Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Why are pet meds to expensive?  I just spent $90 on flea medicine and heartworm medicine for Lucy.  Ridiculous.  Actually why are all pet related health items so expensive?  We easily spent $1100 in three vet visits when Lucky was ill.  And that was not the first time we spend over $1k for vet visits.

2.  Speaking of medications and doctors … I had my first visit to a new doctor this week and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  We just switched over from our old insurance to Kaiser and even though I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Kaiser, I was impressed.  I think we made the right choice by switching.  Plus, we are saving money!

3.  I started the first stage of workouts from the New Rules of Lifting for Women book this week.  I enjoyed reading the book and felt like I learned a lot and so far the workouts are going well.  I was a little hesitant at first to use the machines at the gym as I always feel like everyone is watching me but I’m getting over that one day at a time.  I started going super early in the mornings {between 5:30am and 6am} when its less crowded and I am enjoying having my workout done so early in the morning.  Maybe that means I’ll have the extra time to work on some posts that I’m been slacking on writing/posting {ahem, Yosemite Day 3 that I mentioned the other day --- plus a few others}. 

Happy {three things} Thursday!

Here is a photo from our recent camping trip to the ocean!  We had a very relaxing and fun time.  We ate junk food, drank a lot of beer, roasted s’mores, played games, walked on the beach, and read.  It was the perfect mini getaway to end summer {the husband goes back to teaching next week}.


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ajh said...

Love going to the beach. Yeah, it's that time of year. I have to head back to school too.