Friday, August 26, 2011

Run Less, Run Faster --- The First 5 Weeks

After some unplanned interruptions to my running back in February I slowly returned to running, following a 10 week plan run/walk plan that slowly built me back up to 30 minutes of running.  Then I spent the next 8 weeks building up my base and slowly increasing my mileage. 

In mid-July I began a 20 week training program for the Urban Cow Half in October and the California International Marathon in December.  Its been 5+ weeks and so far, mostly good :)


Wk1 = 17.28
Wk2 = 35.94 
Wk3 = 29.39
Wk4 = 32.52
Wk5 = 29.83
Total = 144.96

# of missed runs = 1
# of days cross training = 7 
# of strength workouts = 6

The first week of training was an emotional week for me and it was also the week of my nephew’s wedding.  I actually ended up skipping all my cross training workouts that week, moved my long run to Thursday and skipped my tempo run.  I had been experiencing some groin muscle tightness in my right leg as well as sciatica/piriformis pain so in hindsight taking the week off from cross training was best. 


The second week of training went almost exactly as planned!  I only missed one workout but attended an Injury Prevention Clinic instead.  I also realized that I had been neglecting the puppy and got back to regularly taking her for walks again.  She needs her exercise too!


During the third week of training I started to incorporate the core + glute exercises I learned at the Injury Prevention Clinic.  I also moved all my runs around because we went camping for a few days.  I only had one day of cross training at the gym but I did have three great days camping at the ocean and spent lots of time walking along the shore. 


During the fourth week of training I started incorporating the workout program from The New Rules of Lifting for Women {NROLFW}.  This week was also a step back week which was good since I started getting a “new and unusual ache and soreness” in my left shin. 

image {source}

During the fifth week of training I experienced a migraine that forced me to skip two days of cross training and NROLFW workouts.  Thankfully I had a reprieve on Thursday and didn’t miss any runs!  And my shin continued to bother me.  After looking at my training long and realizing that I was over 300 miles on my shoes I ordered a new pair and broke them in during my 12 mile long run.


So far I’m really happy with the way my training is going.  Sure I’ve missed a run and a couple of cross training sessions but that’s part of life.  I believe a big part of a successful training plan is to remain flexible and adaptable.  I’m also very happy that I decided to go with an adapted Run Less Run Faster FIRST Training Plan and I’ve been pretty much consistently surpassing all my pace goals.

5wks done … 6 wks until half marathon day AND 15wks until marathon day! 

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JenWa098 said...

I gave up cross-training for now. I used to lift weights 5 days per week and then did a cardio video. Then I started running. Then I decided to do a half. I found that if I worked-out in the morning and ran at night it was too much. I am going to try to incorporate it again in September. Do you like the Lifting Rules?