Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  The other day when I talked about cleaning I mentioned that we’ve instated the One Minute Rule in our house.  I first heard about the One Minute Rule in the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin {that I am currently still reading}.  As soon as I had read about it I brought the idea to the husband and he agreed that we should begin following it.  Even though I am a Type-A Control Freak and super organized always most of the time I also tend to put little tasks off until they’ve accumulated into larger tasks so following the One Minute Rule principle has been a big help.  Instead of letting the mail pile up on the counter or table all week, I address it and shred it or file it daily.  Instead of letting shoes lie around the house, I put them away when I take them off.  Instead of letting dishes sit on the counter or in the sink, we put them directly into the dishwasher.  Instead of letting recycling pile up on the counter, we take it into the garage as soon as we are done with it.  Instead of leaving an empty toilet paper roll, we replace it immediately.  Its all these little tasks that really only take a few seconds to complete that are time savers when they are addressed as needed instead of put off.  Unfortunately the one place that has not yet seen the advantages of the One Minute Rule is my desk … it is cluttered and overflowing at all times.  I need to take some time to get it in order, which will take way longer than one minute, so that I can finally hopefully keep it that way.

one minute rule


2.  I’ve discovered that when I put Lucy in her crate and then leave out the front door she howls and barks, for who knows how long.  But if I put her in her crate and then leave through the garage door she doesn’t.  We first noticed this a few weeks ago.  On Tuesday my SIL texted me when she was on her way to my house to pick me up for our track workout so I put Lucy in the crate and went out the front door and waited outside for the SIL.  I was out there about 10 minutes and Miss Lucy was barking and howling the whole time.  So yesterday I left to go to the dentist and I put her in the crate and set up my point-and-shoot camera to record her for a few minutes.  No barking or howling, she just went to sleep.  This morning I set up the camera again and left out the front door to go running and she howled and barked away.  We really have no idea how long this has been going on but it looks like we’ll be leaving out the garage more often to keep the puppy from howling and barking while we are gone.  I feel sorry for our neighbors! 



3.  I read an article earlier this week that said that migraine suffers could benefit from taking magnesium.  So what did I do?  I went to Wal-Mart last night and picked up a bottle of magnesium supplements.  Migraines are awful and as I’ve gotten older they’ve gotten worse.  They are debilitating and thankfully my last job was flexible about me being absent when I had one --- I dread ever finding a job that isn’t since its extremely difficult for me to function normally when I’m suffering through a migraine.  I need to be lying down, usually in a dark room with an ice pack, or I’ll be throwing up.  So if taking three little magnesium pills a day {the recommended dose} will help then I’m on board.  Here’s the kicker … I can’t take it at the same time I take my calcium supplement and and it could interfere with my iron supplement.  Why-oh-why does all this have to be so difficult?  So I’ll take my iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin C in the mornings and the magnesium in the evenings.  Geez.

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JenWa098 said...

I used to follow a program called "Fly Lady" that operated on the same principles. (The have a website but I don't remember it. I guess I could google it). They had "room rescues" and you broke your home into areas to clean. It worked really well at the time, and I felt SUPER organized but when I married and moved I lost my mojo. Perhaps I need to revisit the idea!