Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Track Workout: Wk5 {Fall Race Training}

It’s been several months since I’ve run in the afternoon or evenings but the SIL and husband went back to work this week {they are both teachers} so Tuesday’s at the track with the SIL will be in the evenings now.  And since soccer season hasn’t started, the husband was able to join us {he is the head varsity men’s soccer coach}. 

We met up at a different middle school track last night because the track we had been using during the summer was swarmed with junior football players.  It was 6:30pm, the sun was still high in the sky, and there was no shade in sight.  Luckily its the tail end of the summer so temps are not as high as they could have been.  And there was a nice breeze {well it wasn’t nice on the back half of the track while you were running into it but it sure felt nice during the rest intervals and cool down}.


Warm-up:  1.0 / 13:47

8x400 {goal = 2:24}
with 90 sec RI between repeats

I opted to do two sets of 4x400 with a 90 sec RI between repeats and a 3min rest between sets.  I was highly aware of my left shin at all times. 

First set:

  • 2:22 {pace = 9:22}
  • 2:19 {pace = 9:14}
  • 2:17 {pace = 9:07}
  • 2:14 {pace = 8:54}

Second set:

  • 2:13 {pace = 8:58}
  • 2:08 {pace = 8:31}
  • 2:19 {pace = 9:08}
  • 2:06 {pace = 8:11}

Overall:  2.41 / 31:46

Better than last time which is surprising.  I didn’t feel like I was going this fast or exceeding my goal time until I finished every lap and saw my times.  The wind was ripping through the track on the last lap so I started as fast as I could so that when I hit the back side of the track, and the wind, I could slow it done since the wind was doing that anyway. 

Cool down:  1.08 / 15:44

My shin was achy and sore.  Not so much when I was actually running, or standing, but when I was walking it was worse.  And its still a new and different ache than I’ve ever had before --- accompanied by some pain in the upper left side of my calf on the same leg while running.  Weird.  On Sunday after my long run I check my mileage log for my current pair of shoes and I was just over 300 miles so I decided to purchase a new pair in the hopes that the mileage is what has aggravated my shin issue and not the returning of an actual injury.  The new shoes should arrive today so I’ll try them out for a few runs before I decide my next step.  Keep your fingers crossed for me --- I’ve got lots of training left to do and races to run!

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giraffy said...

Nice job on the 400's - those are totally my favorite. Fast enough to feel badass, short enough to be over quickly ;).

Hope the shin starts behaving!