Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Track Workout: Wk4 {Fall Race Training}

I got a little sidetracked on the computer this morning after breakfast while I was paying some bills and balancing the checkbook.  The next thing I knew it was time for me to start getting ready otherwise I was going to be late for my 8am meet up with my SIL at the track.  Just as I got up to start getting dressed I got a text from the SIL stating that she wasn’t feel well and wouldn’t be making it to our running date this morning.  I quickly texted her back and told her I hope she felt better soon.  But, now I was in a dilemma.  I didn’t want to go to the track alone and I didn’t want to skip a speed workout.  So I decided I would just head to the park and run mile repeats on the trail over there. 


This would have been the last weekday morning I could use the junior high school track anyways since school starts back up next week so I really need to start finding ideal locations to do my speed work on days when I can’t use the track or don’t want to run in the evenings when school is not in session.  The park is a pretty good location for speed work since the decomposed granite trail is 1.44 miles long.  However, the trail crosses the road in the park three times, has several curves, and lots of other foot traffic from fellow runners, walkers, etc.  Its not “ideal” for “track” workouts but its a good option. 

Warm-up:  1.67 / 21:46

For my warm-up I did one loop around the trail plus some plyos and then walked up to where I wanted to start my workout.  The trail is clearly marked on the path  every 0.10 of a mile and I wanted to start at the 0.30 mile marker in order to avoid the muddy sections of trail {from the sprinklers} and to avoid crossing the street near the main entrance to the park {where there is the most traffic}. 

Today’s speedwork:
3x1600 {goal = 10:02}
with 400 RI between repeats

  • 9:47
  • 9:42
  • 9:50

Overall:  4.25 / 51:16

Instead of walking a 400 rest interval I ended up walking 0.42 back to the 0.30 mile marker so I could continue to run all my repeats from the same starting point.  My times were not as fast as my last mile repeats during the first week of Fall Race Training but I’m still happy with my times.  The first two miles were hard but I was able to push through.  Half way through the third mile I was done.  I was ready to crash and burn.  I started repeating every single running mantra I could think of and really pushed hard to the finish. 

  • “Pain is weakness leaving the body”
  • “Suck it up buttercup”
  • “You’ve freaking got this” –Emz
  • “Almost there”
  • “Finish strong”

I was so happy to be done.  I walked a final rest interval before starting a cool down.  I really wanted to quit half way through the last mile but I’m glad I pushed through. 

Cool down:  1.0 / 14:08


Later this week I’ve got an 8 mile tempo run planned.  I remember when 8 miles seemed sooo far.  Now I’m running that far mid week?!?  Our long run this weekend is only 8 miles also {did I just say only?} since its a “step down” week for us.  So far training is going really well.  I’m feeling strong and hitting or surpassing all my goals.  There are still several weeks until the “big” races I’ve got planned for the fall {Urban Cow Half and CIM} but I’ve got a couple of other races I’m running also that I’m looking forward to. 

What is your go-to running mantra?  How far is your longest mid-week run?  Any fun races coming up? 


giraffy said...

Niiiice. I haven't troed 1600's yet... yikes!

giraffy said...

Wow. Tried. My brain forgot words.