Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bike Riding Around Town

On Monday, since it was Labor Day and the husband had the day off, we decided to go for a bike ride around town.  Well, I wanted to go for a bike ride and being the amazing supportive husband that he is the husband agreed to go with me.  He doesn’t much like to bike ride but he knows how much I enjoy it so every once in a while I can convince him to go with me.


Our bikes are nothing fancy – they were gifts from my dad and step-mom.  My dad had purchased them from a yard sale and then they never used them so when we bought our house back in 2008 they gifted them to us.  We don’t ride very often but we enjoy having the bikes for when we do decide to use them.  They are matching yellow and blue his and hers bikes.


We actually ended up riding around our neighborhood then over to one of the trails I run at frequently.  It was early afternoon, just after lunch time, and although it was warm the heat wasn’t too bad. 

CIMG7050 CIMG7060

On the trail we discovered this dead fish.CIMG7065 CIMG7064

We also rode around old town and my SIL’s neighborhood and then back to the trail before heading back to our neighborhood. 


Before we left for our ride the husband install new water bottle holders onto our bike frames as well as my basket and bell {gifts from my SIL last year for my birthday}.

CIMG7075 CIMG7077 

We had a good ride and I for one am hoping we find the time to ride more often.  The husband really could use a seat extension and a handle bar extension for his bike since his knees are practically in his face when he is riding {he is 6’6” tall} so hopefully we’ll be able to get those for him sometime soon.

10.22 miles / 1:10:49 / 8.7 mph avg speed / 6:55 mile avg pace


ajh said...

How did that fish get there? Strange! said...

Umm, large random dead fish? Is it bad that I find it kind of hilarious? Way to go on your bike ride!