Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Track Workout: Wk3 {Fall Race Training}


I mentioned on Monday that I moved my workouts around this week to accommodate my schedule so today was my track workout.  School will be back in session in just a couple of weeks so my track workouts will be moved to the evenings which honestly I’m not looking forward to but I guess summer break has to end sometime.

Warm-up:  1.10 / 15:16 / 13:52 avg {walk/jog}

I woke up feeling pretty good this morning and decided to skip my regular morning cup of coffee in hopes that by not drinking it on running days then maybe I won’t need to go potty as much.  Then I realized that I forgot to take Bagel Thins out of the freezer after I ate the last one on Monday {my Costco now sells Bagel Thins and you get three packs of 8 for less than $6 --- much better than $4 per pack at the grocery store!} so I had regular toast instead.  The bread I used for toast, whole wheat, is similar to the whole wheat Bagel Thins and I had plenty of time to digest before heading to the track and thankfully didn’t have any problems. 

Today’s speedwork:
6x800 {goal = 4:43}
with 90 second RI between repeats

  • 4:44 {pace = 9:26}
  • 4:35 {pace = 9:05}
  • 4:37 {pace = 9:12}
  • 4:36 {pace = 9:08}
  • 4:42 {pace = 9:25}
  • 4:27 {pace = 8:58}

Overall:  3.33 / 36:50 / 11:03
I did some pacing back and forth during my RI, approximately 300 feet each time, which brought my overall pace down

800’s are hard!  I really pushed but totally struggled today and its reflected in my paces that are all over the place.  I started out conservatively in the first 800 aiming to hit my goal and then tried to pick it up every repeat after.  During the 5th repeat I wanted to quit but somehow I found the energy to dig deep and finish my last 800 the fastest.  This workout was just really hard today and I’m glad I didn’t quit when I wanted to and now I have the satisfaction that I was at least kicking my goals butt most of the time and finished strong.  800’s are hard; but finishing them is rewarding :)

Cool down:  1.07 / 11:44 / 11:01 avg {jog}

After my cool down jog and some stretching I drove home and took Lucy, the puppy, for a walk.

Walk with the puppy:  1.64 / 30:39 / 18:43 avg

I remembered on Monday evening to do the new injury prevention exercises I learned last week for the core, glutes and my piriformis {plank, side plank, pelvic bridge, chair squats, clam shells, door knob assisted deep squats}.  Yesterday at the gym my piriformis was bothersome but it was fine today during the track workout.  I’ll be doing the exercises again tonight.  {I did the planks on my knees and was able to hold each one for 60 seconds but I know they are less effective on your knees so I’m going to attempt them on my toes tonight and hold each as long as possible and work up to 60 seconds --- wish me luck}.

I was able to get the photos from my iPhone that I took on Monday’s tempo run to download finally so I added them to that post :)

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