Monday, September 12, 2011

Race Recap: Buffalo Stampede & Migration 10 Mile Race {09.11.11}

The Buffalo Stampede and Migration 10 Mile Race was held on Sunday September 11th, 2011.  The “stampede” is for runners faster than a 10-minute mile and the “migration” is for runners/walkers slower than a 10-minute mile.  The husband ran the “stampede” and started at 8am; I ran the “migration” and started at 7am.

We had little bit of a weather switcheroo and cooler temps over the weekend.  We woke up to an overcast day on race day.  With a 7am start for my race that meant a 4:30am wake up call!  I’ve finally really getting into a groove and streamlining my “getting ready” process for these super early mornings and we were out the door by 5:45am.  Since the race started and finished at a high school and we didn’t know how many participants there would be we wanted to arrive early enough to find parking, use the restrooms, and warm-up.  Thankfully we were able to use the real restrooms first thing when we arrived and then we took off for a little warm-up walk/jog.  Once we got back to the parking lot and our car I proceeded to do some plyos and light stretching.  My quad was feeling pretty good and my range of motion was no longer limited.  My left shin was pain free!  I am always very stiff when I first start running so doing a warm-up walk/jog and stretches really helps me and lets me start any run or race nice and warmed up without any stiffness or achiness.  After warming up I grabbed all my gear and headed over to the port-o-potties by the starting line for a quick visit and then lined up.  The husband had  an extra hour to get warmed up and ready for his race so he was able to watch me start and saw me again right after the first mile when we run right back by the staring line.

Warm-up:  0.86 / 11:52

There was a brief but heart warming speech about 9/11 and then a moment of silence before the race start.  And then we were off.  The roads were not closed but the majority of the race was ran on streets with a wide shoulder and bike lanes or on side streets through neighborhoods with very little traffic.  There were ample volunteers to direct runners and police officers to direct traffic at busy intersections.  The road was clearly marked with arrows and each mile was also marked. 




We started with a quick loop around the neighborhood right next to the high school where the start/finish was then headed back by the high school for an out and back.  The husband was able to capture the below photo of me with his iPhone when I passed back by him after the quick loop around the neighborhood.


For the entire race I did run/walk intervals of 4:1.  There were a lot of run/walkers and I was constantly hearing Garmin’s chirp with notifications for other runners to run or walk.  I didn’t set my Garmin up for intervals and just checked my watch for when to run/walk.  It was nice to be surrounded by so many run/walk racers for this race.  I made sure to keep  my pace easy for the first five miles and then planned to pick it up for the last five miles. 


I took one Powerbar gel {strawberry banana} right before the start of the race and at 4 Cu Chomps  {strawberry} at 45min and 4 again at 1hr30min.  I carried my Camelbak with water + Nuun. 

I felt really good for the whole race.  The weather remained overcast and cool and the sun came out around mile seven but it wasn’t too warm.  I really picked up the pace for the 2nd half of the race and finished strong.  The race was a little long and I sprinted to the finish.  If felt good to have some energy left after 10 miles, especially after picking up the pace the last five miles. 

  • Mile 1 – 11:28
  • Mile 2 – 11:31
  • Mile 3 – 11:27
  • Mile 4 – 11:32
  • Mile 5 – 11:24
  • Mile 6 – 10:58
  • Mile 7 – 10:39
  • Mile 8 – 10:30
  • Mile 9 – 10:29
  • Mile 10 – 9:57
  • Last 0.13 = 1:02 {7:49 pace}

Overall {Garmin}:  10.13 / 1:51:01 / 10:57 avg
Official Results:  10.0 / 1:50:59.8 / 11:06 avg
15th in age group {30-39}; 91/210 overall


I knew I had about 20-30 minutes before the husband would finish so I grabbed some ice cold water and half a banana to eat while I stretched.  Then I hung around the finish line to wait for the husband.  His goal was 80mins so I stood right at the finish line anxiously awaiting his finish with my camera ready!  He finished in 1:24:36 --- a little slower than his goal but his IT band {which has been bothering him for a while now due to a lingering ankle injury from way back in April} tightened up on him after he stopped to use a port-o-potty at mile 8 and he ended up walking a couple of times. 


Overall we both had good races.  I  approached this race like I will my upcoming half marathon --- start slow and steady for the first half then pick up the pace for the second half.   I’m not sure if I will do run/walk intervals for the half marathon yet but I’m not ruling it out either.  We were able to see a couple of fellow running buddies at the finish that we didn’t know were running the race so we spent a few times talking and catching up.  After grabbing some more snacks {bananas and cookies} we headed to our car and then stopped off at Jamba Juice for a post race refueling snack {thanks to a gift card I randomly found in my wallet a few weeks ago}. 

CIMG7126 Post race :)


JenWa098 said...

It is awesome you were able to finish that last mile faster! Sounds like you are ready to go!

P said...

Wow, you really picked it up for the second half - way to go!! I love that post-race pic of you and your hubby. Congrats to you both!!