Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let’s Talk About: Fall TV

It’s no secret that I am a TV junkie.  I don’t spend countless hours sitting in front of the television but I do utilize my two DVR’s to record my favorite shows for my viewing pleasure.  I’ve got quite a list of shows I enjoy watching and every year, without fail, I seem to add to the growing list.  Its Fall Series and Season Premiere time --- some shows starting this week --- so I thought I’d share with you my favorites :)


Some of my favorite {returning} shows include:

Two and a Half Men – CBS – Season Premiere Monday 9/19

90210 – CW – Season Premiere Tuesday 9/13

Glee – FOX  - Season Premiere Tuesday 9/20

Body of Proof – ABC – Season Premiere Tuesday 9/20

Modern Family – ABC – Season Premiere Wednesday 9/21

Happy Endings – ABC – Season Premiere Wednesday 9/28

Community – NBC – Season Premiere Thursday 9/22

Grey’s Anatomy – ABC – 2-Hour Season Premiere Thursday 9/22

Private Practice – ABC – Season Premiere Thursday 9/29

Fringe – FOX – Season Premiere Friday 9/23

Cougar Town – ABC – Returning mid-season {unknown date}

Shows I’m adding to my DVR:
We spent the summer watching these two shows on DVD and are all caught up and ready for the new seasons

The Big Bang Theory – CBS – Season Premiere Thursday 9/22

Rules of Engagement – CBS – Season Premiere Saturday 10/8

New shows I’m excited about:

Hart of Dixie – CW – Series Premiere Mon 9/26

New Girl – FOX – Series Premiere Tuesday 9/20

Ringer – CW – Series Premiere Tuesday 9/13

Suburgatory – ABC – Series Premiere Wednesday 9/28

Up All Night – NBC – Series Premiere Wednesday 9/14

Charlie's Angels – ABC – Series Premiere Thursday 9/22

Whitney – NBC – Series Premiere Thursday 9/22

The Secret Circle – CW – Series Premiere Thursday 9/15


Series that I’m sad got cancelled:

Brothers & Sisters – ABC

Life Unexpected – CW

There are also a handful of other shows that fill up my DVR also including reality TV shows {Kendra, Guiliana & Bill, anything Kardashian}, Food Network shows {Iron Chef}, satirical series and talk shows {The Soup, Tosh.O, Chelsea Lately}, and several cartoon shows {several Japanese Anima series, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and Futurama --- all the husbands favorites that I enjoy too}.


What are your favorite TV shows? 

Any other new, or returning, shows you think I should add to my must watch list? 

Think I’m crazy and watch too much TV?  I should probably note that some shows I’ll let record for weeks before I watch any episodes then have a mini marathon.  I also don’t want you to think I spend countless hours in front of the TV to watch these shows instead I utilize our DVR’s and watch shows when its convenient.  It rare that I’ll watch anything live when I can record it and fast forward the commercials. 

This link has shows listed out by network.


Jessica said...

Out of the list of shows you watch, I also watch Private Practice and The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon is my fave!) and I'm also excited about New Girl (I love Zooey) and Ringer. But I also watch Hellcats on CW and Make It or Break It (if it comes back) on ABC Family.

Michelle said...

I put premiere dates in red pen on my calendar. We love us some tv. We DVR almost every show that runs past 9 since we go to bed early. Parenthood starts tonight, Survivor tomorrow. The Office next week. 30 Rock doesn't come back until January which makes me sad.
We have spent the last month watching Mad Men on netflix and we LOVE it so much. New season starts in March.

ajh said...

I also love Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy. I am also sorry Brothers and Sisters got cancelled as well as Friday Night LIghts. One favorite show of mine you didn't list is The Good Wife. Have you tried it?

Kristin said...

I would add a couple of shows that are on the same nights as others you like...The Middle on ABC and Parks and Rec on NBC. Both are really funny.