Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Track Workout: Wk6 {Fall Race Training}

Last night at the track was a sweat fest!  It was hot and there was no breeze, unlike last week.  I was sweating just walking over from the car!   I’ve been running in the mornings since earlier this year and it’s a big change to run in the hot afternoons with a day full of eats and drinks in my belly.  I think the next few weeks will be an adjustment period for me and with fall quickly approaching I know the temps will start to change soon too. 


Warm-up:  1.07 / 15:20

4x1200 {goal = 7:25}
with 400 walking RI between repeats

This workout was tough for me.  I felt drained and tired and was ready to quit after every single repeat.  I have super sore hamstrings from my strength workout on Monday and my legs felt like lead.  I was highly aware of every step I took and how my shin was feeling.  And did I mention it was hot?!?  It felt like a dry heat so much so that my throat was scorched by the end of the workout.

  • 7:06 {9:28 pace} <--- too fast!
  • 7:02 {9:28 pace} <--- still too fast!
  • 7:24 {9:54 pace} <--- much better!
  • 7:18 {pace 9:44} <--- thank goodness I am done!

Overall:  3.84 / 44:29
walked 400 in between each repeat

Thankfully my shin was feeling much better.  Mostly it just felt like all the muscles around the shin/calf were tight.  I really struggled, mentally and physically, through this workout.  The husband, who didn’t run with us but was at the track to pick me up, said that I looked “effortless and had really good form” which was surprising to hear since I felt like I was having such a bad night.  Also, I need to work on not starting out too fast because as the workout progresses I loose that steam and struggle to keep that pace.  My pace also fluctuates a lot during my repeats so I would like to work on maintaining the same pace instead of starting fast then slowing down then sprinting to the end.  Although I really do enjoy sprinting to the end; I have always had a good final kick to the finish :)

Cool down:  1.33 / 26:23

I just realized this morning when downloading my Garmin data that I surpassed the 100 mile mark for this month during last nights workout!  So far, this will be my highest mileage month to date.  Wow :)


Once I got home I took an ice bath and then we ate a very late dinner {8:30pm}.  After a nice shower I spent about a half an hour doing some additional stretching before bed.  Then I opted to sleep with my Zensah compression sleeves on.  When I woke up this morning my legs felt fresh and no shin tenderness or achiness!!!

CIMG1840 Don’t be jealous of the bright yellow color --- it was the only color they had in my size when I bought them back in 2009 :) 

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Maureen said...

That's a tough work-out!! Nice job pushing through it!!