This morning started much like every long run morning does --- only earlier.  We we up at 4am to get ready to be out the door by 5am to head to Folsom to meet up with a few other running buddies.  Our friends were planning on 14 miles, the SIL was planning 11 miles and we wanted to do 12 miles.  So, the SIL followed us up to Folsom so she wouldn’t have to wait around for us and we got there early so we could do a 1 mile warm-up and then wait on the trail for our friends and run out and back with them.  Of course as soon we parked I had to go to the bathroom but its o’dark-thirty and no bathrooms around so I had to relieve myself behind the front end of the car.  And I had to go again during our warm-up and squatted by a tree!  OMG.  Anyways, after the warm-up the SIL went on ahead and we ended up only waiting a few minutes before our fellow running buddies arrived and off we went!

Warm-up:  1.0 / 17:56

After our warm-up we did some plyos while waiting and I took a Powerbar Gel {raspberry flavor}.  I’m trying something new, again, with my fueling and only ate half a bagel thin again this morning {just like on Thursday morning} but that was at 4:30am and we started the 12 miler after our 1 mile warm-up right around 6:30ish so I took a gel.  This worked really well for me.

  • Mile 1 – 12:20
  • Mile 2 – 11:02
  • Mile 3 – 12:17
  • Mile 4 – 12:07
  • Mile 5 – 11:59
  • Mile 6 – 12:37
  • Mile 7 – 12:01
  • Mile 8 – 11:53
  • Mile 9 – 12:34
  • Mile 10 – 11:18
  • Mile 11 – 10:55
  • Mile 12 – 11:19
  • Last 0.27 – 2:42 {10:08 pace}

Overall:  12.27 / 2:25:10 / 11:50 avg
{Goal was HMP+30 = 12:08}


The section of trail we ran today started in old town Folsom near our wedding location and the first couple of miles were uphill!  We passed by the Folsom Dam and the start of CIM and around mile 4ish we were up on a levee road overlooking Folsom Lake.




Since my shin has been bothering me recently I opted to stay up on the levee and the husband and our running buddies took the hillier course and ran the fire access gravel roads just below the levee road.


After three levee roads, with trails in between, we ended up on dirt trails.  Here is where it got really hilly!


There were lots of walk breaks but we conquered as many of the hills as we could and keep on trucking.


We arrived at a recreation/day use area near the turn around point and stopped to use the restrooms.  Honestly I had no idea where we were other than we were running right along Folsom Lake the whole time.  Thankfully the other runners we were with have ran here before.


And then we headed back.  A lot of the way back was downhillWeeeeee.



I fueled at 40min {from the start of the 12 miler} with a pack of Welch’s Fruit Snacks, then again at 60min with 4 Gu Chomps {strawberry flavor} and again at 2hrs with another pack of Welch’s Fruit Snacks.  I had water + nuun in my Camelpak {which is perfect for me and has really made a difference since I started doing this}.

Like I said, the way back was more or less mostly downhill --- with a few uphill's --- and was quickerCruising downhill is nice after so many uphill's.

First 6 miles = 1:22:22
Last 6 miles = 1:10:00

We ran “unplugged” today from our iPod's and the time FLEW by and we were finished before I knew it.  We stopped to walk our cool down and our friends continued on to finish up their run.

Cool down:  0.64 / 12:45

Once we got back to our car we stretched and ate some food and water before loading up and heading home.  But we didn’t go straight home.  Since we were already in Folsom and very near the start of CIM we decided to drive the first 20 miles of the course.  We had been toying with the idea of doing a couple of our training runs along the first half of course but after driving it today we decided we don’t need to.  We are both stronger runners than we were at this point last year and we’ve learned from the mistakes we made while training, and during the marathon last December.  So at this point we’ve decided as long as we stick with incorporating hills into our long runs then we’ll be fine and well trained come marathon day!


My shin was bothersome the first couple of miles, which were mostly uphill, but by the time we reached the levee roads and dirt trails beyond it was fine.  Again, its still a different ache than I had before and today it was more like all the muscles around my shin were sore.  Once we did get home I took an ice bath and then put on my compression calf sleeves.  Its not hurting now but I’m still worried about it and very aware of how its feeling.  Especially when I’m up and walking around.  Like I said earlier, my new shoes arrived so I was able to wear those with new Super Feet inserts today and it felt like I was running on little pillows of air!  I definitely needed new shoes and hopefully the shin will start to feel better soon.

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P said...

I love running in Folsom! I usually just do the Parkway, I'm too chicken to try something new. :) Lotsa good hill training, for sure. Awesome job on the negative split!