Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I’ve been talking about my left shin bothering me for a few days now.  Sunday was bad during my long run.  Monday I felt lots of twinges while doing step-ups at the gym but felt fine during the rest of my workout.  Tuesday I experienced a lot of achiness especially when walking, even more so after my track workout.  Wednesday I spent almost the entire day in bed, except to eat and use the restroom, but felt very little aching or tenderness.  When I woke up today it felt fine.  I ran a few steps up and down the hall, barefoot, before getting ready to go run and only felt the slightest twinge of achiness.  During my run it felt fine most of the time.  I’m still hoping that the mileage on my current shoes is what has aggravated the shin and that new shoes will help, but I’m also still waiting for them to arrive.

2.  I saw this link on Facebook this morning and now I feel like baking.  I think these  Zucchini Cookies are going to be awesomesauce!  Its been a while since I’ve felt like baking, one of my favorite things, so I’m excited to get in the kitchen this afternoon and use up some our ever-growing supply of zucchini from our garden!

3.  Since I started doing the core+glute exercises I learned about a few weeks ago at the Injury Prevention Clinic I attended I have had a huge reduction in piriformis pain.  I’ve been doing the exercises twice a week and I’ve also been focusing on doing more yoga poses/stretching in the evenings --- I think a little bit of yoga for bed is very relaxing!  Here are some of my favorite poses {thanks to Healthy Tipping Point for talking about some of these a few weeks ago}:

imageDownward Dog {source}
Although I can not get my feet flat --- this stretch still feels great!  Its also said that this pose will help with sinusitis, calms the brain and will help to relieve stress and mild depression, energize the body, strengthens the arms and legs, improves digestion, and relieves headaches, insomnis, back pain and fatigue.

image Pigeon Pose {source}
This stretch feels great and really opens up the hips!  Its also said that this pose helps the thighs and groin too.

image Extended Triangle Pose {source}
This really feels great and stretches just about everything!  Its also said that this pose will help relieve stress and improve digestion.

Standing Half Forward Bend {source}
This really stretches out the hamstrings --- an area that gets really tight for me when my piriformis acts up --- and the back.  Its also said to help strength the your back and help improve posture.

Warrior II Pose {source}
Another great pose that stretches out the hips and shoulders!  Its also said to help with sciatica issues. 

Wide Leg Forward Bend {source}
This one really stretches out my hamstrings, lower back, hips and calves.  Its also said to help with headaches, fatigue and mild depression.



Happy {three things} Thursday!
What's on your mind today?!?


P said...

Pigeon pose is the best! Warrior pose is still tough for a balance-challenged girl like me, but I'm working on it. :)

cql said...

I heart pidgeon pose. I need more yoga in my life