Monday, August 1, 2011

Tempo Run: Wk3 {Fall Race Training}

I think one great aspect of only running three days a week is a greater flexibility of moving workouts around as needed.  This week I ran my tempo run today {Monday}, I’ll do my track workout on Wednesday and I’ve moved my long run to Sunday. 

Last week I felt sluggish during my tempo run and this week I had the same run on the plan {5 miles --- 1 @ easy pace {12:10}, 3 @ mid tempo pace {10:50}, 1 @ easy pace} and I was hopeful that today’s run would be better. 

I stared with a warm-up & plyos {of course}. 

Warm-up:  0.80 / 12:30 / 15:37


Once I got started I knew right away that my first mile was going to be faster than my “easy” pace.  That “easy” pace just feels too slow lately.  Once I started the tempo miles I struggled to maintain the pace and was making deals with myself that if I maintained the pace then I could stop and stretch at the end of each mile {which I did after mile 3 and 4}. 


  • 1 ~ 11:08
  • 2 ~ 10:52 <--- stopped to use the potty also
  • 3 ~ 10:42
  • 4 ~ 10:38
  • 5 ~ 11:24

Overall:  5.01 / 54:57 / 10:58 avg
Almost two minutes faster than last weeks tempo run; 20 second faster average --- what a difference picking up the pace for the “easy” miles makes!



The weather was a bit chilly when I started during my warm-up but I warmed up quickly during the first mile and it ended up being a bit humid in the park.  My last mile was faster than my “easy” pace too --- sometimes a 12:10 pace just feels harder than an 11:30ish pace.  The good news is that this run did “feel” better than last week but I was feeling a bit off.  I now know that sushi for dinner the night before a hard tempo run is a no-no. 


I thought about doing a longer cool down again today but opted for my normal cool down and then drove home and took Lucy, the puppy, for a walk.

Cool down:   0.75 / 12:42 / 17:01 avg

Walk with the puppy:  1.62 / 33:42 / 20:49 avg

My shins were a little sore, most likely due to the rolling hills during my 10 mile run on Saturday, and my piriformis was bothersome today.  I guess my “pain in the butt” is a constant reminder that I need to make the exercises and stretches I learned at the Injury Prevention Clinic last week a top priority.  At least the groin muscle has stopped hurting.  I’ll be taking the time this evening to due the exercises and stretch and use the foam roller and my tennis ball to roll everything out.  I’m sure it will hurt like hell --- but its a “good” hurt.  Right?  Right?!?  LOL.


I totally took some photos with my iPhone today while I was at the park to share with this post but for some reason when I email them to myself {like I always have so I can save them to my computer} they are downloading as text and not jpeg’s.  I have no idea why.  If I can ever get them downloaded then I’ll add them to the post :)

EDITED TO ADD:  I was finally able to download the photos so I added them to the post!  08.03.11

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