Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say Goodbye to the Dress

I absolutely LOVED my wedding dress.

I purchased it for just under $500 from David’s Bridal.  The accent color is “Apple”.

I loved the beaded lacey detail and the pick-up skirt.  I loved that it laced up the back and had a built in corset.

It was comfortable to wear, despite being very heavy.  It fit perfect, despite having to be significantly altered due to my weight loss.

I loved that it wasn’t “traditional”.



film strip 3 edited Photo by Debbie Brown Photography

jjw321-0142 Photo by Debbie Brown Photography

What I didn’t love was thinking about it sitting in a closet for the rest of my days.

It just seemed like a waste.

So, I decided to donate it.

I did some research and discovered Brides Against Breast Cancer.

brides against breast cancer

The sale of gowns from Brides Against Breast Cancer is fundraising for the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is “to grant wishes, including memory-making events, for metastatic breast cancer patients, while continuing to support, educate and increase resource awareness.”

I knew this was an organization I wanted to support and I decided to donate my wedding dress.

So the other day I finally pulled the dress out of the closet its been hanging in for almost two and a half years and shipped it off.


It was bittersweet.

But I’m happy to know that instead of hanging in my closet,
maybe it will be used again
and hopefully some other bride out there
will love it as much as I did.

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P said...

Oh, this post gave me goosebumps! Good for you!! I was just thinking about that the other day when I pushed my dress out of the way of something else in the closet for the millionth time.