Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easy Run #1 – Race Week: Wk10 {Fall Race Training}

Originally I had an easy 3 miler schedule for yesterday and an 8 mile tempo run for Thursday.  But since its half marathon race week {the Urban Cow Half is this Sunday} I decided to switch both my mid-week runs to easy 5 milers.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I scheduled an 8 mile tempo run for race week … I think I must have forgotten to change it after I added my races to my training schedule. 

I got up bright and early yesterday morning so I could leave the house just as the sky was turning from dark to light for an early start.

I started with a walk/jog {or jalk as Heather calls it} and some plyos.

Warm-up:   0.59 / 10:00

I didn’t have a particular plan for this run --- I just wanted to run at an easy and relaxed pace for 5 miles.  The weather was chilly when I left the house so I got to wear a pair of arm warmers for the first time {I recently purchased these for the upcoming fall/winter running season}.

It was bright enough out that I was visible and I could see well but I still wore a shirt with reflective strips on it and my Camelbak has reflective strips on it too.  And I wore my reflective ankle strap.  Safety first, you can never be to careful!

I wish I could say it was quiet and peaceful out but it wasn’t.  There was actually a lot of traffic on the main streets and a decent amount of traffic on some of the side streets most likely due to everyone heading to work or to drop kids off at school.  Plus I ran on the frontage road along the freeway for a while at the beginning of my run and again, on a different section, for most of mile 5. 


I timed my run today much better than last weeks speed workout run --- today I ran by two different schools {there are a lot of schools in my area} but since it was early enough there weren’t many kids around yet.  The sun was rising as I was heading up the main boulevard.  It was beautiful. 

CIMG7357 CIMG7360 
And then I got stuck at the train --- but it was only Amtrak so it was only about a minute total.


Once I turned off the main boulevard and wove my way through the neighborhood and towards the little trail I run on frequently I was starting to get warm so I stopped to push down my arm sleeves.



But eventually that got annoying so I stopped again and took them off.  I hung them off the strap of my Camelbak --- and eventually I tied them into a knot because they kept sliding around and I was afraid they would fall off. 

Do you see that pocket on my shirt?  I love it.  I carried my Gu Chomps in there today!

I felt really good, overall, during this run.  I didn’t push it until the last couple of miles and tried to stay at an easy steady comfortable pace.  My right quad felt tight but nothing like it has the past few weeks.  It was even feeling better than it did at the race last Saturday.  At mile 5 I decided that since I was feeling so good I would keep going.  I ended up with 7 miles and I had picked up the pace for mile 5 already since I thought I was almost done so I keep the pace faster during mile 6 and 7 too. 

  • 11:08
  • 11:01
  • 10:58
  • 11:14
  • 10:32
  • 10:23
  • 10:11

Overall:  7.0 / 1:15:31 / 10:47 avg

I felt really good and finished strong.  I definitely felt like I could have kept going and that I could have maintained that pace which adds to my excitement for race day this Sunday!

I about a half a mile from home so I walked for a cool down. 

Cool down:  0.50 / 10:00

Only 4 more sleeps till race day … and only one more run!  I’m very excited :)


Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run commented on my Salmon Run race recap that she was “impressed” that I can take “such great pictures while running” so I wanted to comment on that … I take a lot of photos, always, and lately I’ve been trying to remember to especially take a lot when I’m running and I know I’m going to blog about it.  Anyways, a lot of the photos turn out blurry.  In order for me to get a good, clear shot I usually stop and walk a step or two while I take the photo.  I think of it as just another walk break even if its only 2, 3 or 4 steps.  Sometimes I’ll carry my camera in my right hand with the wrist strap wrapped around my wrist but most often I store it in the little zipper pouch on my Camelbak – where I also store my fuel.  Its easy to access and I can fit both the camera {without a case} and fuel in there.  If I’m not carrying my Camelbak then I usually just use my iPhone to take photos since its easier to carry in my Spibelt.  {My Camelbak has two zipper pouches --- one “bigger” one that I can’t access without taking the Camelbak off and one “smaller” one that is lower and I can easily reach around to open while I’m running/walking.}

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