Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy Run #2 – Race Week: Wk10 {Fall Race Training}

This mornings 5 miler was my last training run before the Urban Cow Half marathon.  I know I’ve got a lot of races on the schedule for the fall but the Urban Cow Half and CIM are my two “A” races --- the races I’ve been training for.  Everything else is just for fun :)

I ran the same route as Tuesday minus the two extra miles plus a longer warm-up & shorter cool down and a long walk with the puppy afterwards :)

I got up early again and got started just as the sky was starting to get light.


Warm-up:  0.93 / 15:00 {walk/jog + plyos}


My goal for this run was the same at Tuesday’s --- 5 easy miles at a comfortable pace.  Today I felt sluggish but its not really reflected in my splits.  My right quad is feeling substantially better but not 100%. 

I mostly zoned out on this run and just cruised along.  I took a few untimed walk breaks, mostly when crossing streets at cross walks and one long walk break {about 3-5 minutes I think} when I took off my arm sleeves around mile 2. 

I didn’t take very many pictures --- just the two above and the one below --- but I ran the same route at roughly the same time as Tuesday and I took a lot of photos that day.

  • 11:05
  • 11:08
  • 11:02
  • 11:11
  • 10:27

Overall:  5.0 / 54:55 / 10:59 avg


Mile 4 was the roughest mile --- I was feeling really tired and running down a high traffic street with lots of head wind.  Once I turned off that street and onto the frontage street along the freeway the wind was gone and I started to feel better.  I picked up the pace for the last half mile and finished strong.

Cool down:  0.28 / 5:33
Walk with
Lucy:  2.32 / 45:00

I was pretty close to my house so I walked home, grabbed Lucy and off we went for a long, slow walk.  I really enjoy my walks with Lucy especially when I can incorporate them into extra long cool downs after a run :)

Only 3 more sleeps till race day :)

My Facebook status after my run this morning:

09.30 FB status

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christa said...

I love the last run before a big race. Good Luck!