Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let’s Talk About: Running Gear

Every runner has their own personal preference when it comes to running gear.  Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite running/fitness items!

Most of these items are my “never leave home” without items
I say “most” because I don’t always use my Camelbak. 

Garmin 205image

I received my Garmin as a birthday present from the husband in 2009.  I absolutely love it.  Its nice to know my pace, how far I’ve gone, how long I’ve been running, etc.  Unfortunately my Garmin Training Center crashed a few weeks ago so I only have data from the first of this year on my computer.  I keep a spreadsheet of my mileage though so I can always go back and look on that if I need to.  I’ve recently started thinking about uploading my data to Garmin Connect but I still need to figure out how to do that.


iPod Shuffle + Sony Active Headphones

I recently replaced my iPod.  I had an older version of the shuffle that had the controls on the headphones.  Since I don’t like to use the iPod headphones when working out/running I had bought an adapter to use.  Over time I have gone through two adapters {at about $30-40 each} so it made more sense to purchase a new iPod shuffle instead of continuing to replace the adapter piece.  I gifted my old iPod shuffle to my mom and now I’ve got the newer version of the shuffle that has the buttons on it.   I love the super short cord on my headphones and that they wrap around my neck.  The buds are comfortable inside my ears and are noise-reducing. 


Nike Capri’s – Be Bold Dri-Fit or Be Strong Dri-Fitimage

I love Nike loose fitting capris.  I got my first pair in the summer of 2010 and I used them for all my long runs while training last summer/fall and race days.  I recently purchased more since I’ve come to love them so much.  They are comfortable and I’ve never had any problems with them.  I also own a few other pairs of capris, shorts, running skirts, and bermuda shorts but for running the Nike capris are my go-to item.  I use the rest for walking, going to the gym, other sports, etc.


Hat + sunglasses

I almost always have a hat on when I’m out running or walking.  I like that it provides protection from the sun and can keep sweat out of my eyes and off of my face.  I have a black Adidas hat that I’ve had since 2007 that is in okay shape and I recently replaced my white Brooks hat {that had a shamrock logo on it --- I got it after completing my first half marathon, the Shamrock’n Half Marathon} with a plain white Brooks hat.  The shamrock one was turning yellow … ewww!  My sunglasses I got on sale at a sporting goods store a few years ago --- they are just a cheap pair with good UV protection. 



Road IDThe Shoe ID

I’ve had my Road ID for a while now.  I highly recommend that all runners/walkers get one or at least carry some form of ID on them at all times.  I have The Shoe ID, as does the husband.  It was affordable and attaches easily to your shoe laces.  I never even have to think about it; its just there.


Camelbak – Women’s 50 oz Annadel Hydration Pack

I bought my Camelbak on sale at REI when I was training for my first half marathon and I’m so glad I did.  I’m not really a fan of handheld water bottles, although I do own a few, and I tried a fuel belt once but it was not comfortable for me.  My Camelbak is light weight, even when its full of water, comfortable and convenient. 


What is your favorite go-to fitness/running item? 

What items do you “never leave home” without?



All opinions are entirely my own – I am not affiliated with these companies nor was I compensated to write about these items; these are just a few of my favorite things!


ajh said...

I was thinking this weekend at the race I should be wearing my road ID that I never wear. Fail. Thanks for the reminder.
You should do Schroon Lake, It was so great.

JenWa098 said...

Well, after the looney tune in the car incident, I bought clip on pepper spray. I also carry my driver's license in my hydration belt.

I need to find a good running hat. Mine are all just "ball caps" and they are a tad too warm.

I don't listen to music when I run because I am by myself and want to be aware of my surroundings...but I often think about adding music!

Sam {} said...

definitely my shuffle! and i love those nike capris - so great for running.

That Pink Girl said...

I have that Camelbak in pink and I just looooove it! I don't like to carry a handheld for long runs and it really is comfortable!
Just ordered a pink shuffle because everyone (including YOU) says they love it! I always hesitated because I have my music on my iPhone, but golly Pete it's heavy! Excited to try it. Plus, it's cute!
Great list!