Sunday, August 21, 2011

OLD vs NEW: a running shoe comparison

I replaced my running shoes lately and thought it would be fun to do a comparison between my beat up dirty OLD pair and my shiny brand spanking NEW pair. 

These are my old shoes that I used from 03.15.11 to 08.18.11 and accumulated 343.26 miles.
Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s.
IMG_6558  IMG_6561IMG_6584

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I was ready for a new pair.  I’ve had a lot of shoe issues in the 4 years that I’ve been running and this is the first pair of shoes I’ve owned that have made it this far in mileage.  Many of my previous pairs we either returned because of some issue or another they caused me or retired on lesser mileage after an injury.  When I started running in 2007 I ran in a cheap pair of shoes that I had picked up at a local sporting goods store.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized the importance of getting fitted for a proper pair of running shoes.  My first pair were Asics.  They were good shoes but I started to have problems after just a few runs.  I returned those and got my first pair of Mizuno’s, Wave Alchemy 9’s.  Those shoes got me through my first half marathon but since I had so many injuries during training for that race I decided to get re-fitted again and ended up in a pair of Brooks shoes.  Unfortunately the Brooks were not right either and I made an appointment with one of my running coaches and a co-owner of our local running store, The Running Zone, and had her re-fit me again.  That’s when I ended up in my first pair of Mizuno Wave Rider’s, the 13’s back then.  Those shoes got me through my 2nd half marathon and my first marathon.  After the marathon I went back to the Mizuno Wave Alchemy’s for a while, ended up injured again and taking a few weeks off.  Once I was ready to return to running I went back to the Wave Rider’s and I love them. 

These are my shiny new shoes.

And here is a side-by-side comparison between my OLD vs NEW shoes.



I also wear Super Feet insoles in my shoes.  I also replaced those too.
Here is a comparison between my old inserts {1 year old} and my new ones. IMG_6562IMG_6563IMG_6564IMG_6565IMG_6566IMG_6567

I broke my new shoes in yesterday during my 12 mile training run.  It was like running on little pillows of air.  But their not so shiny and brand new looking anymore.

New shoes feel sooo good :)


Maureen said...

Getting new shoes is always the best! I just got my own new running shoes yesterday.
By the way - came across your blog and saw that you are planning to run CIM this year, which is my hope as well!
Good luck!

ajh said...

I was just thinking I am heading toward new shoes.

Lisa said...

I'm always concerned about buying new shoes cause I'm afraid they won't be the right ones and I'd hate to spend a $$ on shoes that I may not like.

The Jesse said...

@lisa, i got my shoes {the sames ones i've been running in all year} online at and they offer free shipping and free returns if they dont fit :)

Darlene said...

I love running in new shoes. I'm headed that way again too.