Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Track Workout: Wk7 {Fall Race Training}

I’m not sure I’ll ever get use to running in the evenings again.  Especially not at the track.  Last night was HOT, again, though not as hot as the previous two weeks.  There was some wind on the back side of the track that felt so good but was so hard to run into.  The first half of each lap was blistering hot with no wind and the second half of each lap was pure wind resistance training.  I love the Delta breeze we experience nightly but gosh it sure is hard to run directly in to it when you’re trying to run your fastest!


Warm-up:  1.10 / 14:04 {walk/jog intervals}

6x800 {goal = 4:43}
with 400 walking RI between repeats

I started the first repeat way too fast and then slowed it way down during the second lap so I wouldn’t crash and burn with 5 more repeats to go.  The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th repeats were too fast and I was doing a lot of speeding up and slowing down instead of focusing on maintaining one pace.  So for the last two repeats I tried to stay more consistent with my pace.  With the exception of the first repeat, I still blew my goal time out of the water!  It wasn’t easy and I could feel all my leg muscles burning by the last repeat.  It felt good to be done!

  • 4:45 {9:33 pace}
  • 4:25 {8:52 pace}
  • 4:15 {8:33 pace}
  • 4:20 {8:44 pace}
  • 4:37 {9:17 pace}
  • 4:32 {9:06 pace}

Overall:  3.19 / 36:20
Took 90sec RI between repeats


My shin was achy during my warm-up but felt fine after some plyos and when I started the workout.  The SIL wasn’t feeling too good and ended up cutting her workout short.  The husband was out there with us last night, running 1200’s, so after resting for a few minutes the SIL headed home and me and the husband finished up our workouts. 

Cool down:  0.52 / 9:52

After the workout I was feeling a little burned out so I’m contemplating taking one week off from a track workout.  I don’t want to get too burned out so taking a week off from speed work might be a good idea and just doing an easy run instead.  We’ll see … I’m still thinking about it. 


I woke up this morning with tenderness in my left shin so I stayed in bed for a couple of extra hours and then finally headed to the gym at 11am.  The shin is now feeling fine.  Geez get it together already shin! 

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Maureen said...

Definitely a good idea to take some time off speed work if you're feeling burnt out. Smart move! Glad you're shin is feeling better!